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Your official community website for the Lake Mathews, Gavilan, Boulder Springs, Mockingbird and Woodcrest areas.

"To keep the rural lifestyle, protect the open spaces, and to preserve the wildlife in our area known as Greater Lake Mathews."

Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

COI - Community of Interest

RAGLM, a consolidation of the Mockingbird Homeowners and the United Gavilan Hills Residents and Property Owners along with other area Associations, was formed on January 27, 2001 to work to establish a “Community of Interest” (COI) within the County of Riverside, giving our community a defined boundary and thus more say in the county’s development plans of our community. Our COI status was approved on April 25, 2002.

RAGLM has continued to exist with the goal of giving our community a voice at the county level.

Members of the board of RAGLM are community residents who volunteer along with members and other residents, countless hours to follow county proposals and hearings for subjects that affect our community. They attend many hearings, speak on many issues and projects, write letters; meet with developers proposing to build in the area to present community concerns and goals, man street corners in the event of major, pressing issues to advise community residents and obtain input and signatures; and host monthly community meetings at the Cajalco fire station, arranging for speakers with information of interest for community residents and to obtain community feedback. All based on the interest and future of our community; these speakers include county officials, various agencies, developers with projects proposed for our area, issues such as traffic, noise, lighting, annexation attempts by the city, pollution, habitat, trails, our chosen quality of life, and so much more.

Our community is strong because we do stay informed and we have a history of participation at the county level. Large groups of landowners and residents attending county hearings and writing letters makes an impression on county leaders!

Membership in RAGLM allows these volunteers to keep in better communication with you. A $20 per year household membership helps the organization to print flyers, buy and maintain signs with which to notify community residents (you have likely seen the black and white signs on street corners to advise dates, times, and subjects of those monthly community meetings), and provides contact information in the case of a vote is needed, among other things.

In addition, a large membership and a fund for the benefit of the community helps provide financial backing to ensure a representative voice at the county level for that membership.

Additional volunteers are always welcomed, to help set up signs, participate on the board, help on the school committee, roads committee, pass out flyers and more. If you have an hour, or two or three available in a month, please consider participating where the most interest is for yourself. If we each do a little, it adds up.

The strength of RAGLM comes from YOU - YOUR involvement; your backing, your participation, your membership, your knowledge.
A community of interest is a defined geographical area. Allowing those in the specific area to come together to govern the way their community is developed and create a set of standards to grow by.

COI #16

Filed: 1/27/2001

Approved: 4/25/2002

LAFCO Commisioners:Voted:
Robert E. Hird, Chair
Terry Henderson, Vice Chair
Bob Buster
Robin Lowe
John Tavaglione
Kevin Jeffries
Jack McFadden
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