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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board Members

Board Member Criteria: To be eligible to run for a general board member position for RAGLM, you must be a paid member in good standing at least 6 of the last 12 months prior to the election. You must also live within the RAGLM COI.
Note: To be eligible to run for the Executive Board, you must be a General Board member for at least one term.

Elections are held every 2 years.
John Minnella - President
John Minnella is a resident of and homeowner in Boulder Springs Summit where he lives with his daughters, son, and dogs. He is and has been very active in local affairs, especially those issues involving veterans and preservation of the rural nature of the Greater Lake Mathews and Mead Valley areas. Among many other local campaigns, he founded No2Rezoning and chaired the successful campaign before the Riverside Board of Supervisor to stop high density rezoning of 238 undeveloped acres south and west of Citrus High School by developers.

Minnella is adamantly opposed in principle to all further development of the area and actively works for the halt to all commercial traffic usage, tract home construction, high speed roadways, all further construction and improvement of the Cajalco Highway, and any increase in area population.

Minnella holds Bachelor of Arts (Secondary Education/Social Studies) and Juris Doctor degrees and is somewhat fluent in Spanish. A Army National Guard veteran, he is First Vice Commander of California’s District 29 of the American Legion and the Judge Advocate of American Legion Post 132. He owns JL Minnella and Associates, an immigration consultancy in Santa Ana.

(714) 543-9005

Adel Salem - Vice President

(951) 286-4572

Nathan Westphal - Past President
I am a software developer of 20+ years. I have lived in Lake Mathews since 2003 and love this community. I have a passion for politics and community so for me this is a natural and amazing position to be in. I love the rural lifestyle and do everything I can to help keep our area this way. I pride myself in fighting for the people and believe those of us that have the time to do so, must stand up for the rest of us to maintain our freedoms.

(951) 286-4572

Sandra Rytych - Secretary
I retired from Beckman Coulter, Inc. after 33 years working first as a Secretary and then as an Executive Assistant. I have lived here in Lake Mathews for 10 years and a RAGLM Board member for approximately six years. We moved here from Orange County to get out of the city, enjoy the rural lifestyle and have horses. Being involved with RAGLM has given me the opportunity to not only meet my neighbors, but work with them towards the common goal of keeping the rural lifestyle we all enjoy.

(951) 286-4572

Clayton Rytych - Treasure

(951) 286-4572

Debbie Salem - Board Member

(951) 286-4572

Elaine Wilson - Board Member

(951) 286-4572