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Are you for or against the county Resolution No. 2010-194. Amending the boundaries of the Woodcrest Municipal Advisory Council?
Are you happy with the direction our county is taking our community?
Are you happy with the proposed redistricting boundaries?
Are you in favor of an additional Green Waste can service in our area?
Are you in favor of the new WMWD tier system, how has it working out for you?
Do you feel our area should fall under Riverside's Sphere of Influence, or do you think we should form our own city?
Do you know what a General Plan is and what it does?
Do you like the PTP Signs of awareness idea?
Do you want a Smart Meter in your home?
Do you want Lake Mathews open to the public for recreation?
Do you want the Cajalco Expansion on the plateau or in the existing spot?
Do you want to be annexed into the City of Perris?
How do you feel about the Proposed Welcome to Lake Mathews Signs?
Should you be fined if you do not spay or neuter your pet?
What did you move here for?

What's Happening Now
Sphere of Influence
Cajalco Expansion

Past Meetings
Cajalco Expansion/Straw Road
Animal Control & Adopt-a-Trail
General Plan Update
Community Potluck
City Annexation
Poisonous Plants and Snakes
Repairs to Gavilan and Lake Mathews Roads.
New District Attorney / Water Rate Hikes
Declining Property Values / Tax Ramifications
Preserve The Plateau (PTP)
CERT Community Emergency Response Team
Save On Your Electricity
Elections 2012
General Plan / Zoning Changes / Cajalco Expansion


Missing Adult, John Ecker
Shopped Target This Season? Your Personal Info Has Been Stolen.
Fire Alert
Updated flyer/information on missing woman
Accident Cajalco and Gavilan
Rocks in our water
Cajalco closure
Structure Fire / Mead Valley - I see smoke
Natural Gas Alert - For those that have it up here.
UPS package theft
Mountain Lion Attack - City of Perris
91 Freeway Construction Alert!
Two Dogs Found
RattleSnake Ticker
Emergency water valve repair nearRancho Caballero Mobile Home Park/Mockingbird Cyn. WMWD
Amber Alert!
Son is looking for work
Burglary Alert!
This is in Nuevo, but thought it prudent to be on watch here too ~
Burglary- Box/Package found off Gavilan Road
Posting Information of Crimes on RAGLM.org
Suspicious Vehicle Claiming PI
Daily Crime Reports in Our Area
Fire not in Gavilan
HERO Program for the County
Free Loaders Escorted at Gun Point by My Mom
Student Attacked on Wood Rd.
Water Main Repair Today
Housekeeper Needed
Water Shutdown for Repairs
Scheduled Valve Replacement Tuesday - Harley John and Seven Oaks Way
CDC Warns: emerging untreatable multidrug-resistant organism in the United States.
Downed Horses
Fire on The Plateau
WMWD Smart Meters Installed!
Suspicious State Vehicle in our Area
Information on Equine Herpesvirus -1 (EHV-1 Virus)
Amber Alert - FYI
Mailbox Vandalism
At Risk Missing Person
Homicide, Arrest in Mead Valley
Shooting at the Mobile Home Park
Oh, no!
Oh, no!
Increased Police presence
Cajalco Closed at Temescal & Maybe La Sierra
Citrus plant spraying by State of California in our area
WMWD Leak Repair Today
Major Water Line Breaks
More emergency water line repairs - restrictions on outdoor watering
Please Help Find This Man!
Heads up: White van
Gas being stolen
Beware - more mail thefts in the Lake Mathews Estates area
More than 4,000 Solar Panels by the Lake
Accident on Gavilan Road
Emergency water line repairs beginning tomorrow 1/24/13
Fatality on MultiView yesterday, Very sad.
Cajalco Closed at Gavilan Road
Mail thefts / mailbox smashing in Lake Mathews Estates area this morning
Commercial Grade Fireworks Over Gavilan Peak
Possible description of mail box thief
Accident on Lake Mathews Dr, Wed. Nov. 14
Gavilan Road Closed
Riverside County will be spraying your trees soon for insects
La Sierra/Brush Fire
What is going on in the trailer section???
Gavilan Rd. Burglary/63 yr. old resident grazes suspect/Suspect Found In Hills
Putting My # On A Flier I Don't Support/Medical Marijuana Clinc
Eastbound Cajalco closed at Temescal Road.
Cajalco closed between La Sierra and Temescal
Perris Woman Killed In Head-on Collision On ElSobrante Wed.
Missing Persons/Gavilan Hills/My Parents
Wasps Attack Horse, Rider & Dogs
Need Your Help-Girl 4, Boy 7, Mom In Need - right here in OUR COMMUNITY
Reminder; water rates rise beginning today
Small Brush Fire 8/5/2010
Overturn Water Rate Hikes - Almost Reaching Our Goal
WMWD Rebuttal Letter
Thieves in Lake Mathews Estates area - TODAY! ALERT!
Wednesday Night Meeting
Link to report illegal fireworks here
50 more signature needed by tomorrow, we are so close.
Alert - Fire at I-15 and Temescal Canyon Road
Burglars Use What's Called Lock Bumping-So Easy To Unlock A Locked Door
Border agents catch 13 illegal immigrants all wearing marine uniforms
A New Non-Refundable FEE/Reassessment Of Your Property Taxes
Lake Mathews Man Prosecuted-Lewd/Lascivious Acts-Former Corona Teacher’s Aide
170 acre controlled burn scheduled tomorrow beginning 7:30am
Mail theft in the Lake Mathews Estates area
Crime/Mailbox Break-In, Rolling Meadows/ Sat. Sept. 25
Stealing Gas From Cars On The Plateau/Keep Your Eyes Open/Let's Stop Them
Don't Let Congress Censor Us
Theft on Copper Queen
Suspicious activity
Schelduled burn today, April 11
Smart Meter Push Again - Some Fuel for You - What You MUST Know.
Beware for anyone heading out - CHP reports wrong way driver I-15 southbound at Cajalco
WMWD Water Alert - Turn OFF your irrigation.
Heads Up: White Chev. Truck & Green Chev. Truck-Looking for metal
Beaumont Fire - Smoke in our backyard
Tucks-Scrap Metal-Walking Around On Our Property Without Permission
Trucks Looking for scrape metal
Prescribed burn in our area tomorrow (Tuesday, June 5)
Fire in Gavilan Hills
Water being shut off - Descanso/Lake Mathews/Capello area
Fireworks Including Sparklers Are Illegal In Riverside County
lost Queensland Heeler
Fire Update Mobile Home Park
WMWD Annexation Fee Change
Thefts in Lake Mathews Estates
Stolen Tractor on Rolling Meadows in Gavilan Hills area
Mandatory July 1, 2011/Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Water Leak-Gavilan & Pinon - Week To Fix - Call If Your Bill Is Higher
Burglary on Santa Rose Mine Road
Burglar Chase off Pansy St.
Another theft reported in the area - Honda 3 wheel motorcycle
Unbuilt parkway (Cajalco/Ramona Exp) leads to lawsuit against Riverside County
Unbuilt parkway leads to lawsuit against Riverside County/Press Enterprise
More mail thefts in the area
Home Invasion and Pistol Whipping
Home Alarm Security Systems
Shooting in Perris Today
Gavilan Road - Update - Friday & Monday Traffic Problems
Home Burglary Alert!
Community Meeting Reminder - Tonight
Gravel trucks on Cajalico
Avoid Lake Hills
Bobcat roaming in Gavlian Hills
Controlled Burn South Of The Lake Today
Water Service Shut-Off This Wednesday 2/3/2016 - Idaleona Area
Home invasion last night in Victoria Grove
Found Dog
Fire! On the Plateau in the field!
Hazmat situation Lake Mathew Dr//Rolling Meadows
lost package
Car break-in
Car break-in
Wells are Going Dry in Gavilan Hills
Dollar General Store on Gavilan Road
Potentiall for 1600 Apartments on Cajalco
Gavilan Road Blocked - Accident
I smell fire!
Planned Burn
Smoke up here from the Corona Fire
Cajalco Road Resurfacing
Found 2 dogs on emelita
Suspect Arrested!!! Great Job Deputies!!
Cajalco Closed!!
Water Leak at Harford Springs!
La Sierra Closed at El Sobrante
La Sierra closed
La Sierra closed
DECEASED Bull Dog Found in Lake Mathews Estates off Sultana
Amber Alert
mail box issue
SWAt raid
Fire in Gavilan Springs
Stolen X-Mas Gift
More Mail Theft!!!
Do you want to PAY TO BE POISONED by the County?
Keep your doors Locked at all Times
Fire on Harley John and Cajalco
BLM restricts shooting in Gavilan Hills due to fire danger - Eff July 14, 2015 until further notice
Cell tower on Rocky Bluff ???
Potential Homeless Camp or Cook House in Harford Springs Park?
IRS scammers
Fire on Sunday
Missing At-Risk Adult Robert Cricks
Water Tiered Rates Ruled Unconstitutional!
Suspicious lady in Lake Mathews Estates on 5-31-15
Mountain Lion Inches From My Fence - Pics
Mountain Lion
Gavilan Community Cleanup - Next Saturday May 2nd
Rattlesnakes are still out! - Pic attached
Feb 18, 6pm - WMWD hearing on Water Shortage Contingency Plan
Mail Theft News
Ridiculous how you are fined $500 but they get funded for this. Waste of Water!
new wrecking yard on Gavilan Rd?
Is there a fire????
Missing person - Corona
Recent Burglary And Auto Theft in Lake Mathews
Suspicious Activity
Amber Alert
Amber Alert!
Emergency Shutdown - Suspend Outdoor Watering
Another 91 Freeway Construction Alert
food recall
Burlary of all household items, van and electrical from pole to house
Illegal Fireworks - Do Not Call CALFIRE call the Sheriff
Bank Robbery in Temecula - Do you know who this is?
Fatal accident at LaSierra x Cajalco
Rocks Thrown
Shooting on 15 and Cajalco
Cajalco & La Sierra Bad Accident
Walk and Roll Thursday!
Local Ebola Readiness
Construction Project on Via Barranca, WMWD - public meeting this Thursday
Sheriff Advisory
Mail Thefts
Sherrif helicopter over LM Estates tonight
Mail thefts in Lake Mathews Estates.

Animals/Pet Care
Stay In Pet & Yard Care Wanted ~
Son is looking for work
Goat trimming
Urgent German Shep. missing.
Big gentle giant bully dog needs home!! Blue big headed staff terrier
2 Yellow lab female sisters missing since JUNE 28 HELP!
Papillions Dogs - Free to a good home
Seeking Excellent Boarding Kennel ~
Dogs killed dog on Ridgedale
BOSTON TERRIER missing from Lake Mathews Estates
Adult Female Doberman
Lost Dog
Female Collie Mix Found
found male & female ducks
Pet Sterilization Ordinance
Found Blk/Wht Husky off lake Matthews Dr
Mixed Breed Needs New home ASAP
Found - Two Male Labs on 03/27/2013
Lake Mathews Dog Owner Sued Over Killed Horse Issue
Horse owners - three cases of EHV-1 in Orange County
Free pet adoption in Riverside tomorrow, Saturday March 31
ETI Corral 50 Annual Vaccination clinic and swap meet April 14th.
CA Right To Farm Act or Animal Control-Who Has Say In Rural Area?
Request: Letters of Support/Kennel/K-9 Companions - CUP 3618
Amnesty for licensing pets extended
Excessive Heat Warning for 24 August Week!
Should Mick Vick's Be Able To Own A Dog After Conviction For Dog Fighting?
Annual Shot Clinic and Community Equine Swap Meet
Found Husky-Must Go
Found Dogs/2 females/Husky & An Australian Sheppard
Wolf-Dog Found/Via Liago/Hurt & Bleeding
Lost Bull Mastiff-Brindle - Named Diego
Animal Issue — Watchdog Group for Riverside Animal Services
The Found Husky Has To Go/Anyone Whom She Belongs To?
Lost Pets: Labrador & A Doberman/From Descanso Dr. & Lake Mathews Dr.

Mechanic needed
Cookies with Santa December 4th!!
"Family in Need" Selected
RAGLM Election for 2015-2016
RAGLM Holiday Potluck & Spark of Life
Is Lake Mathews officially allowed when using 92570 Zip code
Greater Lake Mathews Rural Trails Association (GLMRTA) Ride and Rescue
Standing Strong for Jon
New Trash Rate Increase!
Free Senior Scan Stoppers Seminar
Open House this Sunday 2-5 PM
Public hearing on revised Developer Impact Fees 4/22/2014, 9:30 a.m. RCBOS
LOST! TWO DOGS, Black Lab and Beagle Mix
General Plan Updates and EIR's Released - 60 days to review and comment!
Annexation of Temescal Valley Denied
•:*¨¨*:•.♥•:*¨¨*:•The Book Mobile •:*¨¨*:•.♥•:*¨¨*:•
•:*¨¨*:•.♥•:*¨¨*:•Yoga & Zumba updates •:*¨¨*:•.♥•:*¨¨*:•
•:*¨¨*:•.♥•:*¨¨*:• Beautiful Husky found home •:*¨¨*:•.♥•:*¨¨*:•
Developer Impact Fee (DIF) hearing Tuesday
Sand bags
Jeffries Journal
Volunteer Opportunity - Steele Peak Cleanup
General Plan Comment Period Ends Today!
Harford Springs Reserve Caretake needed
Free Mattresses
Jeffries Journal Volume 2, Issue 3 - March 2014
Happy Memorial Day - Thank You!
Jeffries Journal June 2015
5th Wheel Trailer for Sale
SRA Fire Tax Fee Opposition Instructions
Hazardous and e-Waste Disposal
Jeffries Journal August 2015
La Sierra/Lake Mathews Town Hall Meeting to replace RAGLM Meeting
Postal Inspector at our March Meeting
Assemblywoman Melendez's Monthly Community Coffee
FREE CERT Training (Community Emergency Response Training)
Jeffries Journal October 2015
Rep. Mark Takano Town Hall Meeting
RAGLM Holiday Potluck Dinner - Wednesday, December 16, 2016
Potential Flooding
Informational RAGLM Meeting on Wednesday, November 18, 2015
cell tower on Rocky Bluff question
Monthly meeting
Recommend a Family in Need of Help for Christmas!
CERT (Community Emergency ResponseTeam) Classes - Free
Fire Districts losing tax votes - Point finger at state fee
Flower Walk and Easter Egg Hunt - April 15, 2017
Fire Tax Update
Found three Lost Dogs
Fire Tax Update - Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association
Gavilan Gals Chili Cook-Off and Car Show
Assembly Woman Melissa Melendez Coming to our Community!
Fire tax update
Jeffries Journal October 2017
Code Enforcement October Newsletter
Community Cleanup This Weekend!
Support of a Family in Need for Christmas
RAGLM Meeting on November 15, 2017
No Fires Allowed Again!
Lake Mathews Water Level
Jeffries Journal December 2017
Riverside County Code Enforcement Newsletter December 2017
RAGLM Annual Holiday Potluck
weather alert
Cajalco Update - See below for important meeting January 30, 2018
Supervisor Kevin Jeffries to Speak at our Next Meeting
Annual Flower Walk and Easter Egg Hunt - March 24, 2018
RAGLM General Meeting - Sheriff Candidate Dave Brown
Candidate Sheriff Stan Sniff will be RAGLM Speaker
Election of RAGLM Officers
No RAGLM Meeting in June
Altman Nursery Tour Scheduled for July 21st Replaces Regular RAGLM Meeting
Jeffries Journal August 2016
Jeffries Journal October 2016
Last Day to Register To Vote Today!
Community Super Sale / Fundraiser This Weekend!
Wonderful Christmas Tree Donation!
Fire Tax Update
Wiring, Conduit, Electrical & Solar Supplies FREE
Many Thanks from our family in need.
Many Thanks from our family in need.
RAGLM Meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, April 20, 7:00 PM
RAGLM General Meeting - Sheriff's Candidate Night
SCE Planned Outage Monday, October 17th
Keep our Area Rural
Next RAGLM General Meeting
Important RAGLM Meeting - October 18, 2017
Riverside County Code Enforcement Newsletter Spring 2018
National Police Week 2018
Supervisor Jeffries Newsletter May 2018
RAGLM General Meeting - Junly 18, 2018
Chad Bianco Wins - New Riverside Sheriff
test from sandys account
Fire tax update 11-22-2016
RAGLM General Meeting - June 20, 2018 - Cajalco Road
RAGLM General Meeting - June 20, 2018 - Cajalco Road
Magic Carpet Music Scholarship Competition ~ 2016 Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival
Thank You Jerry and Altman Plants
Upcoming holiday events
Jeffries' Journal May 2017
Community Cleanup This Saturday!
Boulder Development Application Withdrawn
Jeffries Journal June 2017
Fire Tax Update from HJTA
RAGLM Meeting Tonight!
Gavilan Gathering Chilli Cook-Office Today
RAGLM Adopts A Family for Christmas
Another Dog Drop off
Prescribed Burn Today and Tomorrow in Lake Mathews
Bernie Sanders For President Organization meeting in Lake Mathews WEDS July 29 7:00 pm
Kevin Jeffries Posts His Perspective ~
October Community Cleanup
Vote Today!
Don't miss the RAGLM Meeting on Wednesday, March 16!
Sun City Condo for Rent
FOR SALE 17090 Aragon Dr., Lake Mathews 92570
Estate Sale
Car pooling from Lake Mathews Estates to Norco College and points between
Jeffries Journal April 2016
5/28/2016 Plant Trade/Exchange-Gavilan Hills
Fire tax update
RAGLM Election of Officers
Flower Walk and Egg Hunt - Saturday, March 19th
Jeffries Journal 2015
Handyman Needed
Handyman needed
Fire Tax Update - Classaction
RAGLM Trails in Harford Springs Park
Flower Walk and Egg Hunt on Saturday March 19, 2016!
Lake Mathews Cleanup - May 7
Our Family in Need
New General Plan EIR Released - Comment Period Now Open
Greater Lake Mathews Rural Trails Association
Magic Carpet Music Scholarship
RCTC County Feedback
List Your Business FREE on RAGLM.org Today!
New Years Eve, Drive Safe
Over 800 laws passed for 2016
Jeffries Journal January 2016
broken community mail slot
National Preparedness Month in the County of Riverside
2nd Amendment Rights
Found Dog (Australian Shepherd) June 20
Fire Tax Update
Thank you from our 'Family In Need'
RAGLM Election Results
Flower Walk 2015 - Lunch Provided
Lake Mathews / La Sierra - Town Hall Meeting
Our Family in need for 2015
RAGLM.org Mobile Update
Jeffries Journal March 2016
Reguarding the helicopter that is spraying pesticides in Gavilan Hill
Jeffries Journal May 2016
Code Enforcement Newsletter
Fire on Rolling Meadows
rattlesnake avoidance clinic
Real estate document filing fees to double in Riverside County - So
RAGLM Board Election Results
USPS Unique Zip Code Decision
SRA Fire Fee Suspended!
Annual Vaccination Clinic & Swap Meet
Fire Inspections
Time for the annual Gavilan Gathering
Unique Postal Code Denied
All State Propane-Low rate provider
Unique Zip Code Signatures Saturday - Lake Mathews and Cajalco
Large & Small Animal Vaccination Clinic
DORNER MANHUNT: Fugitive dead, Riverside police chief says
Smart RF Water Meters on the way!
Memorial is set Wed. 10:30 am for our fallen Officer
Chris Dorner sighted, shots fired!
Free Summer day camp for ages 6-15
Jefferies Journal for Jan/Feb 2013
RAGLM Rummage Sale and Pancake Breakfast 2013
Unique Zip Code Survey and Letter Collection - Meeting Tonight
Aircraft Down - Lake Mathews
California At It Again, Taking more of our money.
Aspiring Family Looking to move to GLM Area
Uselessness if Law Enforcement
Thank You
Gun Fire
Zip Code Suffix
Nala NEEDS a home
RAGLM Board Members
4 digit suffixes
More Water Rate Hikes + (New Readiness Charge)
Government Working for us? What a savings.
Subjects at upcoming RAGLM meetings
Rural Fire Tax Meeting Tonight!
Jeffries is our new District 1 County Supervisor
Sheriff's update for those who have attended any of the past several RAGLM community meetings
RAGLM Selects a Family in Need for the Holidays
RAGLM's First Public Board Elections?
FREE Rides Home Tonight. Please be safe.
Hateful Phone Calls
Moreno Valley Warehousing
Unique Zip Code
Get Out And Vote - Supervisor Bob Buster Gets My Vote
Cajalco Road Widening Project
Tired of paying high propane rates?? Save now and switch before winter rates
Local Computer Scam "Out Of Area" Phone Number
Zip code Signatures/Letters Today
Special Propane Pricing for the remainder of August
Rural Fire Tax Hearing
Lake Mathews Community Cleanup!
Lake Mathews Community Signs Coming
Boating and Fishing on Lake Mathews - AB 1686
Dispelling any Rumors <--- Directly From Supervisor Jeffries' Office
Taxpayers Prevail in First Hearing on Fire Tax ~
Riverside County to Expand Prohibition Against Cannabis Cultivation!
Flower Walk and Adopt-A-Trail Trail Event at Harford Springs Park!
Annual Flower Walk at Harford Springs Park
Zumba/Yoga Instructor at tonight's meeting.
Western Municipal Water District Rate Hike Hearing Next Week.
First Class Tomorrow at Community Room
New Forums - You MUST Subscribe to Receive Alerts!
Sheriff Sniff Opposses Feinstein's Assault Ban Bill
Amazing Flowers at Harford Springs
Ralph Hileman has passed
Update on Yoga and Zumba classes
Community Super Sale Tomorrow - Free Coffee and Doughnut
Community Sale Success!
Re surfacing the Roads
Jefferies Journal for June 2013 Letter
Annual Vacination Clinic & Swap Meet
Harford Springs "Flower Walk" and "RAGLM Trails Clean-up"
Available to rent March 1st
Town Hall Regarding Drought Actions
CALFIRE Information Page
•:*¨¨*:•.♥•:*¨¨*:• Beautiful Husky needs home •:*¨¨*:•.♥•:*¨¨*:•
Annual Water Rate Hikes
☆¸.•*´¨`*•.¸☆Jeffries Journal for November ☆¸.•*´¨`*•.¸☆
Town Hall Meeting Tonight / Mead Valley
Lake Mathews Clean-up
RAGLM Family In Need
Propane Rates
Town Hall Meeting Tonight / Woodcrest
Water Rates Going Up Again Including New Charges
Community Super Sale Signs
Gavilan Hills Community Cleanup
Free Tire Collection Event
Property Rights/Murrieta Group Won't Stop in Quest for Their Rights
Cindy Ferry's Jan. RAGLM Meeting Signs - Down On Sun.
Correction In RSVP Date For Holiday Potluck Social
Help Us Help Our Greater Lake Mathews Families This Season
Annual Bulk Item Pickup 10-16-2010
RAGLM - new mailing address
Website Launch
Too Much Water, Will Sell at Discount. Show me how we are short...
Thank YOU!
New water rate system information
Memorial Day, Thank You
Event: The Longest Walk 3/American Indians & Others/Diabetes
Looking Forward To Seeing Everyone Tomorrow/Holiday Potluck Social In The Barn
Can We/Should We Be Like Germany's Model City/Mon. March 7-5:30 p.m./UCR Ext.
Trash Collection Fees To Rise In Lake Mathews/Woodcrest Areas In July
Holiday Potluck Social/We Need Stools-Benches
Water Rationing or 250% Rate Hike
In Favor of the Zip Code Change
RAGLM on corners tomorrow for ZIP CODE signatures!
Zip Code Survey Signatures Saturday!
What's More Important? Zip Code or Country?
The Really Really Free Market ~ Sat. December 31 ~ Fairmont Park, Riverside
Update on Gavilan Road
Accident on Cajalco Rd.
Adopt-A-Trail Cleanup Day / Nature Walk
County Supervisor Candidates Forum in April
Our Own Unique Zip Code?
100 Members Strong!
Learn and ask about the coming Harford/Mockingbird Canyon Trail
Cajalco Expansion Public Hearing
Bob Buster Woodcrest Town Hall Tonight
Upcoming subjects at RAGLM community meetings
Lake Mathews Recreation Area - No More! AB-1686 off the table.
Roadrunner Farms
Supervisors Forum Tonight!
First The Smelt, Now The Sucker. Can You Say More Rate Hikes Next Year
RAGLM.org New Website
Lake Mathews Signs
Pancake Breakfast Success
AmericGas Propane Has Bought Out Pedley Propane
Area activist dies at 80-Thelma Grant-She'll be Very Much Missed
FREE Pancake Breakfast
Free Well For You
Soon To Be? Fire Ord. No Barbecue within 10' of building
RAGLM Adopt-A-Trail in Harford Springs
Mead Valley Library Groundbreaking Ceremony
FREE Bulk Item Curbside Cleanup Coming This Month
Buy American Products and Help OUR Country
Redistricting Interactive Map
Gavilan Park Clean-up Project-Sat. Oct. 8/7 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Time For Propane Pricing Check
Cajalco/Gustin Project APN 285-210-003 (Gas Station, Fast Food & Market)
To Much Water, Will Sell At Discounted Rate. How are we short?
Mead Valley Tire Amnesty Event
Cajalco Expansion Project - Your input needed by FRIDAY or it will not count!
Captain McElvain Leaving-Captain Hill Replacing Him
91 Freeway closed at 14th Street - Riverside
Hold the date! The Community Holiday Potluck is December 14!
Pancake Breakfast in the Morning
Artisan & Farmers Market/Tues. 3 p.m. - 7 p.m., Dos Lagos
Reminder - Community Holiday Potluck Social - RSVP
Halloween Off Limits To Sex Offenders In Unincorporated Riverside County
Call for donations; community family in need.
Gifts To Our RAGLM Family In Need - Wrapped And Ready To Go.
RAGLM Family In Need - Take A Close Up Of The Gifts
New RAGLM.org Features
Support Lake Mathews Market
Assembly Passes Legislation To Eliminate The Redevelopment Dept. - YES!!!
Our Family In Need

Community Events
Lake Mathews Town Hall
Steele Peak Cleanup Tomorrow!
Gavilan Hills Community Clean-up Tomorrow
Holiday Events Planned for District 1, Riverside County
RAGLM Local Business Event
CERT Training for October
Community Coffee with Assemblywoman Melendez
3rd Annual King High School Mattress Fundraiser
Winter 2016 Master Gardener Workshops
Bulk Trash
Woodcrest CERT Training Class FREE. Sign Up Today!
Annual RAGLM Community Holiday Potluck Social Dec 15
Volunteers Needed To Decorate The Barn/Holiday Potluck Social
Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event
Kids Events: Rushton Stables/Idaleona Rd-Gavilan Hills/$75 Kids Party Of 9
Free Concert --aug. 7th 12pm-8pm at Dos Lagos
December 15 Community Holiday Social -
Lake Mathews Community Cleanup Day
Beautification Project-Volunteers Needed/Sat. June 23, 8 a.m.-Noon/Temescal
National Night Out-- Fun Event
PERRIS: Southern California Fair starts Saturday, Oct. 5
Get rid of that used oil
Free Spay and Neuter for Riverside County residents!!!
Earth Day Celebration
Breakfast with Santa

Computer Corner
A Simple Problem Involving Viewing "Pictures"
Got Computer Issues, Just Have a Simple Question?
Apple Macintosh Computer Repair Needed ~
Computer Question
Major Computer Virus - May affect you.
Local student looking for a studio/guest rental
Windows 7 updates
Windows 10 and a Microsoft Virus???

For Sale
Mower, Troy Built with Honda motor $200/offer
Swings 'n' Things Set $1,000 OBO
Multi Family Sale - The Boulders Sat 4/14 8AM-2PM Sun 4/15
New blue pashmina
Honda accessories
1975 Silver Streak 33 ' "Continental Supreme" Vintage Travel Trailer
For Sale 1000 lb hydrolic lift
I am in need of a travel trailer or Motorhome
Beds for sale
Electronics galore for sale cheap !
450 + square feet of laminate flooring
Wood saddle stand FOR SALE $40
Reloading equipment wanted
31' 5th wheel trailer
Seeking all around handyman help ~
Leather Couch & Love Seat
Turquoise sofa and loveseat with matching lamps for sale ~
Firewood source
Piano and Bench for Sale ~
1993 Geo Storm, current tabs, running - take it for $200!
Black Lab Puppies
1998 Wilderness Bunkhouse Trailer - $4200
1998 Wilderness Bunkhouse Trailer - $4200
Waterbed for Sale ~
Huge Warehouse Sale!
Glass dinning table
10 Foot Sectional couch
Looking for a.....
2009 Lincoln MLK For Sale
German Shorthair Pups! - LMGSP.COM
Travel Trailer
Custom Pool Table - $2000 OBO
Dining Room Table
2qty. 2006 Suzuki LTZ 400 Quads
Used Stubben Siegfried and Crates saddles for sale
Stubben Siegfried and Crates saddles for sale
Courbette brand saddle seat (cutback) saddle

Free Stuff
Makita Lawn Mower - free
Free Wood
Free Golf Tournament Van Buren Golf Course
Free Toddler Race Car Bed
Free - Grapefruit & Lemons
Lab pup needs Home
400W 8ohm Power Amp Needed
Looking For Free Egg Crates
Dryer and TV for free ~
Free Baby Crib
Free Toilets and Tub
Free Mulch & Wood Chips
Free wood pallets
FREE Haircuts For Veterans on Veterans Day!
FREE SECTIONAL Taupe with loose pillows
FREE: Small but Fruit Bearing Peach Trees NOW!
What is all that rumbling noise?
Free Sofa and Matching Loveseat ~

Garage/Yard Sales
Yard Sale :)
Yard Sale :)
Community Question
Yard Sale
Stop by my Yard Sale...
Yard Sale :)
Yard Sale
Huge Moving Sale
Multi-Family Yard Sale
Barn - Tack "Estate" sale Nov. 21-22
TIER Tack-N-Stuff Tack Sale/Fundraiser 11/7/2015
Estate Sale walk through home
Tack / horse equipment sale, Saturday August 12, 8am-1pm
Estate Sale
Community Yard Sale - Saturday Jan 28th
Moving Sale!!!

Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund Article/Flawed Food Sfety Bills In Congress
Request For Info. On Plant Problem
Organic Pesticide
Neem, Wonderful Neem!
Soon It Will Be Illegal To Garden
Using Local Organic Coooperatives To Defeat Globalist
ARGH! Rabbits.
Flowers, no fruit
Gardener Workshop
Bagrada Bug

General Discussion
Greatest Threat to Our Freedoms
Touching Video of Truth - America Needs More
Political Posts Revised For Uniformed
Honor still exists in our world today???
Happy Veterans Day! Thank You To All That Serve.
Min. of the Board of Supervisors Approving Lake Mathews COI
Cell Phone booster
Happy New Year from RAGLM!
Volunteer for REARS
RAGLM Boundary Lines-Have They Been Changed?
Everybody's Happy Now. Right?
4th of July DUI Checkpoint - Drug Dogs, Searched without Consent
Avoid Political Posts - Your Choice - You're In Or You'r Out
Noah And The Ark, 2013 Edition - It's funny but has slight political tones - non-offensive
Waste Management
Flash Mob: The U.S. Air Force Band at the Smithsonian
The Greatest Sheriff In America
Walking Group???
No Weekend Food Delivery for Florida Capitol Demonstrators - Not political, national news
Simple way to give back. Water for children.
Dog Training classes :)
Jefferies Journal
California Obamacare Navigators Have Criminal Backgrounds
Did you make $260k this year? Why Not?
Yummy tacos at Lake Mathews General Store
Sun City Condo for Rent
Harford Springs - Mountain Bikes?
WMWD Fix-a-Leak Week
Earth Night in the Garden
Unacceptable Posts that are Denied ~
Happy Constitution Day!
Video Every American/Human Should Watch
Toll lanes planned on I-15 from Cajalco Road to 60
Corona Annexation plans east of I-15
RAGLM Board Member Information
Benghazi Survivor With Shredded Leg Waited For 20 Hours For Help - Not Political
Solar Power: Leasing, Buying, DIY and Some Other Facts
Thanks to all who posted about Solar Panels
Lake Mathews Talks Website and RAGLM
Political Posts Revised For Uniformed
Homosexuals preying on Scouts
Waste Management - Green Waste Services?
Political Forums Update - No Political Dialog Included
Viral Video, Happy Independence Day!
Interested in Homeschool Workshops at Community Meeting Room?
new neighbor
Lost Dog
Start with the FREEDOM for our children
Home for Rent in Sun City
Title Lines - About Post Content
Classes at our Community Center?
Plainclothes police and your freedom
Library in need of donations
Attorney General Holder Playing God Again - Silly US
Request to all posting on the forums - title line in a comment
Sorting Posts by Newest
Happy 4th of July!
People Sign Petition for “Mandatory Euthanasia” for Senior Citizens Under ObamaCare!
For those that did not know, Your 6th amendment right is no longer.
Lake Mathews Clean Up Days
Might Be Considered Political So No Post - Just a link for hockey fans
Immigration Reform Bill Will Prevent Arrest of Illegals - No Mention of Politics
RAGLM Board Members-Who Are They Now-Was One Removed
RAGLM Boundary Line Map Approved April 25, 2002
Bye Bye Guns
FREE Lunch for your kids all summer long!
Help Please
California's New Homeless Bill of Rights
Human Remains Found - Aguana
I Created A New Thread That Hasn't Been Posted
Activism and Perseverance: Thoughts on Losing Aaron Swartz
Gavilan Gathering Fun
Missing Person
Family in Need
Happy Memorial Day!
RTA Survey
Rummage Sale / Pancake Breakfast Reminder
County Appointments - Volunteers Needed
Code Enforcement - No Trucks on Cajalco
To Solar or Not to Solar - THAT is the Question
Found, little dog
.......on Punishment
Citrus Tree Inspections and Your Rights
Recently blind friend or family?
Cancer Updates from Johns Hopkins
Passive Solar
Mining for Tin under Lake Mathews $1.5T+
Leaked documents reveal US diplomats actually work for Monsanto
Controversial Trade Pact Text Leaked: Eyes on Trade
Supreme Court Ruling On Stolen Valor Act Rests On First Amendment-Sucks!
Navy Radio Makes Garage Doors Stop Working
Info. On Riverside County, California
Get ready to turn your guns in
Lake Mathews Low - Tunnel Maintenance Trip
Hoover Dam and other Inspection Tours
Happy Thanksgiving!
Meeting Places for Local Groups
2nd or 3rd opinion
Homeowners Insurance
Link between artificial light and breast cancer?
WMWD Work on MultiView near Knob
Code Enforcement Using Water Efficiently - In The Rain
Recent Accident
Posting Guidelines
"Open House" hearing on Mid County Parkway tonight
Pedley Propane - Removal
One of the scariest things I have heard lately - Sorry my kids are mine.
Car Pools to Public Schools 2012-2013
Waste Management Rate Changes
RAGLM Voting
Happy Halloween!
Voting On RAGLM Polls - Can Vote Over & Over Again
CALL for zip code support!
Local Food Suppliers-Orangecrest-Sun. 9 a.m. to 1 p.m
Obscene Gavilan Graffitti
Inland leaders meet with Ontario airport director
Rural Fire Tax Redetermination Forms
Assemblyman Jeffries Warns Many Rural Residents Receiving Errant Fire Tax Bills
You ARE now a terrorist with no right to a trial!
Reality check: When the power grid goes down, all grid-tie solar systems Go Down
Homeschool domination-A 75% increase since 1999-Blowing Them Away
Moreno Valley Sues Itself ... Where Will Government Go Next?
Call For Help! Zipcode Update.
I Agree That It Should Be Your Choice, As A Parent - AB2109
Some People Trading Lawns for Veggie Gardens
Just How Much Food Can You Grow In Your Backyard - Single Family Backyard Farming
Build Your Own Whole Hog Pit BBQ for $250 - Summer Is Here - Wed. June 20
65 - 100 Fireballs per hour in tonight's sky!
Veterans Day Thank You!
California Filling For Secession From The Union
RAGLM Annual Holiday Potluck!
Electrical Poles Up Cajalco To La Sierra
Lousy phone service from AT&T
Special Family In Need Thank You!
Small/Home Based Business-Required Inspections-Fed. Ord. 867
Community Food Drive
Happy Flag Day!
Vote Of The RAGLM Board Members-What Date Do We Find Out?
RAGLM Ballot Reminder
A Man Among Thieves, local politician actually follows through with their word
Metropolitan Water District 'Secret Society' wants to hike your rates
8 Regulations an Hour Yet No Debt Deal
Propane issues and last week's cold snap
Arrested for refusing Smart Meter
PTP Signs
I call for a vote to open a section of the Forum as uncensored
Welcome to Lake Mathews Signs are Up!
Where Is RAGLM Headed/Community Voice Or Not?
Supervisor Jeffries and Assemblywoman Melendez Ask Caltrans to Stop Ignoring Riverside Concerns
Jefferies Letter
Sheriff Update for our area
Riverside County Development and Agenda 21
Nature Classes with Marghanita - Learning Kept Fun - Out Of The Classroom
JOIN THE PLAY REVOLUTION: We must listen & let them enjoy learning about life
250 gal. water storage - good for 5 years
Copy / Paste Posting Issue
8 minutes to WAKE UP!
House Votes IN on Obama Care Repeal
Presidential Actions/Proclamations & Memorandum's
Talking With the President/ BarackObama.com
Day of Rage in US. March 3rd call for Sharia Law
Vehicle Theft/Abandoned-Dawson Canyon & Temescal Canyon
What Will You Do If The USA Really Does Fall??? Are You Planning?
Gas Prices Going Up Fast
Violent Felon Criminal Background Check Information Site
Obama Care Out? Florida Judge Ruled Today - 27 States
CA. Magan's Law/Registered Offenders In The Greater Lake Mathews & Near By Areas
Mule Spooked Throwing Woman On Rolling Meadows Dr. Sun. - Woman Died
Distressed & Abandoned Properties In Unincorporated Riverside County/Code
FerrellGas Disconnected my Service and didn't notify me
Get ready to pay more for your Internet Net Neutrality Is now LAW
And you thought ID chips where only for dogs!
Propane costs -- FerrellGas gouging?
Are you a Terrorist, or do you just own a gun?
UN Small Arms Treaty
Repeal Obama Care
Reaching for Pie in the Sky ~
The infant grows up a feral child.
Whacky water bill?
More Input On The Owl Project At Lake Mathews
Help with finding storage for an old Firetruck
Subscribing to a Topic ~
Supervisor Buster Wrongs RAGLM/Proves Our Point As A Community Group
New Planning Director, More Of The Same????
Mobile Home Park Residents/Who Do You Use For Internet Service?
Help Save The Planet/Waste Not, Want Not/Recycle
HEALTH & WELLNESS - Physical Health
Common Drug Combo Raises Blood-Glucose/Diabetics Need To Know
AT&T cell phone customers
Our U.S. Dollar Worth Less - Stansberry's Investment Advisory
Will Taxing The Rich Fix The Problem?
Smartphone pictures pose privacy risks-Camera's Have GPS
Your iPhone Is Tracking You. So What? - NYTimes.com
So Much For Our Rights - Michigan: Police Search Cell Phones During Stops
Is The E-ZPass Box A Trojan Horse For Privacy Invasions?
el sobrante
To The Gay Population of Our Community-Three Cheers For Governor Cuomo
New Government Regulations (admittedly will not work) Twilight Zone!
No More Milk For You! Thank you Mr. Sunstein
Unicef Using Their Money To Support UN Doomsday Treaty To Disarm America
America Owned By China - See Powerful Ad
Bedbug Infestation/Dirty or Clean, You Could Have Them - Bring Them Home
NTSB Releases Findings On Two Deadly 2009 Plane Crashes In Lake Elsinore
RAGLM.org Website Upgrades
Gavilan Hills, Bar H Ranch-Flying Horses With Experts/Orange County Register
STOPsmartmetersNOW.com | information on the effects of smartmeters
Western Municipal Water District tier/rate hike hearing last night
Massive medical campus to be built in Riverside/March LifeCare Campus 236 Ac.
Jobs Coming to Riverside County! Riversides "Medical City" March Air Base
Free Riverside County Prescription Drug Discount Card
May Day Team 6 (Bin Laden Dead)
Mark the date - July 13. (Water rates)
The 3 Mile Burger
No More Electric Fences
glowing hills
No Flyer attached
Retaining your Rights
natural gas
Mon. Jan. 10/UCR/Goverment Competence In Singapore
New California Law Mandates Whooping Cough Booster Shot for Teens/7th Grade
Schools To Give Parents A Grade On Their Childs Report Card/Parental Rights
Another school bus / car collision on Cajalco Road today (no students hurt)
Unschooled: How One Kid Is Grateful He Stayed Home
No More Public Property on Public Property!
No More Public Property on Public Property!
The UN Wants Your Child: What’s In Store For America’s Homeschoolers
Hospital-Acquired Infections Reporting/Gavilan Hills Resident/Sons Death
Riverside/5th Worst City To Find A Job In The Nation!
Corona Fire, 3 Firefighters Injured
Talk About Bad Timing - Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Breast Milk Baby Doll Teaches Kids to Breast-Feed
Question To RAGLM Board - Advertising on RAGLM.org
Do You Think We Have Enough Fast Food Restaurants in Riverside?
Western Municipal Water District Tier Rate System
Neighborhood Watch Info
Bill, S.1867
Why Can I NOT post To This Site???????????????
On the new site page I tried reaching the RAGLM board via the "Contact Us" link and it did
pedley gas
Known Web Browser Issues
Community Family in Need
rental available
WMWD gave us a raw deal.
Mega Warehouses
No more family farm chores for rural kids? Why?
Another Agenda 21 Anecdote...
Just lost your First Amendment Right. NO more Right to Free Speech.
Community Calendar - Post for Free and Anonymously
CNUSD Busing to be cut
Your Food seized by Feds in Farmeggedon
More info related to the Agenda
PERRIS: Recording city’s heritage becomes personal for filmmaker
WWII Vet Warren Renn Bodeker Being Kicked Out Of His Home
Woman Sues City of Tulsa For Cutting Down Her Edible Garden
REGION: UCR professor predicts mild fire season in Riverside County
GMO Foods & Bill Gates
Give Up That Lawn - Lawns to Edible Landscapes
Home School 101 by Heather M. Carson
Outdoor Living Skills: Summer Camp Guide
Fresh Eggs Daily: Weeds 101
Cajalco Expansion DEIR Request Form Online
$12 Gas is coming. Get ready to pay for what we CHOOSE not to look at.
Congratulations Supervisor Buster
Edible Forest Garden
Measure F Failed - Thank God
SAGE MOUNTAIN FARM - Local Riverside County Organic Sustainable CSA Farm
First nation-wide test of the emergency signal, Wednesday
Cost of "High Speed Rail" Goes From $45 Billion To $100 Billion/Senator Runner
Check out RIVERSIDE: annual Alternative Gift Fair is Dec. 4
The BLM Has Holdings in Gavilan Hills/Lake Mathews?
Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan/Allowable Use Of OUR Land-Property
AB1616: Sell Home-Cooked Fare In CA Legally
Agenda 21 Update
Riverside County considers selling landfills
Riverside County Quick Facts From The U.S. Census Bureau
The Reading of the Declaration of Independence - YouTube
Check your Waste Management bill.
Agenda 21, losing your property rights.
Trail Cleanup Thank You
The "Smart Meter" Issue Once Again - What Do You Think?
The Best Food - Our Choice Or Theirs - Farmageddon
Dairy Cares- Sustainability-Line of too big
Market Vectors® Agribusiness ETF - MOO- Van Eck Global
Eminent Domain Watch
THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?
County Should HAVE TO Go Out For Competitive Bids On Contracts
6 Windows Tips - Computer Tricks
Live Fire Training! You may see smoke.
Be Aware Of The 3.8% Real Estate Sales Tax to go into effect 2013?
Find out how your taxes are being spent
Sushi House/A Hidden Treasure On Van Buren Blvd/Very Good Food
Know Anyone Looking To Rent Horse Property In Gavilan Hills?
Happy Independence Day!
Your water "budget" from your water supplier
Personal Use Tax/Small Business/Board of Equalization-Costs More Than It Makes
Shots Fired/Gavilan Plateau/Sat. Night
Real estate Crooks above & below/Another Way Of stealing your credit
Event: Thurs. Oct. 6 @ 4 p.m./Waterways: We're All Connected
Having A Problem With A Water Bill/Changing Totals On Same Invoice Periods
Never Late - Face Foreclosure Over Never-Transferred Title
Show Your Paid Ticket Or Get Our Of The Arena
Are Police Working for the Rich? Journalist Receive $100,000 Settelment
1/2 Hr. Landscape Design, $25/Tree of Life Nursery/Sat. Oct. & Nov.
Officer Hurt In Lake Mathews Area While Pursuing Suspect :: The Valley News
Riverside county Fire Department incident reports
Infrastructure Investment World Americas 2012
March Healthcare plan gets recommendation of approval
Who Will Be Doing What At March LifeCare Medical Campus-City
Obama 'Rural Council'
ROVE Team Patrols Lake Mathews Area
I AM Begging You - Please, Just Hear This/Watch This Movie
Free Concert
Water bills - compare notes on the tier rate here
Lake Mathews Farmers Forced To Use Recycled Water-Reg. Water Cut-Off
Riverside Government TV
Do Our Children EVEN Have A Chance???? - College Conspiracy
Inland Empire Waterkeeper Newsletter
Water rates going up - again!
Land Use for RA zoned land, Chapter 17, Riverside County Municipal Ordinance
Happy Thanksgiving!
Now This Is A Community In Action
Mr President, We The People... WOW ... Powerful!!!
March LifeCare Medical City
More Than Heart Warming Story - Santa Does Exist
Amazon Alternative Delivery
Marijuana Law 2018 - How Will It Affect You And Your Home
Pest control
Body found off El Nido and Christmas Tree Lane
Office Cabinet Built-Ins Pre-Made???
Merry Christmas To All and To All a Good Night!
Accident on Cajalco
August Jeffries Journal
Flight path change
Happy Thanksgiving!
Jeffries Journal December 2015
Anyone Selling Eggs?
WATER ?????
Happy Veterans Day!
Your electric rate will soon skyrocket!
Large Dog or Mountain Lion killed my chickens last night! All of them.
Free Household Hazardous Waste Collection in Mead Valley on Saturday
Jeffries' Journal February 2017
baby rattlers
NOAA Weather Outlook October 2015 - El Nino
Jeffries Journal November/December 2016
Milk Refund - If you bought milk in the last 14 years
Estelle mountain travel trailer
National Preparedness Month!
FREE Chickens!
Happy Fathers Day!
Live test
test send
test 2
New signs on Cajalco
Code Enforcement Newsletter - August 2017
test again
test again
Jeffries Journal January 2017
Sun City Condo for Rent
Solving Our Water Issues Together
AB 57 - No building permits required if you have enough money - Now Law
Dump Site
Jeffries' Journal August 2017
Local Businesses Meeting
Any Off-roaders?
Crop Dusting in nursery
fire to the West
Free Rides New Years Eve - Stay Safe.
RTA Bus access
Gavilan Springs Ranch Area
Blood Moon Tonight
Community Cleanup October 25th
Losing Ralphs Grocery Store
Know of a Plumber in our area that returns calls?
How did the rains affect you?
How Long Have You Lived Here?
Wow, 'Supermoon' and Total Lunar Eclipse Sunday 7:00? - 8:00?
Community Cleanup Reminder
Water Pressure Loss, New Regulation??
New Guidelines for Turf Replacement Program
Building enforcement/code????
1 million unique views and 1 new member every 7 days!
Jeffries Journal November 2015
green trash bins
Drought? What a Joke...
Thank you for our freedom!
Steele Peak Shooting Area Clean-Up this Saturday!
Jefferies Journal for Oct. 2013
New EPA regulations and our County General Plan
Western Municipal Water District Overcharging You!
General Plan Review and Special Community Meeting
Zip code
Jefferies Journal for Oct. 2013
Is Your Refrigerator Spying on You Without a Warrant?
Electricity Rate Hike and Food Cost Hike
Disasterous Development Impact Fee-Public hearing 7/1/2014 @ BOS
10 Proposed Network Transit Plan
$3.45 / gallon on wierick and temescal canyon
13 Years Today, Never Forget
Trash Pick Up Rate Increase
As The 'Whine' Turns
New Water Shortage Contingency Plan Coming
Jeffries Journal
NASCAR Driver Loses Health Coverage & Doctor of 20 Years
Absentee Ballots not Mailed Yet?
My Water and trash bill combined is now about $90.
CERT Refresher Course
Water Bill
Drought Information

Vaccination Clinic and Equine Swap Meet April 14
Possible stolen tack?
Press Release regarding EHV-1 in California
EHV-1 outbreak (horses)
Horse Vet Care Bill - SB 697
Rally for wild horses/Tues. Feb. 22-Pasadena
Low cost gelding clinic in Southern California February 26
Mustang Conspiracy

In The News
Cure for Cancer - KEYTRUDA
Fire Fee "Extinguished"
The Kings Decree, I hope all of your daughters have enjoyed their innocence while they had it.
Fire Tax Update From the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association
50% Off Airline Tickets, Must buy them tonight. Just thought to share.
Water supplier giving $450,000.00 to Lake Mathews business
Horrific Pet Crime
John Deere
Is there really a drought?
Code enforcement officer hit by vehicle
Sgt. Tahmooressi Released!!
Murrieta Invasion Update
Survey: Half Of Meteorologists Are “Climate Deniers”
What Personal Information Will California Give Out Next?
MORENO VALLEY: Warehouse project renews industrial development debate
Supreme Court Ruling on Cell Phone Privacy
The Press Enterprise vs Murrieta
Texas Suing Feds Over Hiring Convicted Felons
Inept government or by design?
Voting Undecided or Don't Know in Polls
Truckers Ride for the Constitution to Shutdown D.C.
Fire Prevention Fee -- Total Hogwash!
Thirty Miles Of Corruption
Trash fees to rise
Five arrested in Gavilan Hills
Measure would make retiring in Riverside County attractive
Riverside County Sues the State of California
Mid County Parkway Project
Police Shot in Riverside This Morning - Suspect is Loose and Ex-Cop/Marine
More Sheriff's Being Hired for Unincorporated Areas
Not What It May Seem
Real People Losing Healthcare Coverage
Insurers restricting choice of doctors and hospitals to keep costs down
California says it won't be able to supply water
U.N. Panel Will Need Literary License To Spin Climate Change Myth
Who's In Your Wallet? Staggering Cost Of Illegal Aliens In America
Person Dies in Early-Morning Crash Near Lake Mathews :(
The Decline of College - Especially in California
PERRIS: City bids farewell to former police chief
Man Charged With Fishing Without License Accuses Court, System Of Violating Natural Law
Safe, Secure, Reliable: That’s Not Obamacare
America's best- and worst-run states
Does California's health care exchange face a new problem.
School Bans Christmas, Trees, Even Red and Green
Hanoi Jane's Charities Not So Charitable
U.S. Company now able to slaughter horses for meat
Great Lakes Water To Be Sold To China
"That's th' way y' do it! Money f'r nuthin', an' y'r pay f'r free!!!"
Missing Kid from Menifee
Squirrel Found with Plague at Local Campground
Tricked again, giving up our rights in the name of Democracy.
Lake Mathews Business Robbed at Gunpoint - Robber Caught
LAKE MATHEWS: Driver arrested, stolen car recovered (updated)
Jeffries Standing for Small Business'
First Amendment Being Eroded With Another New Bill 'Media Shield Bill'
Time Magazine Hides Putin's Success From American Voters
Prof offers class help to ‘STUDENTS OF COLOR ONLY’
Even If Hell Freezes Over, The Obama Greens Will Wage Their War
Teen Atheist Jessica Ahlquist Gets Court to Remove Religious Banner
Top American in Vatican: Deny Communion for Pelosi
Comments Is Bad For Science - At Least For 'Popular Science'
Obama’s ‘Please Kick Me’ Appearance At The U.N.
Shutdown Blacks Out NFL, MLB Playoff Games for Troops Overseas
Ronald Reagans Inagural Address - January 20, 1981
What The Marching Food Stamp Army Looks Like
Homeland Security: It's Cheaper to Round Up & Deport Illegals Than to Allow Them to Stay
Board of Supervisors "pay to stay" plan
National Debt Visual in $100 Bills
Property Values Going Back Up
Offroad motorcyclist crashes near Monument Peak, injured
Interesting Proposal to Split California
How to contact your local lawmakers | Local News | PE.com
Officer Involved Shooting on Cajalco
Conserving More Water Than We Use
Assemblyman Jeffries Fire Tax Repeal Passes First Committee
Earth 101; Where does your water come from? (free lecture May 10, 2012)
We Don't Need No Education: Meet the Millionaire Dropouts
Gavilan Hills Resident Asked To Speak On Infectious Diseases @ County Hospitals
Changes to our 911 system today!
We Should Be Doing This Here/They Saved Their Redwood Groves
Politics & The Census/How NonCitizens & Prisoners Are Counted
Motorcyclist Dies on Cajalco
Interesting information on Supervisor's salaries and pensions.
Plane crash near Lake Mathews Oct 23, 2010
Biologists Build Nesting Boxes On Lake Mathews Reserve
New Canaan, Connecticut Schools Consider Tracking Students With RFI

Local Politics
Riverside County supervisors pay raises
Can anyone suggest a write-in candidate for D.A.?
Supervisors discretionary accounts
2014 Election- Our Local Candidates for the 28th district
Spitting Nails ~
Jeffries Journal question
The Few vs the Many
Warehouses in Mead Valley
Control. Control. Control. The liberal way...
California lawmakers approve driver's licenses for illegal immigrants
Calif. OKs Driver's Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants - Illegal Aliens
90% of Lake Mathews is ok with the Govt spying on them.
Property Owners & Prop 13
Limiting Freedom of Speach With Little Or No Reason
Student privacy rights
California Continues Attack on 2nd Amendment
California Worst Run State
From the Wall St. Journal - Edie Sundby's Choice
Gov. Brown Says Screw Californian's - Welcome Illegals.
Barbara Boxer Failed Economics 101a and proves it.
Exodus from 'Blue Utopia' - People and businesses leaving in droves...

Lost & Found
Lost dogs- 2 female German Shepards
German Shepard/male
Found Dog (Bull dog?)
Found 2 large male dogs
Found Pit
Found Dog Bull Mastiff
found two dogs
Found Male blue pit 2 weeks ago. Can't find owner
Found 3 male dogs
Lost Australian Shepard
Lost Dog Named: Estrellita (Star)
Found Puppy on Villa Knoll on 8-5-15
Found Dog
Found- Two Boxers (One Female and One Male)
Found emaciated Boxer dog
LOST Black&White Male Australian Shepherd, Lake Mathews Emelita/Ranchito/Cajalco
Boxer Found
Lost Dog
Found Dog
Lost Great Pyrenees - Large Long Hair White Dog
Large White St. Bernard-Looking Dog Hanging Around
Husky Shepherd Mix
Laila & Max the Boxers on Descanso
Found Brown Chihuahua
Found last night, Older Large Brown Lab Male
Found Dog
Found Three Dogs 9-27-11
Please keep an eye out for a lost brown dog
Found Yellow Lab
Lost 2 Pomeranians 6-18-12
2 Dogs Found Near Henderson Ranch
Found Dogs
Lost--Zebo the Bulldog
Lost--Zebo the Bulldog
Found Beagle on Santa Rosa Mine
Missing Dogs--Gracie and Zebo Sept 5 2010
Lost Golden Retriever and Terrier Mix
Pit Bull wandering in Burwood Area
Found Black Lab - (Villa Knoll + Multiview)
Small dog on Broadview
Missing male pitbull
Lost German Shorthair Pointer dog
Lost dog has been found
Lost 2 German Shepards
Dog Lost
Boxer loose on Lake Mathews Drive
Boxer loose on Lake Mathews Drive
Found- Beautiful white female pitbull pup
Pedley Fails Again
Pedley = Worthless
Found Reading Glasses in a case
Found White Dog
FOUND Female German Shepherd in the Lake Mathews Hills area..
FOUND Female German Shepherd in the Lake Mathews Hills area..
Found two small breed puppies on Lake Mathes Dr.

Meeting Information
RAGLM Meeting July 20 - come see the new community meeting room! Subject: Property Taxes
Community Emergency Response Meeting Tonight
Reminder - tonight's community meeting
Come meet your new Sheriff in charge, tonight!
RAGLM Community meeting tonight - Home Values and Property Taxes
Cajalco Road widening, Gavilan Road improvements
Community meeting tomorrow night - Solar
Meeting Tonight - Fire Safety
Registrar of Voters - Kari Verjil
Community meeting April 18 - Candidate's Forum - meet those campaigning to be your Supervisor
July 18 - Save the date! (Cajalco)
Reminder - RAGLM meeting tonight - Cajalco update
RAGLM Community meeting April 20 - Lions and Tigers! (Also fire!)
Question To The RAGLM Board-July Community Meeting-Tax Assesor
September 2010 RAGLM meeting
8/18/2010 Meeting Handouts
RAGLM General Meeting, Nov 17th - Annexation and County General Plan
RAGLM Community Meeting - tonight!
RAGLM Community Meeting March 16
Reminder - Cajalco Road update on Wednesday, Sept 15 RAGLM Meeting!
No Meeting Tonight
Annual Community Holiday Potluck!
Meeting Tomorrow Night - WMWD - Bay Delta - LEED Facilities Tour
Meeting Tonight County Supervisor Kevin Jeffries
Community Meeting Tonight! Cajalco Expansion Update.
Animal Control - Community Meeting Tonight!
Meeting Reminder Tonight!
Dark Sky Meeting Tonight!
Community Meeting Tonight!
Upcoming RCHCA Meeting - Estelle Mt. Reserve Area
RAGLM Community meeting March 21 - Your rural lifestyle and proposed changes.
FREE Dinner With The Supervisor Candidates
Community Meeting Tonight!
Code Enforcement, August 15, 2012
Solar Facilities Tour Tomorrow 6:45 p.m.
Special Community Meeting Tonight! Proposed Development
Community Meeting - Waste Management / General Plan Update
Community Meeting Tonight!
Special Community Meeting Reminder - New Development
Community Meeting Tonight - Supervisor Kevin Jeffries
Meeting Reminder Tonight
Meeting Reminder - RCWaste - Backyard Composting Workshop
Community Meeting Reminder Tonight - Cajalco Expansion Update
Holiday Party Tonight!
Meeting Reminder - Assembly Woman Melissa Melendez
Altman Nursery Hay Ride Tonight!
Meeting Reminder Tomorrow Night - CA State Parks
Meeting Reminder Tonight - SCE Rate Structure Changes
Community Meeting Tonight. WMWD Rate Increases
RAGLM Community Meeting Tonight
RAGLM Meeting Reminder Tonight!
Postal Inspector Confirmed Tonight!
Reminder - Community Meeting Tonight
Boulders Developer Community Meeting
Community Meeting Reminder Tonight! - CAL Fire Emergency Preparedness
Meeting Tonight - WMWD General Manager, CHP, Hidden Valley Nature Center
Community Holiday Potluck Tonight!
Meeting Reminder Tonight!
Meeting Reminder Tonight Sheriff Candidate Dave Brown
Household Hazardous Waste Collection in Mead Valley 4/28/18
Meeting Reminder Tonight
Meeting Reminder Tonight!
Code Enforcement - Tomorrow Night
Property Maintenance
RAGLM Community Meeting Reminder Tonight - Supervisor Jeffries
Community Meeting Reminder for Tonight!
Community Meeting Reminder - Wednesday Night
Community Meeting Reminder Tonight - Code Enforcement
Community Meeting Reminder Tonight - Proposed Development
Post Master Wednesday Night
Community Meeting Tonight - New D.A.
Reminder - Community Meeting Tonight!
June 17th RAGLM Meeting Reminder
Holiday Potluck Tonight!
Community Meeting Reminder - Wednesday Night - BLM
Community Meeting Tomorrow Night!
Meeting Tonight - CALFire & R.O.V.E. team member Deputy Ball
General Plan Overview Tonight!
RAGLM Round Table Tonight!
Meeting Tonight - SCE
Community Meeting Reminder Tomorrow Night!
No Meeting Tonight - Last Minute Reminder
New Area Development Presentations Tonight!

National Politics
Today's Quote of the Day
Wage Garnishment for Dirty Air Violators?
TRUTH - It's very rare.
interesting article
Fear of Politics? Or Don't Care?
Civil War and Martial Law
Fix my Energy bill
Burn Your ObamaCare Card Now!
Sheriff to Local NAACP President: I Cannot Support Your Agenda
Workers at ObamaCare call center angry after being offered jobs without health benefits
Caller Wants Sarah to Lead Conservatives
Census on Obama's 1st term: Good stuff down, bad stuff up
The Long List Of Needless Closures In Barack Obama’s Shutdown Offensive
Obama Leaving the Country on Friday (That's a good thing.)
Pettiness of Obma - The White House Versus Some World War II Vets
Obama Hypocrisy And The Arms Trade Treaty
Was The 2012 Election Stolen By Obama And The IRS?
Welcome To Obama’s Syrian Twilight Zone: Gun Control To Prevent Terror Versus Arming Terrorists To
Missouri Poised To Override Democratic Governor’s Veto Of Nullification Bill
Obama Prohibits Practice of Catholicism in US
The 25 Stupidest Liberal Quotes - We know there's more...
Palin Blasts ‘Cowardly’ Obama for Calling Admin’s Scandals ‘Phony’
Former Ambassador: Benghazi “Stand Down” Order Came from Obama
America Needs a White Republican President
Good News Comes Out of White House - (hard to believe)
Obama Cartoon: Standing His Ground
Chuck Schumer 'disappointed' in Iran nuclear deal
Economist Williams: Obama Incompetent, 'Beyond Learning'
Four in Five Americans Face Near-poverty
Who Is On Your Ticket For President In 2016?
Flunking Liberty 2: Obamacare Boogaloo
Sarah Palin Was Right About The Death Panels
300,000 to Lose Health Coverage in Florida, 279,000 in California
Why Obamacare Stinks
America the Beautiful Has Become America the Disgraceful
Putin and Assad Put Obama In His Place
Some Really Funny Conservative Political Cartoons
Obama to Issue More Executive Actions on Gun Control After Navy Yard Shooting
Former Ambassador: Benghazi “Stand Down” Order Came from Obama
Government Shuts Down Websites People Need, As Obamacare Sites — Not Shut Down — Simply Don’t Work
Just How 'Small' can Obama Get?
Palin Blasts ‘Cowardly’ Obama for Calling Admin’s Scandals ‘Phony’
“Every place is Barack Obama country once Barack Obama’s been there.”
Obama And Oprah - Birds of a feather
Report: Clintons 'livid' at Weiner scandal comparisons - but why?
Sarah Palin: Obama on Verge of ‘Impeachable Offenses’
Investigator: Obamacare 'Navigators' Urge Clients to Lie
Nuclear Bomb on Our Constitution
Nelson Mandela Was No Saint
We Have More To Fear From China Than The UN

Proposed Development
Fugitive Dust
La Sierra land measure headed for ballot
New comm towers on Rocky Bluff
Proposed New Development - Indian Mesa Project on Cajalco
Manufactured Home Construction in Lake Mathews Estates
Planning Commission Agenda
Light Industrial In Mead Valley
Dollar General on Gavilan & Idaleona
Another Item we should be concerned about.
Senate Bill 35
Cajalco Rd Business Center ~
LDC Meeting update - Commercial Lot Cajalco & Woood
Riverside Planning Commission Meeting 8-3-2016
County considering 1,600 apartments on Cajalco
5 New Developments In Our Area - Never Vetted By This Community
5 New Developments In Our Area - Never Vetted By This Community
Need Higher speed bandwidth in Greate LM Area
Watt Project/Reply From County
7 Basic Powers of Community Redevelopment Agencies In CA
Cost of Redev to Riverside County Taxpayers
Has The Watt Project Folded?
Riverside Grassroots Redevelopment Abolitionists
Status Report-Redevelopment CA/Fri. Oct. 28, Riverside/Friday Morning Club
Summary Legislative History of Redevelopment Law
Looking at, learning about & understanding 'ReDevelopment'
Warehouses Are Good
Warehouses Are Good
Warehouses Are Good
Warehousing in Moreno Valley Is Positive
Benefits of MV Warehousing
Why We Need Warehousing
A MUST Read/Battle escalates-mega-warehouses & rural communities/Danger
City choosing Money over safety
Mead Valley Community Center
Mead Valley Library
Victoria Grove/Impacts On Rural Living-Nice or Not
Watch Where The Commercial Business Comes Into Our Community
Produce Market Proposed In Open Space/Conservation Zone
Victoria Grove Produce Market/Location Site Map
Victoria Grove Produce Market/Design Elements
Our Community Wins Tentative 2 1/2 ac. Request To Protect Community
Autism and the Cajalco Expansion Project / Mid-County Parkway
Land Use/Housing (Zoning) & Transportation/Thurs. Feb. 17/1-4 p.m.
Riverside Grassroots Redevelopment Abolitionists
Victoria Grove Produce Market/Project & Building Data Info.
New Development - (Daily Ranch) Special Meeting
Warehouses, where's the #'s
Majestic Project
Planning Commission Agenda
Old Upper Chase Nursery - New Homes
Colinas de Oro High Density Housing Project

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Riverside County Board of Supervisors Hearings
Board of Supervisors Agenda - 1/14/2014
Board of Supervisors Agenda - 1/14/2014
Board of Supervisors Agenda - 1/14/2014
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, July 30, 2013 - includes Boulder Springs changes
Recent PE Story
SPECIAL Board of Supervisors hearing Feb. 13 - Reward for Chris Dorner and others
Planning Commission Hearing agneda, July 17, 2013
Board of Supervisors Hearing Agenda June 18, 2013
Planning Commission Hearing Agenda, June 19, 2013
Planning Director's Hearing agenda, May 6, 2013
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, May 14, 2013
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, March 19, 2013
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, March 12, 2013
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, March 26, 2013
Board of Supervisors Budget Impact Workshop April 1, 2013
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, April 2, 2013
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, October 16, 2012
Board of Supervisors Hearing Agenda February 26, 2013
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, February 5, 2013
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, December 18, 2012.
Board of Supervsors Hearing agenda, January 29, 2013
Planning Commission Hearing agenda, January 16, 2013
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, October 2, 2012
Land Development Committee Hearing Agenda, March 15, 2012
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, January 8, 2013
Planning Director's Hearing agenda, November 5, 2012
Board of Supervisors Agenda, July 3, 2012
Planning Director's hearing agenda, April 9, 2012
Board of Supervisors Hearing Agenda, November 27, 2012
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, November 6, 2012
Planning Commission Hearing agenda, December 19, 2012
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, May 15, 2012
Planning Director's Hearing Agenda, October 22, 2012
Planning Director's Hearing Agenda, October 22, 2012
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, June 12, 2012
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, July 17, 2012
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, November 20, 2012
Planning Commission hearing July 18, 2012 - Important item
County Board of Supervisors hearing agenda, May 8, 2012
Planning Commission Hearing agenda, September 19, 2012
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, September 25, 2012
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, August 28, 2012
Land development committee hearing, tomorrow, Aug 30!
Planning Director's Hearing agenda, September 10, 2012
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, September 11, 2012
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, March 27, 2012
Land Development Committe Hearing agenda, March 29, 2012
Board of Supervisors hearing agenda, March 20, 2012
Board of Supervisors hearing agenda items, June 26, 2012
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, July 31, 2012
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, April 12, 2011
Board of Supervisors SPECIAL meeting agenda, January 18, 2011
Land Development Committee Hearing Agenda, March 17, 2011 (produce market)
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, March 15
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, January 25, 2011
Board of Supervisors Hearing Agenda - January 11, 2011 (includes Mockingbird Canyon Rd repair)
Land Development Committee hearing agenda, January 20, 2011
Planning Commission Hearing Agenda, January 5, 2011
Land Development Committee Hearing Agenda, January 6, 2011
Special "Closed" session of the Board of Supervisors; December 22, 2010
Land Development Committee Hearing Agenda, February 3, 2011
Land Development Committee Agenda, Sept 2, 2010
Land Development Committee Sept 16, 2010 - El Sobrante at La Sierra
Updated Board of Supervisors Agenda/Tues. Sept. 28
Board of Supervisors Hearing Agenda, October 5, 2010
Planning Commission Hearing Agenda, December 1, 2010
Board of Supervisors Hearing Agenda, February 8, 2011
Planning Director's Hearing Agenda, February 7, 2011
Land Development Committee Agenda, February 17, 2011
Board of Supervisors Hearing Agenda, February 15, 2011
Planning Director's Hearing Agenda, Sept 20, 2010
Planning Director's Hearing agenda, October 4, 2010
Letter To The Board Of Supervisors/Tues. Oct. 5, agenda item 16.6/Kennel Lic.
Give An Honorable Man His Loyal Companion - He Fought For You - We Fight For Him
Land Development Commitee - October 14, 2010
Board of Supervisor's Hearing Agenda, TUESDAY October 19, 2010
Board of Supervisors hearing agenda, December 14, 2010
Board of Supervisor's Hearing Agenda, November 9, 2010
Planning Director's Hearing agenda, November 15, 2010
Board of Supervisor's Hearing Agenda August 31, 2010 - important items
TENTATIVE Agenda, Planning Comission for Sept 15, 2010
Correction; this should read Aug 18!
Planning Director's Agenda for August 23, 2010
Planning Commission Hearing Canceled - Aug 23
Land Development Committee agenda Spet 2, 2010
Planning Director's Hearing Agenda, Sept 13, 2010
Planning Director's Hearing agenda, Sept 20, 2010
Board of Supervisors hearing agenda items, Sept 14, 2010
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, February 1, 2011
Board of Supervisors Hearing Agenda, May 17, 2011
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, July 12, 2011
Land Development Committee Hearing, June 23, 2011
Land Development Committee Agenda, June 23, 2011
Planning Commission Hearing agenda, July 20, 2011
Land Development Committee agenda, July 7, 2011
Planning Commission Hearing Agenda, February 16, 2011
LAFCO Hearing Agenda, May 26, 2011
Board of Supervisors Agenda, May 24, 2011
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, April 5, 2011
Land Development Committee agenda, April14, 2011 - (Mead Valley item - industrial park)
Board of Supervisors Hearing Agenda, April 26, 2011
Board of Supervisors Hearing Agenda, May 3, 2011
Land Development Committee Meeting Agenda, December 23, 2010
Land Development Committee Meeting Agenda, March 3, 2011
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, March 29, 2011
Planning Director's Hearing agenda, May 9, 2011
City of Riverside annexation - south to edge Lake Hills
Board of Supervisors Hearing Agenda, November 30, 2010
Planning Comission hearing agenda, June 15, 2011
Board of Supervisors Hearing Agenda June 14, 2011
Board of Supervisors Hearing Agenda, December 7, 2010
Land Development Committee Agenda, December 9, 2010
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, March 1, 2011
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, March 22, 2011
Planning Director's hearing agenda November 1, 2010
Agricultural Grading Code Changes/Tues. Sept. 28/Board of Suerpvisors
Planning Commission Hearing Agenda January 18, 2012
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, February 28, 2012
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, June 19, 2012
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, November 22, 2011
Planning Commission Hearing Agenda, June 6, 2012 - Mockingbird Trail
Planning Commission Hearing Agenda, May 23, 2012
Land Development Committee Comment Agenda, January 19, 2012
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, January 24, 2012
Board of Supervisors Hearing Agenda October 25, 2011
Board of Supervisors hearing agenda, November 8, 2011 - more general plan amendments
Board of Supervisors hearing agenda, November 8, 2011 - more general plan amendments
Planning Director's Hearing Agenda, August 8, 2011
Land Development Committee Hearing Agenda, Sept 1, 2011
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, January 10, 2011
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, March 13, 2012
Board of Supervisors Hearing Agenda February 7, 2012
Planning Commission Hearing Agenda February 6, 2012
Land Development Committee agenda, May 10, 2012
Board of Supervisors Hearing Agenda, May 1, 2012
Planning Commission Hearing agenda, March 21, 2012
Land Development Committee, April 12, 2012
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, April 10, 2012
Planning Commission Hearing agenda, October 5, 2011
Land Development Committee Agenda, May 12, 2011
Board of Supervisors Hearing Agenda, September 13, 2011
Board of Supervisors hearing agenda, August 16, 2011
Planning Director's Hearing agenda, August 22, 2011 (Good Hope)
Land Development Committee meeting Agneda, September 29. 2011
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, May 10, 2011
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda - GENERAL PLAN AMENDMENTS/CHANGES
Electronic Campaign Finance disclosure/Needs More
Community Protection Cut/State Attornyes Get Nicer Offices
Land Development Committee Hearing Agenda, Spetember 15, 2011
Board of Supervisors Hearing Agenda items, September 20, 2011
Federal & State Grants/Minority Owned Businesses/Job Creation/Riverside County
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, October 4, 2011
Board of Supervisors Hearing Agenda, December 6, 2011
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, November 15, 2011
Land Development Committee Meeting agenda, December 8, 2011
County budget hearing agenda / recommended budget 2011/2012 - June 13, 2011
Board of Supervisors hearing agenda, December 20, 2011
Planning Commission Hearing November 16, 2011
Land Development Committee Hearing agenda, October 27, 2011
Board of Supervisors Hearing Agenda, December 13, 2011
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, June 28, 2011 - Cajalco/Ramona Interchange, etc
Board of Supervisors Hearing Agenda, November 1, 2011
Land Development Committee Agenda, November 10, 2011
Board of Supervisors Hearing agenda, Sept 27, 2011
Board of Supervisors Agenda- 09/23/14
BOS Meeting on AB109/Homelessness effect Yesterday
Board of Supervisors Agenda - 07/01/2014
Board of Supervisors Agenda - 09/09/14

Road Issues
Solar Powered Safety Lights on Cajalco
91 Construction Alert!
Road Work Danger!
91 Project Open House
I-215 Central Project Construction Alert #71
Gavilan Road Work
215 Freeway Central Project Closures for April
New Traffic lights
Road closed
91 Construction Project Closures for week 4-28-14 through 5-2-14
91 Project Social Media Toolbox
91/241 Express Connector
Last Sierra closed at Cajalco Accident
Road Closure Monday Morning. Lake Knoll Parkway off La Sierra
Gavilan Blocked Accident
Gavilan, car over side
Cajalco, Car over side.
La Sierra Pipeline Info
Cajalco Road Expansion Updates
Heavy traffic on Cajalco
Sinkhole Victoria and McAllister
Paving on Cajalco Road, El Sobrante Road & Gavilan Road
Cajalco Resurfacing
Update on Gavilan Road, 1/3/12
Gavilan Road work begins next Monday (November 28, 2011
Gavilan Road work begins next Monday (November 28, 2011)
Gavilan Road work to begin tomorrow - more information
Test post Please delete
County Plans For Road Improvements On The Gavilan Plateau
Re: Gavilan Park 1, 2 & 3 - Road Easements - Subdivision Owners
Roads Dept. Asking County Surveyor's For Help In Researching Road Ownership
Gavilan Road Update
The Mid County Parkway & The Corona/Irvine Tunnel-Inland Empire Waterkeeper
Gavilan Rd. Needs These General Purpose Trench Drains
Street Improvements/Trautwein, Orange Terrace Prkwy & Grove Community Dr./Oct. 1
New Traffic Signal Coming
Calls From The County/Gavilan Rd. Work & Water Run-off Issues
Addressing Pedestrian Safety/Thurs., June 16- 5:30 p.m./UCR Ext Bldg.
Car Accident on Clark/Cajalco
Request For Info./Gavilan Rd. Work Approved Funding
What New Roadways Do They Have Planned For Our Area?
Reply From County/Gavilan Rd. Work Info.
Re: Request For Info./Gavilan Rd. Work Approved Funding
Corona to Irvine tunnel under Cleveland National Forest, nixed.
Mockingbird Canyon Washed Out (Great Footage)!
Gavilan Park 1 & 2 - Road Easements - Subdivision Owners
Gavilan Rd./Esperanza Dr. Pot Holes From Hell
Roadwork Planned For Gavilan Rd. Request For Info.
Pros & Cons of the Mid County Parkway/2 Yr. Old Article
12-22-10 10:00am MockingBird Canyon is Closed
Reply From Environmental Health/Water Run-off-Gavilan Park
Lake Mathews and Discanso Flooded
I-215 Central Project Construction Alert
CalTrans Data Falsified - La Sierra x 91 Bridge
Re-paving of Lake Mathews and Gavilan
Ramona Expressway Closed
Upcoming Road Projects in Our Area
Cajalco closed at La Sierra

Services Wanted
Looking For A Good Cond. Used Washer - Cheap
Pipe Corral repair needed
Recommendation for a plumber?
Looking for a local plumber ~
Lawyer Wanted
Appliance Repair
Dog Groomer ~
Need My Gate Welded
Looking for Guest House rental
Looking for a recommendation for an electrician.
Tree Trimming Service Needed
Office Manager needed here in Lake Mathews
I need a handyman
Seeking Person to clean Oreck Air Purifiers ~
House Cleaners needed for one time whole house cleaning
Seeking Person to install Security System Devices Now ~
Tractor Mechanic
interior house painter
Help Needed Weeding Corn Maze
I need a new carport roof!
goat trimming..Help.
Looking for welldigger
Air Duct/Vent Cleaning
Plumber Needed ASAP!
TIER-True Innocents Equine Rescue seeking pallets for hay storage.
A Community Member Needs Help ~
New to Area and need contacts for.... EVERYTHING!
Stud Panels/Manure Removal Needed
acoustic guitar lessons
Backflow testing
ISO Permaculture Type Yard Help ~
Lost Dog/Estelle Mountain Rd./Please Keep on the Lookout
Hauling tree cuttings away

Speaker Suggestions
Have a suggestion for a speaker?
Have County Roads Dept. Out To Speak On Gavilan Rd.
What topics are of interest to you?
Solar PV Energy
Setting up speakers for 2012 - what subjects and speakers would YOU like to hear from?
Emergency and local issues
Having Jeffries Speak To Community About His Plans As Supervisor
Calendar Issues
Telecommunications providers
Telecommunications providers

electrical services for ?
Toy's for Farm Equipment
Pet~Tacular Pet Sitting Services
Bookkeeping / Payroll Services
Old long rifle
Trees for trade

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