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RAGLM Past Meetings

Meeting Minutes/Presentations

Our meetings are now being recorded by HemetTV and are able to be viewed on YouTube.

Click Here to View RAGLM on YouTube

Archived Meetings Below:
General Plan / Zoning Changes / Cajalco Expansion
Speaker: George Hauge - Sierra Club
George came to speak on the Cajalco Expansion Project and the recent updates/changes that are ongoing. He also spoke on the County General Plan and how zoning changes affect us.
Meeting Notes
Elections 2012
Speaker: Kari Verjil - Riverside County Registrar of Voters
The upcoming elections and how the recent changes may affect you.
Meeting Notes
Save On Your Electricity
Speaker: Anders Wistrom - REVE Engineering
How solar works and how it can save you money. Everything from paying someone to put it in to installing the system yourself.
Meeting Notes
CERT Community Emergency Response Team
Speaker: Zuzzette Bricker - Riverside County Fire Dept. – Emergency Services
The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program educates people about disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact their area and trains them in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations.
Meeting Notes
Preserve The Plateau (PTP)
Speaker: Nathan Westphal - RAGLM Board Member
An ongoing effort to Preserve The Plateau in our beautiful area known as the Gavilan Plateau. What affects this will have on our area both good and potential concerns.
Meeting Notes
Declining Property Values / Tax Ramifications
Speaker: Peter Aldana - Assistant County Tax Assesor
Declining property values and the tax changes/ramifications associated with them.
Meeting Notes
New District Attorney / Water Rate Hikes
Speaker: Paul Zellerbach / Tim Barr - Riverside DA / WMWD
Proposed rate hike coming in July.
Come meet our new District Attorney Paul Zellerbach.

Meeting Notes
Repairs to Gavilan and Lake Mathews Roads.
Speaker: Khalid Nasim - Manager, Capital Projects Group Riv. Trans. Dept.
Repairs to Gavilan and Lake Mathews Roads.
Meeting Notes
Poisonous Plants and Snakes
Speaker: Margie Valdez - Park Interpreter - Hidden Valley Nature Center
Poisonous Plants and Snakes - What is out here and how to recognize them. Become familiar with potential natural dangers in our area.
Meeting Notes
City Annexation
Speaker: George Spiliotis - LAFCO
George spoke on the annexation process and the affects it has on our community as well as LAFCO's role in the process.
Learn More About the potential Annexation of Mead Valley

Meeting Notes
Community Potluck
Speaker: None - RAGLM
We did not have a speaker this month, this was our holiday community potluck at the red barn. It was wonderful to see so many community members come to this social.
Meeting Notes
General Plan Update
Speaker: George Hauge - Sierra Club
George came to speak on the Cajalco Expansion Project and the recent updates/changes that are ongoing.
Meeting Notes
Animal Control & Adopt-a-Trail
Speaker: Mark/Michelle - Animal Control Officer/Adopt-a-Trail Appointee
Mark from animal control spoke on animal licensing requirements, permits and deceased animal pickup.
Michelle spoke about how the Adopt-a-Trail process works and the importance of community involvement.

Meeting Notes
Cajalco Expansion/Straw Road
Speaker: Juan Perez - Director of Department of Transportation
Juan came to speak on the expansion of Cajalco Road. CSA128 and the paving of Straw Road. Local Cleanup Days.
Meeting Notes