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RAGLM Board > Announcements > Call for donations; community family in need.
12/11/2011 9:23:01 AM
Family in NeedReply: Laurie
Just a reminder to think about a family in need, while you are out and about over the next few days.

You can email
info@raglm.org, or call (951) 286-4572 to arrange pick up of any items that you wish to contribute, or arrange for delivery of "Seeds of Hope" packets for cash or gift cards.

You may also bring any items to the Holiday Social on Wednesday night at the Community Meeting Room on El Sobrante Road (next to the new fire station and the Western Municipal Water District building).

We need all items by December 20, so that there is time to wrap items and deliver them in time for the holiday.

Any and all items are appreciated: clothes and learning-type toys would be for 14 month old twin girls and an 18 month old girl. Grocery and gas cards and similar are all appreciated

A note/tag indicating who a gift is intended for would be helpful.

Thank you, all!
12/6/2011 6:18:43 PM
Call for donations; community family in need.Post: Laurie
Here we are at another of our RAGLM Community Pot-Luck Socials and again RAGLM will be supporting and sponsoring a family in need from within our own community. 

This has been such a gratifying thing for all that have taken part in the past and we hope those of you in the community will join us again this year.  Times are hard for many these last few years and we are all working hard to keep up, stay ahead of the game and keep our heads above water.  For some us that task has become more than they can manage.  RAGLM is not looking to support those that are not willing to help themselves.  But, we do understand and our hearts go out to those hard working members of our wonderful community that now find themselves in a tight situation they never thought they would be in.
This year RAGLM is asking our wonderful community to help us help others.  We have a family that we wish to help this year that never in their wildest dreams thought they would be unable to cover their bills and celebrate the holidays.  We have a mother and her daughter that purchased a home over seven years ago and have never been late on a mortgage payment or asked for a handout.  The last two to three years have changed their lives in ways they never thought possible.  The daughter (in her 30??s) had a life planned with the man she loved.  She became pregnant and her faience purchased a home for them to start their family in.  They had a little girl, now 18 months old.  The tragedy of this otherwise joyful story is that about six months ago, he pulled into their driveway and went into a diabetic seizure and was in the car for many hours before a neighbor came over to see why he was sitting in his car.  Due to the prolonged amount of time in the hot car the damage was more than his body could recover from and days later he passed away.  The daughter has been trying to keep afloat the home he purchased for them to live in together.
The mother has been a hardworking person all her life and took over the place she and her daughter purchased together, so that her daughter could start out on a new journey in life, starting her own family.  Things were well and good, until the company she'??d worked for, for many years, decided to leave CA/Riverside and move the business to AZ.  She found another job, but like many have found, it doesn'??t pay what she once made.  Her funds, retirement and otherwise, have now been exhausted.  She'??s never been late on a mortgage payment and this month uses up all the savings she had.
She'??s been going to every government and private agency she can find to try and extend her loan for a longer period of time, in order to drop her payment to where she can afford it and be able to keep her home.  She'??s been out looking for a second job that will help her meet her financial needs.  She is also helping her daughter, with babysitting, as she cannot afford the cost of a daycare center.
Both are facing having to give each of these homes back to the banks.  A joyful holiday season is not one they see for themselves this year.  This mother also has another daughter, married with twins, now 14 months old.  In talking with this member of our community, she just wants to keep her home and be there for her girls and grandchildren.  She can'??t afford to give her grandchild gifts like she has in the past and that crushes her heart.
She'??s in negotiations with a lender now and we hope she will be able to soon save her home.  It is our goal to help her do that and to help her celebrate the holiday season with her children and grandchildren.  We are looking to help with gifts for the grandchildren, fixings for the holiday meal and with food and gas cards and or cash.  Any monies we can send her way will allow her to stay current on her mortgage while working out a new loan to keep her home.  We hope you will join with RAGLM in helping another in our community.  If you would be so kind as to help this family, the 14 month old twin girls need socks, warm winter clothes (size 18 months) and the same for the other daughters 18 month old.  She says she doesn'??t want anything for herself, other than to be able to keep her home.  She wants to be able to celebrate the holidays and give her grandchildren gifts as she always has.  As far as toys for the children, she says they generally try to buy learning toys for the girls.  She doesn'??t eat beef or pork but, does eat poultry (turkey and chicken) and fish.
If you can help us to help this member of our community please contact RAGLM board members at (951) 286-4572 or email the board at

We will arrange to have your donations picked up and wrapped for the family.  We will have Seed of Hope envelopes to bring to your home or to pick up at the RAGLM Holiday Pot-Luck Social.  We would like to have everything by Tues. Dec. 20, so that we have the needed time to get everything wrapped and ready to deliver to this family.  Let'??s show our love for our community and count our blessings by helping a member of our community not as fortunate this year.
Thank you,
The board members of RAGLM

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