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10/5/2011 2:51:05 PM
Home Alarm Security SystemsPost: Tori
I've been a resident up here on the Plateau for over 15 years now, and love it
up here! Would like to retire up here some day too!

My current employment is installing ADT Home Security Alarms.
I work for ADT's Number 1 Authorized dealer Defender Direct.
We work with old systems, and also install brand new wireless systems.
I'm a big fan of the new 100% wireless Alarm kit and its versatility.
Being totally wireless, we don't have to drill lots of holes, and run wires all
around and through your house. The average install takes anywhere from 3-5
hours to set up a very secure system. Also, being wireless, Sheds and other
outdoor detached facilities can also be secured!

Our company installs all the equipment, and warranties it for life. ADT
monitors your house. ADT is by far the largest and best Alarm Monitoring
company in the country, and probably the world. They have been around since the
mid 1800's!

If you are interested in Home Security, It will cost you $99 to set up an
install appointment, which covers the Alarm Kit and Installation. The Alarm Kit
comes with 3 Door/Window Sensors, 1 Keychain Remote Control, and 1 Motion
Sensor. Once the installation is done, within 3-4 weeks or so, you are mailed a
$100 prepaid visa to say thanks for becoming a customer of ADT. So your
thinking, cool! a FREE alarm system! Only catch is you have to sign up for a 2
year monthly monitoring contract. That's why the alarm kit is free! Monthly
monitoring rates start at $35.99 / month which requires a local land line to use
for the alarm. This is very competitive with all other mom and pop companies
out there.

ALSO, if you call me to have your appointment set, additional incentives are
available. (i know all the hard to find coupons out there!) I can get up to 5
additional door window sensors added to the base alarm kit for free!.

Other services offered are wireless Cell Uplinks for the alarm. These are for
homes who don't have a land line. Monthly Monitoring is $44.99 and the Cell
uplink is a 1 time charge of $149.

We also have a 2 way voice communication option available only for homes with a
land line. This makes it so when the alarm goes off, ADT can listen in to
verify if someone is in your home. This would give you a priority response with
law enforcement, if ADT can verify that they currently hear people in your home.
It also works as a Life Alert style system. If you have a medical emergency,
ADT trained specialists are conferenced in through your alarm system. A very
cool feature!

Lots of other cool gadgets are available for purchase to expand this alarm
system into a "fort knox" style setup for your house. (that's what I call the
houses that go all out)

Feel free to shoot me any questions about home security!
I'm local and would like to see an end to all these lowlife thieves!

Matt Wood
951 543 6169
(leave a msg, i don't usually answer unknown numbers)

PS - I'm a good friend of Alan & Cindy Ferry, they can "vouch" i'm a good guy :)
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