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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Lost & Found > Large White St. Bernard-Looking Dog Hanging Around
6/7/2016 4:17:36 AM
Large White St. Bernard-Looking DogReply: whoanellie
Sheila, there was a post regarding a dog that might be the one you are seeing.  Contact info is:  714-932-3455.  I've attached the flyer.  Hope it comes through.

Click to view attached file (.png)
6/6/2016 3:40:18 PM
Large White St. Bernard-Looking Dog Hanging AroundPost: sheila
Dog has red collar, a bit wary of people.  Been hanging around our place on Estelle Mountain Road for the past week or so.  It may have been dropped off, but if you know where it belongs, please call 951-581-2967.  Thanks.
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