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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Alerts > Suspicious activity
2/23/2012 12:08:06 PM
re suspicious activityReply: Aaron
Thank you very much for the alert. 

Is anyone able to provide additional identifiers. For example, a license plate, decals, dents, or anything else obvious? 
2/22/2012 9:25:57 PM
Suspicious activityPost: Laurie
Copied and pasted information from another resident (evidently this person/vehicle was sighted by more than one resident):

May want to keep an eye out for a silver Chevy pickup driven by a Hispanic man. He was spotted Sunday evening driving slowly around the neighborhood and stopping in front of various homes. He was questioned and said he lived here (pointing at a known neighbors house....he does not live there nor does he know the residents) and said he was waiting for his homie. The sherrif was called.
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