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RAGLM Board > Proposed Development > City choosing Money over safety
12/5/2011 12:50:26 PM
Foreclosures and Continual BuildingReply: Nathan
First, I would say I agree with you and I do not think more development in this economic time is needed. However, you need to look at it from a developer or county standpoint. When foreclosures rise, this does not mean less taxes to the county it simply means someone else will pay them. The bank still has to pay the taxes on the property for them to stay as an owner of the asset. If they do not, then the county gets a free asset and then gets to auction it off for even more money. From the developer end, this is the best time to buy land and get approval for future development. Like you said, the county will be hurting for money, why would they say no to extra revenue. The developer gets the land for even cheaper as the down turns happen as things are not as valuable. Even though we may think it does not make sense, we just need to see it from their point of view. Also, simply because people have lost a home, does not mean they will migrate as they have a job and or family locally so the fear of losing potential tax payers is really not one at all if any it is minor and does not affect the long term growth.

I am not a county official or a developer, just trying to shed some light on why they will continue. I hope this helps explain it a little better, right or wrong.
12/5/2011 12:06:28 PM
AmazedReply: ComputerTech
I find it amazing that someone would build residential housing during this economic downturn. Haven't they heard of the foreclosures continuing and the declination of property values? To me it doesn't make sense to build new residential because if it causes more foreclosures to occur, the city loses property tax money. Or does the income tax from construction workers make up for the shortfall? Am I missing something?
5/18/2011 3:56:42 PM
Airport Properties ApprovedReply: Nathan
Here is a perfect example of what happens when a Specific Plan overrides the General Plan. This is exactly what our planning department spoke about last month at our meeting very discreetly. Here is a perfect example of the zone change due to developer request. The city approved it, amazing.

"The Harvest Landing project proposes more -- predominantly 12 housing units per acre but up to 22 units per acre in areas for apartments."

P.E. Article
5/1/2011 9:43:13 AM
Perris-Money Over Safety-Airport IssueReply: Cindy Ferry
Riverside should buy Ontario from L.A.  They keep cutting back flights and flying more out of L.A.X.  Riverside could generate a lot of income from flights landing at Ontario and we could get much better service and not have to drive to L.A. to fly.
4/29/2011 9:24:58 AM
City choosing Money over safetyReply: Laurie
This is just so irresponsible of Perris!

The airport may have a good safety record, based on the past - but - that has also been limited military flights for the most part.  

Riverside County wants to convert at least a portion of March into a commercial airport, and the dramatic increase in flights will obviously increase the potential for a crash.

Of course Perris also approved all those homes immediately below the dam at Perris Lake, too.

4/29/2011 8:17:03 AM
City choosing Money over safetyPost: Nathan
I know this never happens so it may come as a shock but the city wants to disregard the science because it thinks it knows what is best with our lives. Just thought you may want to read this one.

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