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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > Water Pressure Loss, New Regulation??
6/4/2015 11:15:06 AM
Seems you are correctReply: jakes222


I think you are correct about the water pressure.  I put my pressure gauge on a valve and fromthe meter side I got just shy of 90 lbs. of pressure.  It used to be up around 120 lbs.

Along the same lines, we are suppose to cut back 30% of ourpast water usage.  I'm OK with that.

But it seems to me that the WMWD does not really want usto. 

They have put their rebate program on hold.  In the mean time, we are required to continuewatering our lawns and landscape in the hopes that they will bring the programback.

So, while I wait for them to make some sort of commanddecision I am still using just as much water and I suspect I'll be paying toptier rates.

They say that water and oil don't mix, but it seems bothsuppliers tend to squeeze as much out of their customers as they can.


6/4/2015 10:15:38 AM
Pressure lossReply: Laurie
Remember the WMWD reps on Multiview who assured us months ago that the pressure reduction valve to be installed on Via Barranca would NOT reduce our pressure?

We have a obvious pressure loss here, since it's installation.
6/4/2015 8:39:16 AM
Water Pressure Loss, New Regulation??Post: Nathan
I have noticed since June 1st, when the new water restrictions have gone into place that my water pressure has dropped dramatically. I have asked my neighbors and they too have experienced the same. I am curious if anyone else has the same problem and that maybe this is part of the new regulations. Since I have to wait on hold for now 16 minutes to talk to someone and our representatives have not gotten back to me, I thought I would ask the community if they have experienced anything similar.

Any feedback would be great.
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