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RAGLM Board > Alerts > Rattlesnakes are still out! - Pic attached
10/9/2015 4:00:12 PM
Rattlesnakes still outReply: Bemmons
Rattlesnakes though poisonous are pretty docile and fearful. If given any opportunity they would rather flee than fight. There are many options and tools available for relocation However I would never recommend or tell someone what they should or should not do. I just hate seeing such a vital part of the area eco system eliminated.
10/9/2015 1:49:05 PM
Rattle SnakesReply: KepSter
For two years in a row I killed about 6 each year.  They were right on my doorstep most of the time.  I also had to pay a lot of money to save my German Sheppard a couple years ago.  The biggest snake was 52 inches in length.  I've since rearranged a lot of the boulders and this year I haven't seen any around my house.  I did see one late last year and I let him live because he was far enough away from the house.  I will try not to kill them in the future, and maybe relocate to futher away from the house on my property.  I do want the rabbits and squirrels controlled.
10/9/2015 12:54:06 PM
Telling the age of a rattlesnakeReply: Queensbyrd

           If rattlesnakes alwaysshed their skin once, and only once, a year, you might actually be able to tellhow old a rattlesnake was by counting the rattles, but they don’t. Very youngsnakes grow quickly, some shed for their first time just a couple weeks afterbeing born. 

        A newborn rattlesnake doesn’thave a functioning rattle, the characteristic sound is created when multiplerattles vibrate against each other and baby snakes are born with only a littlenub at the end of their tail, called a button (or prebutton). In their firstyear of life however, snakes may shed their skin multiple times, adding a newrattle each time. 

          As snakes mature, theirgrowth rates slow, to the point that some older snakes may not even shed onceover the course of a year. Furthermore, as you might expect from a delicatestructure on the back of a big snake in the wild, rattles can break off (closeinspection can reveal whether this has occurred).

          So, if a givenrattlesnake has seven rattles, the only thing you can say with certainty isthat it has shed its skin at least seven times. This may not be terriblyexciting news to people

10/9/2015 12:40:20 PM
Very Scary Reply: Karen
Wow we had one this year too right where I walked barefoot at night and where my toddlers who are too young to understand the danger of snakes played. We also killed it. I'm not really sure how to catch and relocate a poisonous and deadly snake. We do however catch and release our mice and squirrels since they were also here first. We throw them back into the fields and hopefully they can live in their natural habitat and possibly feed the snakes and keep them out of my yard.
10/9/2015 12:36:45 PM
SnakeReply: sfringer
Having just about loosing a dog to a rattlesnake, I am definitely in favor of terminating them. I know they have their place, but I don't want them in my place :-)
10/9/2015 12:09:05 PM
Rattlesnakes still outReply: Bemmons
Maybe relocation instead of termination. They do provide pest control and were here first.
10/9/2015 10:37:42 AM
Rattlesnakes are still out! - Pic attachedPost: Nathan
Just wanted to make sure we are all aware that the rattlesnakes are still out this year. I just found this one this morning right where my kids have been playing for the last week. Very scary. Also, I thought it was pretty telling about our 'drought' as he seems pretty small for his age. It is a 6 year old and only about 28 inches. Anyway, just thought I would share.

Click here to view image of Rattlesnake.
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