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RAGLM Board > Alerts > A New Non-Refundable FEE/Reassessment Of Your Property Taxes
4/22/2011 10:40:02 AM
A New Non-Refundable FEE/Reassessment Of Your Property TaxesPost: Cindy Ferry
Okay, folks ... This is where you should be speaking up!!! This county is keeping itself afloat off "FEES" and that is taking more and more money out of your pocket. The fact is that the County Assessor KNOWS the value of each property and knows many have gone down in price. This dept. was to have gone through and found the ones and given them reduced tax bills. But, many still feel that with what the houses in their own community are selling for, the county dept. didn't do it correctly. So, they ask for a reassessment. That seems fair to me and I don't think you should have to pay a "FEE" to have that done. That's their dept. and that's their job and if the tax bills were more in line with what properties are still selling for, folks wouldn't ask for a reassessment. Then, the Board asks if they can make it a higher price, but refund it if the dept. is found to be billing them too high and has to lower the assessment. The staff don't like that idea, so they say just change the $30 "FEE" and make it non-refundable ... if they did their job right or not, you pay and they make more money for their dept. So, where is the incentive to do their job right the first time, to lower the cost of operations by creating less confusion and less question? They want you coming in,if you don't, they would have to let staff go and we can't have that! You guys need to contact your Supervisor ... Bob Buster and tell him how you feel about being given another FEE that shouldn't be. Submit it via e-mail and state in your post that you want it to be made part of the public record on this agenda item (3.10a) to be heard on Tues. April 26 at the Board of Supervisor Hearing. Below the copy of the request on the agenda item you will find the contact info. for Supervisor Bob Buster and his legislative assistant Debbie Walsh, who you see at the month RAGLM community meetings. It is her job to hear from the constituents in this area of his district and report back to him on their concerns, questions and issues. Please post to both of them and also send a copy to myself or a the RAGLM board. I'm sure one of the RAGLM board members will be able to tell you how to best do that.  If you want it to come only to me, copy it and paste it into a post addressed to me at CindyRAGLM@aol.com ... that is my personal e-mail address, not a RAGLM board member address. It's just that I've used that addy since I started this list site and was on the RAGLM board.
Send you e-mail to:
Supervisor Bob Buster (use 1 or all of the e-mails I have for him)
and please also send a copy to his assistant: Debbie Walsh
I think you can send a copy to the RAGLM board at Board@RAGLM.org or inf@RAGLM.org
It's you money folks, this is your county and you need to be heard. Here is one reason I don't think they should be able to do this, if you buy a property out here, they make in escrow pay the taxes based on the price the last time the property sold. Well, now you know there is going to be a BIG difference in what it sold for last time to what they sell for today. But, you have to pay it that way and then after the escrow closes and the deed is recorded in your name, then the dept. is suppose to reassess the property and refund you any amount over that you paid during escrow. Now, how fast does the county assessors office get this done??????? And should it take 3, 6, 9 months, do you think you might be asking them where it is? Do you think they will want you to fill a reassessment request and pay them this $30 FEE????? If they do and it is now taking them 3 months to get your money to you, do you think they will let it go longer, hoping you'll come in and they will get to charge you $30???? You think not? Have you tried to get into the Planning Dept. and out in a reasonable amount of time, like say 3 months or less, for say a permit to build a garage? Since they are not getting the money from developers, they are looking once again at you and I keep them going and once the fee is put in place, you'll play hell getting it taken off later, when times are good again. So, speak now or forever hold you peace. Take a minute, write and e-mail to the Supervisor and send it. You may be VERY glad you did later.
Cindy Ferry
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