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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > Steele Peak Shooting Area Clean-Up this Saturday!
3/27/2014 2:51:35 PM
Steele Peak Shooting Area Clean-Up this Saturday!Post: Nathan
Steele Peak Shooting Area
Clean-Up this Saturday!

The Steele Peak Shooting Area in Good Hope is one of the last free, public shooting areas in the region.  Unfortunately, irresponsible shooters and illegal dumpers have damaged and littered the area to the point where the Bureau of Land Management is considering closing the area.  This Saturday, March 29th, from 8am until noon, Cal Guns has organized a volunteer clean-up day so that people can help restore the area and eliminate some of the hazards that have been left behind.  This is not an official county sanctioned event, but we will be working with Cal Guns and other organizations in the future to help clean and maintain the area.  If this area is closed, it will almost certainly result in more illegal shooting dispersed around the county in less safe environments, so Supervisor Jeffries supports efforts by responsible gun owners and other community members to keep this area safe, clean, and open.

Directions to the Shooting Area (from the BLM website):  "There is a shooting location near the Steele Peak area of Meadowbrook/Perris north of Highway 74. Access to the area of Steele Peak is off the Santa Rosa Mine Road, off Christmas Tree Lane. As you go up Santa Rosa Mine Road, turn left onto Christmas Tree Lane, a narrow paved road that goes out to a Rod and Gun Club (privately owned). The Rod and Gun Club is on the left; as you drive out the road there will also be a large nursery on the right side of the road. Christmas Tree Lane goes out to a right-hand turn where the pavement ends. Before the right-hand turn, there is a dirt road which goes off to the left. Go up the hill to the shooting area, which you will see as you traverse the road. This shooting area is heavily used by a lot of people, so don't be surprised if someone is using it. Please be responsible with your targets and expended shells. Clean up after yourself and leave the area a little nicer than you found it!"

Link to the BLM website with information on Steele Peak and other shooting areas.
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