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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Alerts > Citrus plant spraying by State of California in our area
8/23/2012 11:52:54 AM
Citrus Psyllid Insect discovered in LMReply: Michael D
Even though my property was outside the mandatory spray area, I received the official notice because I was within a "notification zone". I asked to have my Citrus inspected and today they discovered the pest on my property. From what I understand, this will lead to an expansion of the area that will be treated. I think their control protocol should be welcomed and if anyone suspects that their Citrus has this pest, they should call for an inspection.

The survival of the commercial Citrus business in Riverside County is at stake. If the HLB disease is found, it will lead to the mandated removal of Citrus from large buffer zones around disease-free commercial groves--leading to no one having home-grown lemons and oranges.
8/22/2012 4:49:12 PM
Citrus tree spraying Reply: Michael D
From what I learned at the meeting, This spraying will be done close to the plants, not a general spraying of the whole area. They are supposed to give 48 hours notice to the citrus plants' owners before spraying. I also learned that other areas of Lake Mathews community are targeted--like areas around El Sobrante and Harley John.
8/21/2012 6:30:48 PM
State Spraying Our AreaReply: Cindy Ferry
When did the notices go out to the residents?  You posted this yesterday and I'm just now seeing it and the meeting has already started and may well be over with already.  I see you give a phone number.  Do you know if they have a web link for qestions as well?  I just have some questions about the chemicals being used and their effects on people with Asthma. There are many chemicals I just cannot breathe around and so I'd like to be sure to avoid any sprayed areas. Such as leaving the hill via a different direction then driving through the recently sprayed area. The meeting was tonight but when does the notice say the spraying will take place? I didn't get the notice and live just outside the spray area listed and I think it would have been nice if we had gotten notice as well. There may be others in the area that will not want to drive through the sprayed are due to health related issues and such and would need to know the area was being sprayed.
8/20/2012 4:10:32 PM
Citrus plant spraying by State of California in our areaPost: Michael D
Notices have been sent to property owners in the area tucked into the SW corner of Lake Mathews Drive as it makes the turn and to those properties on both sides of Lake Mathews Drive south of Burwood and West of Valley Street. The eastern boundary is Valley, the northern boundary almost to Via Barranca. All citrus will be sprayed to stop the Psyllid insect that spreads disease. The Open House Meeting is at the Woodcrest Library Tuesday 8-21 at 5:30pm Where they will present the issue and discuss. For info 800-491-1899.
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