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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Animals/Pet Care > Adult Female Doberman
12/18/2015 9:21:56 AM
Black DobermanReply: Elizabeth

Update - He was taken back home that same evening

Thank you everyone for helping

12/15/2015 9:15:43 AM
Correction - Doberman is a male. Reply: Elizabeth
Sorry for the incorrect information earlier  The Doberman I found this morning is a male  How did I miss that!?!  Anyhow, call me if this is your dog  Appears to be trained and has a possible urinary infection from what I can see  Elizabeth McRae 951-72-5678
12/15/2015 8:59:29 AM
Adult Female DobermanPost: Elizabeth

Found on 12/15/15 around 745am on Emilita between Ranchito and Multiview an adult female black Doberman  Please contact me at (951)722-5678 if she is yours  She will be at my office in the meantime  Thank you, Elizabeth  McRae

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