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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Proposed Development > Dollar General on Gavilan & Idaleona
12/20/2016 10:15:49 AM
Dollar General Update From Supervisor Jeffries OfficeReply: Nathan
I just wanted to share the most recent update via Supervisor Jeffries office. Below is a copy and paste from the email I received yesterday. I will keep you posted on any changes or updates as well.

Good Morning,

I want to quickly update you (and others who have contacted me) regarding the conceptual proposal put forth by Dollar General store representatives to consider a location in Lake Mathews. After an initial lack of communication with our office, a representative (hired consultant) from Dollar General contacted us to discuss the site. Not having previously visited site the new representative drove the proposed area. When he later met with my staff and I he agreed with our assessment that it was not an ideal location. We strongly encouraged him to consider a location in Mead Valley (with a population pushing 18,000).  He offered that the authority to decide a location does not rest with him - but that he would recommend a new location!

If and when I hear of a decision I will promptly let you know.


Kevin Jeffries
First District Supervisor

11/13/2016 4:21:15 PM
Petition to sign in opposition Reply: ElaineW
11/13/2016 3:23:21 PM
This is Item #3, Would be a 9,100SqFt building backing to vacant land.Reply: ElaineW


This should work for a link to see the site plan Item #3, Then scroll down to the attached site plans, again #3

11/13/2016 2:12:23 PM
Dollar StoreReply: Laurie
Write letters and/or emails and be sure that they are received by the planninf commission at least 48-72 hours before the hearing. 

Better yet, make the time to attend the hearing and let the planning commission know your position on this.  This will carry the most weight.  
If you aren't comfortable speaking, you should be able to designate someone else to use your 3 minutes of speaking time, or at least indicate on the speaker card your position on this item.

IMO - a dangerous precedent, if this is approved by the planning commission.  If this is approved, more of the same will be right behind it. Can you imagine the Gavilan plateau covered in wall-to-wall commercial buildings or strip centers?  The county is already trying to get warehouses in the area.  

Major lighting, increased traffic, and more negatives to a rural lifestyle will accompany a project such as this.  The county has already quietly changed some other zoning.

This could also lead to increased the pressure to bring back the Mid County "Parkway" (a freeway, for those who aren't familiar with the project) on the plateau.

We need to be heard, loud and clear.

11/13/2016 12:47:41 PM
Dollar General on Gavilan & Idaleona Post: ElaineW
Land Development Committee Meeting Riverside County Administration Building 4080 Lemon Street, 12th Floor Conference Room A Agenda Item 3. 9.40 am T. Wheeler PRE-APPLICATION REVIEW NO. 1506 – Exempt – Applicant: Cross Development c/o Joe Dell Engineer/Representative: Brian Rumsey – First Supervisorial District – Gavilan Hills Zoning District – Lake Mathews/Woodcrest Area Plan: Rural: Rural Residential (R: RR) (5 acre minimum) – Location: Southerly of Idaleona Road, westerly of Gavilan Road, and easterly of Olive Street – 12.53 ac – Zoning: Rural Agricultural - 2 Acre Minimum (R-A-2) – REQUEST: A preliminary application review for a proposed Dollar General Store. APN(s) 287-280-005. Project Planner: Tim Wheeler at 951-955- 6060 or email at twheeler@reclma.org. BBID: 715-332-158 UACT CASE: PAR01506
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