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BILL, S.1867

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12/3/2011 1:22:27 PM
Bill, S.1867Post: Tori
I received the following email and thought the people who go to this web site would want to try to do something about this:
The Senate just passed a bill, S.1867 called the National Defense Authorization Act. It is vital that this Act is vetoed by Obama. Read the article below and you will see why. I just called the White House and spoke to someone who will get the message. You may have to wait a few minutes to get a person on the phone, but IT IS VITAL that you get your message through. Tell them to ask Pres. Obama to VETO S.1867, the National Defense Authorization Act. CALL (202) 456-1111.
Phone calls do have weight. I was told Obama gets these messages. Don't put off calling. This is very real and one of the most dangerous bills ever to be passed by Congress. Call ASAP. 


American citizens from some of the bill's more outrageous and fascist elements, including the right of the US government to detain citizens -- even those on American soil, and not charged with a crime -- indefinitely in military prison. This means that peaceful protesters could be rounded up, dishonestly labeled as potential terrorists or "suspicious," and imprisoned for life without a trial or attorney. This means that federal military personnel would be patrolling our streets, literally signaling the end of our free

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