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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > General Discussion > Small/Home Based Business-Required Inspections-Fed. Ord. 867
10/18/2012 5:53:18 PM
Small/Home Based Business-Required Inspections-Fed. Ord. 867Post: Cindy Ferry
I got a phone call from a member of the community that has received a letter from the County of Riverside stating that they must pay $435 within 30 days for a home/business inspection, required under Fed. Ord.867. Inspections are expected to take approximately 3 hrs. and if less time is needed the inspection will be billed at $145 per hr and any difference in that $435 fee will be returned. Anything over 3 hours will be billed at $145 per hour. If you have a violation/citation on your business, you will need a re-inspection, to be billed at $145 per hr. The inspection will consist of vehicle inspections, material storage area inspection, Planter and vegetation area inspection, loading and unloading area inspection, some document system inspection, I don't recall the wording of it. Trash facilities inspection, water and drainage inspection and some other stuff. Your business will receive a classification of Low Priority Business, requiring inspection every 5 years, Medium Priority Business, requiring inspections every 2 yr. or a High Priority Business, requiring inspections every year. Agriculture businesses that were before exempt from many fees are required to pay this fee and undergo these inspections.

I was asked to see if others in our community have also received this notice, if you have a business lic. with the County of Riverside and to please gather with the other business owners that wish to fight this.

Cindy Ferry
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