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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > How did the rains affect you?
7/20/2015 4:33:50 PM
re: How did the rains affect you?Reply: Gayle Geer
Sean, we were in Murrieta during the day and it only rained lightly down there. However, (about 5pm) we had to maneuver through the mess you described (as we traveled from the I215N in Perris). 

Ellis was blocked off at the 74 due to what looks like a crash from a large vehicle into a very large power pole.The pole was broken and was leaning at a 45 deg angle to the street. Looked the the lines were holding it up.

We tried traveling west on Mountain (south of Ellis), but turned around as it was flooded in a deep and wide dip. Then we took Theda north (which wasn't too bad). We were able to work our way around to Read and Ellis, but, what a mess! The mud and debris (good-sized rocks, gravel and branches) made it challenging. We saw many families working hard to clear out. Very sad!

Our property (also in SRR), gratefully fared well. But we did see a lot of dirt on the roads on our street from runoff.

7/20/2015 4:12:21 PM
StormReply: Dog Gal
Yeah all the drains drain into our place ,filled both our ponds . Garage and front yard flooded.Husband tries to cut down the pressure by putting up some temp plywood on back gate. Only to have the neighbor bitch cause it was ugly and to take it down ASAP Would have but they put their request in the mailbox can't even talk face to face Plus, they never help out with easement weeds They are not good neighbors Rant over
7/20/2015 3:11:37 PM
stormReply: Linda
We had a real mud mess. Our drain was plugged by neighbor's trash cans & the drains had so much trash in them the water cut through the yard & took down part of the fence. Anyone on High Country Circle missing a red & gray trash can there @ our curb.
7/20/2015 11:15:08 AM
How did the rains affect you?Post: sean k
That storm Sunday afternoon was quite violent. I had tree branches breaking, flood waters pooling up around my house and lost a few truck loads of gravel from my font yard. I live in the Santa Rosa Ranches, and although we may have some debris to clean up it has NOTHING on what the people below us received. I drove through Perris and Elsinore on the 74 and the devastation is incredible, and quite humbling. Ive learned where and how the water flows through my property from the houses above me and will be making some small changes to help channel the water out more efficiently and directed away from the house. Thankful for having a trailer, and thankful we live at the TOP of the mountains and did not catch what the people at the bottom did. I am going to explore the hills and see how the people that live on the dirt roads fared. How did it affect you? We are out of power still, there were a dozen downed power lines on and around the 74 and Ellis.
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