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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Alerts > Keep your doors Locked at all Times
7/11/2015 8:52:12 AM
Squatter SolutionReply: Hugh
Please, understand. I am not advocating this. However, there is a solution to the squatter problem - it's call FIRE - burn it out. When local government (Police, Code Enforcement etc.) won't take action sometimes the community has to step in and take care of business to protect themselves from criminal activity.

If every resident in the 'infected' area were to make three calls every day to the Police, Sheriff department and Code Enforcement we might find some action. 

I'm new to the area, only been here 18 years, so what do I know?

7/10/2015 1:47:14 PM
SquatersReply: Michael

BillB, you are correct about the property near Multiview. There is a new owner as of 2 months ago. He owns the parcel across from that one on the west side of Gavilin also. Chris Herron and I met with him not to long ago and discussed his trailers and plans for the property. 

7/10/2015 10:39:42 AM
SquattersReply: BillB
Tonett, The squatters I am talking about are at the corner of Gavilan and Lake Mathews. Charlie Rhodes used to live there -- years back. The house (double-wide) has been rented out several times, sold a couple of times, and run down with each new tenant. It has been vacant for several years with squatters periodically moving in. There is no electricity and only recently they managed to get water to it. They pulled a travel trailer onto the property and when code enforcement made them move it they pout it behind the house where it sat, occupied, for more than a year. The trailer is back in front again --no water, sanitary hookup, or electricity.

As for the place on Gavilan just south of Multiview, the posting on this site said that those people bought the property. They had a single-wide trailer on it, but I don't see it there anymore. Last I heard was they were trying to get permits. To my (limited) knowledge, those people are property owners and not squatters, unlike the ones at Gavilan and Lake Mathews.
7/10/2015 9:06:12 AM
SquattersReply: cinder465
I didn't see Multiview..I saw Lake Mathews as cross street ??? I am trying to picture where this is?
7/10/2015 8:54:48 AM
squattersReply: rick
someone up there should call code enforcement they are able to do things to get rid of people who live like this easier than the sheriff can usually. code enforcement will red tag the trailer so they can't live there, then if they go in the sheriff can do something. we have code enforcement right over by the lake Mathews store
7/9/2015 11:30:05 PM
Meth folksReply: Maven
What did the guy on the ladder look like?
7/9/2015 8:11:53 PM
Squatters Reply: Tonette
When you say south of Multiview on Gavilan, do you mean just north Harford Springs?
7/9/2015 5:58:34 PM
SquattersReply: BillB
Toni, these squatters have been reported numerous times. The sheriff and code enforcement and fire department have been there. The people that squat there come and go and various groups have at different times taken up residence there. One group was chopping up stolen cars, another person has been arrested for arson, you can tell some are drug addicts, but there they are! We live a few doors down from them and are definitely not happy about the situation. The double-wide and travel trailer are really nothing more than trash, and should be demolished or removed as an attractive nuisance. Yet the County does nothing.
7/9/2015 2:57:57 PM
Squatters off Gavilan Hills X Lake MathewsReply: Toni
Some of these homeless meth people are coming from a trailer with No water or electricity located on East side of Gavilan just south of Lake Mathews drive. It can be seen from the road and I'm shocked the neighbors havent called to report them..a group of them along with a man who lives behind a house on the curve of Grande Vista attempted to enter our home on Multiview while my son was home and there were 2 cars in the driveway..they used a ladder from our work truck..my son went to the opened 2nd floor window to see a white male going Down the ladder..this could have been a tragedy! The sheriff came but no arrests have been made.. we seem to have a HUGE homeless meth problem in the area need to be aware of everything around us!
7/8/2015 10:52:18 PM
Keep your doors Locked at all TimesPost: Sandy
A woman was going eastbound on Cajalco at the signal at Harley John/Washington making a left hand turn onto Washington and the signal was red.

A white male wearing a backpack came from the vacant property between Harley John / gavillan north side of street came to the driver's side door and attempted several times to open door and then tried to break glass.  The woman started honking the horn for the car in front of her to go and the driver took off fast and was able to get away..... 
The Police Officer said there are a lot of homeless around that area and we need to be aware...as well as they had a call earlier about a homeless man and a car but have no details and that was on the street wood and cajalco.
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