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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > green trash bins
11/24/2015 2:20:30 PM
waste binReply: Beverley
My luck, Hugh, someone would think "oh, free....cool, I'll use this dumpster every week!".  Guess I just need to move it closer to the house where the dogs take their job seriously.  I see that is what some neighbors did when experiencing the same problem.  Thanks. 
11/24/2015 10:58:58 AM
Locking Mechanism Reply: Hugh
Does Waste Management, or whoever the provider is, not provide some type of locking mechanism? If not, they should. Then, it would be up to you to secure your large bin to avoid unwanted use. I'm sure there are numerous, economical ways to secure the bins.

You could always put up a sign that says something like:

               Unauthorized Use Is Prohibited By Law  
          See Section C-1672B sub-section 126 of the penal code

    If you see a violator illegally dumping trash of any nature
    in this 
dumpster please, immediately call 800-Goodluck

11/24/2015 10:30:38 AM
BinsReply: BillB
I suppose we could be thankful that they at least put it in the bins. All too often their crap winds up in my yard or along the road in front of my house. Then I have to put it in the trash.
11/24/2015 9:33:52 AM
trash binsReply: Beverley
Good points, Nathan...thanks.  I guess I could have it moved to in front of the house where the dogs are on alert, just didn't want to see it.  Good idea to get it filled ASAP, will work on that.  Hopefully, local neighbors will request workers to take their scrap to the dump and definitely NOT dump it in the surrounding hillsides.  I always discuss up front just how refuge will be managed when I have hired clean up (mostly for downed trees). Thanks.
11/24/2015 8:45:13 AM
Green Bins and NeighborsReply: Nathan
Just my two. I am not sure it is any of your neighbors. I live just around the corner from you Beverly and I am home all the time almost never leave here. I see all the time contractors trying to dump in our dumpsters. I have even been out front as they case mine and I make sure they see me as they slowly move on. I see them dump all the time at other neighbors yet I can not be 100% sure it is not legitimate. I think it is simply contractors trying to save themselves some money and being, dare I say it lazy. It used to happen to me every week as I never filled mine. Now I have my guy come on Friday the day after it is picked up and he fills it right away, solved my problem. I know this is not feasible for all but I am sure a sign is not going to deter who ever is doing it as they already know it is illegal and simply do not care. Living rural means policing ourselves unfortunately as we are far from anything and criminals know it. I know you can put a steel bar with a lock on top of it if it is a big issue for you but that does require a little fabrication as well. Also, if you have a large tractor, you can move it onto your property and out on trash day. Sorry you are having these issues, seems a lot more problems coming out our way lately. Keep your eyes open.
11/23/2015 10:32:17 PM
Green Trash Bins - GayleReply: Gayle Geer
Wow!  That's a bummer!  Could you put a sign on your bin stating that it is not for public use?
What street do you live on?
11/23/2015 5:35:41 PM
green trash binsPost: Beverley
I see some neighbor has filled up my big green trash bin with old plywood and asphalt shingles like something that has been torn down. The last time this happened some young men put torn down old cabinets.  When I asked them what they were doing they replied the home owner told them to just go down the road and put the debris into one of the green bins.  So, I am thinking perhaps some community members may think they are supplied by the county.  Please know those of us with these bins pay $128.00 or more a month for this service, they are not for public use.  I now need to somehow lift these out and saw them up...please be respectful, thanks 
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