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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > Any Off-roaders?
1/14/2016 9:11:13 AM
Any Off-roaders?Reply: Maxvonauto

Hello Sean,

My name is Mark and I live on top of the hill on Onaknoll Dr  My wife and I moved here after we retired (me at Boeing El Segundo, she with Northrop).  I typically ride MX but I enjoy trail riding as well.  I've can ride from my garage to the area behind the nursery, but I do so as rarely and as quietly as possible as to not disturb the locals.  I've never tried going beyond the Rock Gates off Lake Mathews but I often see people riding in that area while driving to the MX track in Perris.  My bike isn't street legal so I'm always concerned about the laws regarding riding in the hills in that area.  After reading some of the posts, maybe the greater concern should be angry gun owners!  In any event, if it's legal, I'm up for a good ride just about any day of the week. 

In regards to dumping and firearms, the area just down my hill off Capello is probably typical.  Other than targets, the shooters seems to pickup after themselves.  The big problem is the overnight dumping from pickup trucks.  Of course, nobody is camping in this area so maybe my observations are not representative.         

1/12/2016 2:07:32 PM
Any Off-roaders? Reply: cinder465
Steve that is great news! And yes, the trash and shooting stuff was bound to start up..but wow, now you are leading him to a spot where someone shot at you and a body was found buried! Just had to throw it in there.. :)
1/12/2016 11:58:58 AM
Dual Sport street legal, has become the best way to ride Off Road trails up hereReply: STEVE
Hey Sean,
I knew as soon as you posted this I knew the Trash dumping/Shooting posts would start Lol.
To stay on the "Subject" you can ride El Nido over to Reiss Rd South all the way to HWY 74. It is BLM land and there is a "Trials Bike" area where El Nido and Christmas Tree Ln meet around all the rock piles. Really cool to hang out there a while and watch the riders hop from one Boulder to another "all legal riding"
Then look on google earth and all the land South is BLM riding South on "Rocky Hills Rd" staying West away from the Maywood Gun Club, BLM has OHV Route markers all along the Route to HWY 74 with some trails and old mines in between to explore. Had a group of 11 one day with kids along stopping to look at a mine off El Nido and Santa Rosa Mine Rd and we were shot at 3 times with a rifle, called 911 right then and Sheriff came and arrested the people living there on that intersection of those streets "meth Lab". So really watch yourselves around the hills here, its become very sketchy.
"Dual Sport I'm sure your aware of is that you get a plate "street/dirt" dual sport, for your bikes and can jump on the highway to get to another BLM trail system making your ride an all day adventure like over to Thomas Mountain then up to Idyllwild stopping for Lunch and Gas and back through Batista Canyon near Hemet riding all day. 
I raced professional off road bikes and have ridden bikes my whole life and moved up here for the solitude and could ride all over back then, with a Dual Sport bike we could leave from the house and ride all day. I'm retired from two wheels now "with age comes a cage" said Ivan Stewart! And yes there are so many riders up here that need a place to go.
Ride Safe and Happy Trails exploring! Dakar Rally is on!
1/12/2016 10:31:48 AM
trashReply: lid

After searching through trash sites throughout the years, I have found most of the trash like in the photo are dumped from locals. A lot of it is household trash, furniture etc., from people cleaning out rentals or hiring someone else to clean out houses prior to selling them

Many times there is also construction materials like dry wall and roofing

If you are hiring a company to clean out or repair your property please make sure they are taking the trash to the dump not the nearby hills and fields

Also many of these trashy outsiders that leave gun shells and beverage cans are not just from OC but also from Riverside and Corona

1/11/2016 7:01:33 PM
It's Hard To Be PositiveReply: lynnesite
The person who bought the distressed property full of shotgun shells and litter to the west of Gav Springs Ranch Road and Lake Mathews Drive cleaned several dumpsters worth of stuff. Began to fence it. Put up no trespassing signs. Before 24 hrs had elapsed, new items were brought, big things like appliances, and shot up. The signs were shot up too. These detestable people somehow feel entitled despite the revealing of the area to be private property. The owner is really not the sort to take that lying down, so stay tuned.

It is difficult to share the trails with motorized vehicles that have zero respect for non motorized users, whether afoot, on horse or on mountain bikes--not the locals but these visitors. Because of the incompetent and inconsiderate shooters + alcohol, I won't go through those stone gates alone, and certainly not on horseback on the weekends. Not talking about the legitimate gun club down in Dawson Canyon.

Why can't these jerks go down to Steele Peak instead? The litterbugs are bad enough. I helped out with the cleanup a few years ago where several giant roll-offs were filled. I picked up many skyrockets and Roman candles. In chaparral.

Sean, I own a dual sport bike and weapons, with which I act responsibly.

I was told by a code enforcement person back in 2008 that a lot of these people are in law enforcement themselves. So please be careful if you choose to confront them.
1/11/2016 2:22:18 PM
Any Off-roaders? I beg to differ SorryReply: cinder465
Sorry Sean but my husband and I ride the hills extensively and have done so for the past ten years of our residence out here. It is definitely the off road people, as well as the shooters who dump trash out in the hills.  Just yesterday when we went there was a group of ten trucks carrying motorcycles parked in a circle....several of the guys were shooting targets while the rest of their buddies were riding all around the shooters. INSANE! and plenty of alcohol is involved evidenced by the cartons of empty beer cans left behind. I agree and concur that it should not be made a public off road track as it would bring in even more non residents.  I applaud you trying to gain friendships of like minded enthusiasts and am hopeful you find them and have safe, fun times..that is what are area is all about. Do you know that the area of Lake Mathews Drive and Gavilan Springs Road by the block wall and pond was on a FREE camping map for years??!! Somebody who found the area advertised it and the non residents from all over the state started showing up. It was all we could do to get it taken off the map! Anyway, I also agree that it has become a dumping ground for people who I guess cant afford $8 to go to the dump...I have attached a photo of todays new dump pile I found this morning. You are right! DISGUSTING! 

Click to view attached file (.JPG)
1/11/2016 1:00:43 PM
Come for a rideReply: sean k
I am not sure where you go but there is a lot to see and most of it is not pretty. Its not the off-road people that are bringing trash, shooting and leaving shells or dumping their garbage or tires. There are some bad seeds in anything, and some of the younger kids out riding dirtbikes can be troublesome but they are not the ones wrecking the land. I am out here all the time and just like Nick mentioned its the shooters! Its DISGUSTING! I took a neighbor who has lived up here for 20 years and he was appalled by how much trash is left and dumped out here.

Most people I come across on the trails (off-roaders), we all wave and are respectful. What I see more than people on the trails though are shooters and people from Perris or Elsinore or who knows where out dumping and trying to blow stuff up.

I dont want to make this area an OHV area because that WILL attract more knuckleheads and people that will not respect the land or the residents. Recently I had the opportunity to meet the BLM ranger in charge of the land since Art retired, and I have his card to turn people in for dumping, shooting, or doing anything questionable. Almost like an informant. That is our best tool against people ruining our hills. 

I would almost like to just offer neighbors and residents up here a ride to show them how extensive the hills are, I think people do not know how much land there is that can be used. But also I would like to show them the trouble areas and get them to help in cleaning up the area and reporting in to the BLM officers.
1/11/2016 8:40:11 AM
OHV UseReply: cinder465
Thanks Nick! I agree and I also was out there today. The closer in areas seem to be holding up after the owner of the ranch cleaned it up quite a bit...but back in the hills we encountered a zillion kids on their Off road vehicles. What alarmed us the most is that these same folks were ALSO shooting, with quads and motorcycles traveling on the trails above the targets. One day.......well,..all I can say is there is destined to be a tragedy. The areas back in the hills are still trashed and getting more every day. So while I have nothing negative to say about the sport..trashy unsafe people can stay away..far away.  These enthusiasts didn't even have respect for us on the road..almost ran us off on TWO occasions! To top it off then they gave us that famous middle finger. 
1/10/2016 9:49:01 PM
OHV UseReply: Nick G
All good points. Unfortunately, the area around Gavilan has become more and more trashed over the past few years.  A lot of reckless and irresponsible shooters are mostly to blame for it. In my experience, anyone who lives in the area respects the land and cleans up after themselves. It's the non-locals who feel it's their personal garbage can.

I've spent a lot of time off-roading in these hills, and for some reason we get a lot of folks from Orange County here... And they seem to be the worst with regard to cleaning up after themselves, and practicing basic gun safety. Too many times have I seen people shooting across trails, at the ridge of a mountain where trails are on the other side, or at trees with no backstop. It can be dangerous on a busy weekend... Was out there today and saw plenty of jackasses.

With regard to property rights, the majority of the land is private property, with some of it under the jurisdiction of fish and game. I believe hunting is allowed on the fish and game land. The kangaroo rat reserve is only around the immediate perimeter of the lake and does not extend to Lake Elsinore.
1/10/2016 1:57:36 PM
Off RoadersReply: cinder465
I know you aren't here for personal opinions but I want to throw my 2 cents in anyway. I LOVE seeing youngsters and adults alike out enjoying themselves and our rural area. If you could get a legal area to ride it would be GREAT. But, along with it comes respect and obligation. If the riding group would develop the motto of campers "Take out more than you take in"..you wouldn't have to worry so much about negative feedback. It is the people who go in and ride carelessly and recklessly leaving behind their trash, beer bottles, baby diapers, human feces ..along with shooting targets, and maiming our beautiful oak groves that results in giving bad names to off-roaders.  I feel that off-roading is fun and good to keep a positive reinforcement for our young adults..but they need to learn and follow rules of courtesy, safety and respect. I hope you achieve your goal of finding riding buddies but hope in the end you can educate them so everyone can enjoy this beautiful area. 
1/10/2016 11:45:39 AM
Legal OHV use problemsReply: Michelle Randall
Well, I don't ride OHV, but I served as First District OHV Commissioner for a number of years.  I would love to see a community of OHV riders get together to share riding experiences, but I'm afraid OHV riding in the Lake Mathews area is severely limited due to the 11,000 + acre Lake Mathews/Estelle Mountain Endangered Species Reserve that surrounds Lake Mathews Estates The Reserves stretch across the Gavilan Hills roughly from Cajalco Rd to Lake Street in Elsinore  Riverside County Parks manages OHV riding.  When I sat on the Trails Committee, we were working to acquire a 4-mile square OHV park area similar to Glamis.  I don't know where that plan has gone at this point, but I do know that it's the squeaky wheel that gets the grease.  You need to get your group together, go to the Trails Committee meetings en mass, go to Jeffries office and get something done about a legal riding area. Good luck to you
1/9/2016 2:50:32 PM
Any Off-roaders?Post: sean k
Living up here has been awesome and I am thankful I was able to purchase a home and happy on the decision to be up here in the hills. There is a variety of people that live in Gavilan/Lake Mathews but it seems mostly a split between Equestrian families or Off-road families. It would be great to meet other off-roaders that live up here, its already a tight knit community where we live, and the off-road community is a tight knit group as well. Its unfortunate we do not have the outlets to meet or communicate. There are people always buzzing around in the hills or on the roads on their way somewhere and it would be neat to meet other people who like to explore the hills, mines and roads around us.

I do not want to offend any horse minded people or spark up a debate with those who do not care for off-roading. If you are looking to have a fun time with others who enjoy the same thing then please contact me on facebook or email. My wife and I would like to meet more neighbors and think this is a great way to do it. It would be great to keep this thread in a positive direction, so please... no need to share your opinion on the matter if you are not looking to be part of it.
Thank you,

Sean Kepler
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