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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > Your iPhone Is Tracking You. So What? - NYTimes.com
4/24/2011 5:49:30 PM
Your iPhone Is Tracking You. So What? - NYTimes.comPost: Cindy Ferry
LOL ... I would be "B" the one that feels no one has the right and I don't want them to, to know where I go, what I do, where I shop and so on. And, just because they (Apple) may not be NOW, they could and so could others. This why those like me, "B" try to stay off these maps in order to keep our lives private. I do feel we need to go back in time, pay cash for things, don't buy so much of what we don't really need and keep it simple, real, connected and free. For me, if "simplicity" or "security" means giving up privacy, I'll take give up the simplicity and security. The fact is that there are those out there that if they can will and those are the ones I want to keep as far away from me as I can. Those that know they shouldn't be and or have no right to, but because they can, just won't or can't help themselves from going and doing what they shouldn't be. Kind of the big world version of those that just can't help check out your medicine cabinet when they visit your home. No reason to. Know they shouldn't, but just can't help themselves. It isn't a matter of not having anything to hide. It's a matter of protecting yourselves from those too damn nosy to do the right thing and control themselves and having respect for others. I can assure you, if you were invited into my home and then found snooping around in my medicine cabinet, it would be the LAST time you would be invited into my home. But, how do you stop those that can coming into your home anytime they want, because they now have a key? Some say this isn't an issue, but I disagree. I think it is very much an issue and there should be laws protecting us from those that just don't know there place or don't respect the rights of others to privacy. Just because you don't have anything to hide in you underwear drawer, does that mean you don't mind if people you don't even know go through it??? Ever had your home broken into? If you have, you most likely understand.
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