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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Alerts > Suspicious Vehicle Claiming PI
2/27/2014 4:25:49 PM
PI - Thank you, NathanReply: Gayle Geer
Thank you for posting information about this, Nathan.
2/27/2014 3:54:22 PM
PIReply: Beverley
Thanks for you attention, Nathan.  I can clearly see this vehicle from any window in the back of my home.  Creepy.  A true invasion of privacy. I was wondering if it was someone seeking a cell phone connection, then realized they were there far longer than necessary.  Thanks for the FYI.  
2/27/2014 1:58:20 PM
PI VerifiedReply: Nathan
   So I was not happy with the answer I received from dispatch that they received a call from a PI stating he would be there, no mention of coming out or making contact. I feel any criminal could do the same. I contacted our Lt. Quinata and he was kind enough to send a deputy out right away. He reassured me that is what he wants us to do, that was great to hear. The PI checks out, he is allowed to be there. I still do not like the idea of someone sitting on the street easement or potentially private property to monitor anyone in my neighborhood but as long as it is legal, I have no options. Thank You to Lt. Quinata for taking the extra step.
2/27/2014 1:10:37 PM
PIReply: Maven
That looks like a newer vehicle.  Honda CR-V maybe? Can you provide make/model and description of the driver? He might actually be a PI just trying to make a buck. 
2/27/2014 12:49:44 PM
Don't PIs have license numbers that can be verified?Reply: lynnesite
Running without plates, that far off of Lake Mathews Drive, with so few properties--that would set off my suspicions too. I wonder if some of us wandered up there, parked and just listened to the radio. Or aimed our great big Canon lenses out the window. It's a beautiful day, and we didn't get enough rain to tear up the dirt roads, so maybe I'll take a drive.
2/27/2014 11:34:44 AM
Suspicious Vehicle Claiming PIPost: Nathan
Just wanted to make anyone in this area aware as I know we have been having a ton of break-ins lately. I have now spotted this vehicle type in this same spot multiple times this year. I have personally confronted him twice and while he remembers me he says he is a private investigator. I called the sheriffs office and they do not even come out as they say they have received a call of a PI in the area. Seems to me any criminal could say that simply to keep the police at bay. I have now requested deputy contact and demanded they come out to check him out. When I confronted him I said you would not mind me taking your picture then and he said go ahead. However when I drove up and turned around to take it, he ran faster than I could catch him. Seems suspicious to me if there is nothing to hide. Just wanted to share, keep your eye open for suspicious activity.

He is now back again, no plates, limo tint all the way around which is illegal and on private property. He is posted up on Rolling Meadows and Finch. This is a private dedicated road, which means people can use it but I do not believe they can sit on it especially off the side on the private property. Just an FYI.

Click here for photo.
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