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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Announcements > RAGLM.org Mobile Update
3/1/2016 9:51:32 AM
mobile siteReply: ElaineW
It is working a lot better than before and is super quick. Thanks for the hard work!!
2/29/2016 1:11:31 PM
Thanks!Reply: Tonette
Yayyyy. It's so nice! Thank you, Nathan!
2/29/2016 9:54:48 AM
RAGLM.org Mobile UpdatePost: Nathan
I just wanted to let everyone know if you use the RAGLM.org mobile site on your smartphone, you should now have a better experience. When I created the mobile site originally, I created it in a simplistic layout for mobile phones as it should be but I did not play with sizing as in that day it was crazy to try to match all the phones. However in 2010 mobile was still coming into it's own. In 2011 HTML 5 was standardized with something called ViewPort. Only to be finalized in 2014. This little meta tag changed screens forever and now I am able to use it for our site with no modifications. Sorry for the delay as it was not a thought until many started mentioning how small the mobile site was and I thought about ViewPort as it was not around when I created the site, it saved me a lot of time. Anyways, just thought to share, it should be a better experience now for mobiles.

Thanks to all of you who find this site use full and do use it and share with all of us.
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