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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > Lousy phone service from AT&T
12/12/2012 4:08:42 PM
Red - AT&T Phone Service IssuesReply: Cindy Ferry
Are you in the mobile home park by any chance?  If so, please call me at (951) 657-6610
12/12/2012 8:25:22 AM
InternetReply: MayorShinn
We also use So Cal Telephone for internet. It is about 98 per month for 3Mbps. This is not fast, but can stream Netflix. There is no limit on downloads as the satellite services have. Fairly reliable. I use only an antenna for TV with a DVR and a Roku to get Netflix and Amazon streaming. I hook up the laptop to the TV with an HDMI Cable and can then watch anything from the net. There are some good sites to get TV shows on the net.
12/11/2012 8:37:34 PM
Phone/Internet serviceReply: Tonette
I always had miserable cell service and no internet unless I wanted to go with cable. I didn't want cable, since I have excellent network channels. For YEARS I was told I couldn't have DSL thru At&t because we "were at the end of the servicable area." FINALLY we were able to find a company that was able to set us up with internet service that was not satellite. SCTC  would couple our At&t service with their internet in one bundle, for $80. or so. 800-481-4999 Also, internet-capable phones are able to tap into the router (if the phone has "wi-fi" ability) to get cell calls. We have finally arrived into the 21st century. Yayyy.
12/11/2012 5:31:58 PM
Lousy phone service from AT&TPost: red
I have lived in the Lake Mathews area for over 18 years and have noticed a continual degradation of the land line phone service available from AT&T. Most recently it took over one week to restore usable phone service. Every six months or so for the last 15 years, I have had to ask AT&T service reps to come out to repair the lines. I have called a variety of AT&T representatives over the years and have always been told: you are at the end of the AT&T service area and it is not cost effective to upgrade your service. No high speed internet service, no nothing! I have been told Verizon customers have not suffered this miserable fate/excuse. Cell service is also very poor from both Verizon and AT&T where I live. AT&T reps tell me no one else is complaining. Perhaps if we add the issue of upgraded phone/internet service from our sole land line service provider, as a community, we might get some assistance. Please help!  
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