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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Riverside County Board of Supervisors Hearings > Planning Commission Hearing Agenda, May 23, 2012
5/15/2012 10:59:46 AM
Planning Commission Hearing Agenda, May 23, 2012Post: Laurie

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9:00 A.M. MAY 23, 2012



ORDINANCE NO. 348.4744 – Intent to Adopt a Negative Declaration – Applicant: County of Riverside –Representative: County of Riverside. - All Supervisorial Districts – All zoning districts and areas –All Area Plans and Land Use Foundations– Location: Countywide –REQUEST: The County of Riverside proposes an amendment to County Ordinance No. 348 regarding parolee-probationer homes. Under the proposed amendment, a “parolee-probationer home” is “any residential building, or portion thereof, owned or operated by any person which houses two (2) or more parolee-probationers, unrelated by blood, marriage, or legal adoption, in exchange for monetary or non-monetary consideration given or paid by the parolee-probationers, or given or paid by any person on behalf of the parolee-probationers, excluding any state-licensed residential care facility serving six (6) or fewer persons.” The proposed amendment would authorize parolee-probationer homes as a use in the following zones subject to a conditional use permit: Multiple Family Dwellings (R-2), General Residential (R-3), Planned Residential (R-4), General Commercial (C-1/C-P), Scenic Commercial Highway (C-P-S), Industrial Park (I-P), and Manufacturing-Service Commercial (M-SC). The proposed ordinance amendment would set forth regulations, development standards and restrictions on parolee-probationer homes within the County of Riverside. Further, the amendment will amend and replace language within Sections 18.29 and 21.1 of Ordinance No. 348. Project Planner: Adam Rush at (951) 955-6646 or email arush@rctlma.org. (Legislative)


TENTATIVE TRACT MAP NO. 30238 – Intent to Adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration – Applicant: Woodcrest Partnership – Engineer/Representative: Adkan Engineers – First Supervisorial District – Woodcrest Zoning District – Lake Mathews / Woodcrest Area Plan: Rural Community: Very Low Density Residential (RC:VLDR) (1 Acre Minimum) – Location: Northerly of Mariposa Avenue, southerly of Ponderosa Lane, and easterly of Suttles Drive – 34.74 Gross Acres – Zoning: Light Agriculture - 1 Acre Minimum (A-1-1) – REQUEST: Tentative Tract Map No. 30238 is a Schedule “B” subdivision of 34.74 gross acres into 26 residential lots with lot sizes ranging from 1.0 to 3.6 acre gross. Continued from April 18, 2012. Project Planner: Wendell Bugtai at (951) 955-2419 or email wbugtai@rctlma.org. (Quasi-judicial)
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