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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > Attorney General Holder Playing God Again - Silly US
7/26/2013 3:05:56 PM
Please Do Not Read...Reply: Hugh
What I find most interesting about the complaints regarding political issues is they all seem to be one-sided in the fact that reading about the truth is difficult
. I receive notification of 'all' posts to the RAGLM forum and I assume everyone else does as well.

Many a time I just read a bit of the comment posted and delete it because it is of no interest to me. It is extremely simple: If you don't like the content of a post then don't read it - you have total and absolute control. Or, heaven forbid, you could offer up your own views regarding the issues being discussed and join in with your neighbors.
I think Nathan does a great job monitoring the RAGLM forum and find no need to make a change. No one is forcing you to read the contents of posts, no matter what the issue is. Nanny control over others is not needed. It's in the hands on the reader - do or don't - it's up to you.
7/26/2013 2:22:55 PM
Separate Headings for RAGLMReply: retiredbobby0
Please place Politics into a separate section just like sections that exist already in the RAGLM Forum such as, Road Closures, Animals, Computer issues, Trading/Bartering, Gardening, Lost and Found, etc. You get the idea! Discuss all you want about Politics! 
7/26/2013 1:40:57 PM
Community Forums - General DiscussionReply: Anne
I was hearing the opposing views on current events, & initially thought about a special forum (I like everyone to "get along", lol). But when looking at the Community Forums tab, it is very clear that anything not relegated to the other 19 forums is to be put in the General Discussion area. I think that those who are bothered by these discussions may just want to not receive alerts - and simply go the RAGLM Forum page where all the topics are listed, & the most recent posts show up first. That's what I would do - put a browser link to that page: http://www.raglm.org/communitychat.aspx

o I learned something today. There are TWENTY forums, and only ONE where residents can post their concerns & opinions about the current issues, and yes, even rant a little - all in a safe environment. 
7/26/2013 1:23:34 PM
Don't try to squash free speechReply: MayorShinn
This is the General Discussion part of the forum. As such all topics are open. It is not the local news section. Perhaps we need one of those. All politics is local. The federal government's policies affect us all. I am sorry that so many people take this personally. I was defriended by a long time friend on Facebook because of differing opinions on politics. If you disagree with a thread, either state an opposing view or don't read it. Don't attempt to silence opinion. 
7/26/2013 12:31:29 PM
Let me address this political postingsReply: Nathan
First let me say thank you to all of you for keeping it on a professional level. I know we all have our opinions and I too believe we should be able to discuss them so long as we do not attack each other. Those of you that know me, know I too am guilty of not always articulating my opinions in a "kind" fashion. It is something I need to work on too however I think we can all agree that when passion comes into play we sometimes say things we may not mean or later regret. You have all made good points and I agree we will probably need to create a area for national politics as it currently gets put into the general area since there is no other place for it. I will try to get that implemented this weekend and those that wish to not partake can simply unsubscribe from it.

I think something good came out of all of this. We did not all agree but by discussing it we came up with a solution I think we can all agree on. Thank you all again for being interested in your community and your willingness to listen to the comments that may not always agree with yours. I will keep you all posted when I set up a new area. Hope this helps,  and again thanks for the feedback whether we agree or not that is what a healthy discussion should be all about.
7/26/2013 11:51:19 AM
Missing Something?Reply: BillB
Am I missing something here? This particular discussion is posted in the General Discussion Forum. Is this not general discussion? I believe those wishing to put their head in the sand can simply not subscribe to the General Discussion forum (even though it has more posts than all of the others combined). There are a whole lot of other forums on this board, but this one is labeled General. I believe this conversation is about as general as it gets. I like to know where my neighbors stand on the important issues, and not just what recipes or dress are in vogue in the neighborhood or whose dog is running loose.

I also believe our "elected" federal government is making a mockery of the Constitution and is vigorously driving our country to become a socialist state. If one does not point out the warts and pockmarks, the artist paints the portrait in a more favorable image -- even though it barely resembles the subject. The administration of our state and federal government have many warts to disclose.

7/26/2013 11:12:05 AM
Nathan please weigh-in--too much politics hereReply: Michael D
Nathan, I am also discouraged by the opinionating on elected leaders and macro societal issues on these message boards. Can we keep it local? Can we put this opinionated stuff in a different catagory that I can opt-out of?
7/26/2013 11:05:54 AM
May I SuggestReply: Hugh
I believe that folks that post here about political issues do so because they feel they affect them. My suggestion to those that have no interest, those that choose to stay quiet (which in my view is a big problem in itself) is simply this - Don't read them...

There is no question that the current administration is in near total collapse. I believe I have a right to address those issues. And, where better than with my neighbors? They can agree or disagree, but to just stand quiet is exactly what they (Obama's administration) wants. That doesn't work for me.
7/26/2013 9:47:38 AM
Change Political Posts to a another sectionReply: retiredbobby0
I agree, all of us have a right to freedom of speech. I would recommend the political opines and posturing be directed to it's own section. If someone wishes to read that section, so be it. Moderator, please address this issue in a fair manner. I, too, am tired of the name calling, blaming, etc. I would just like to read about local community events, etc, not politics. Some of these people who post political comments truly believe that everyone agrees with them. We are a diverse community. Let's embrace it! we will better off for it!
7/26/2013 9:03:19 AM
Being Mindful Reply: Hugh
I couldn't agree less. And even less than that. Asking for those that post to this site to not make comments about political parties and about their political beliefs is like asking Obama to tell the truth and to respect our country's Constitution - it 'aint 'gonna happen. 

I do not support or believe in the liberal point of view about government. And, if not mistaken, I have the right to do so. If someone has some 'positive' points they would like to make about the current Administration please feel free to list them. 
7/26/2013 8:57:22 AM
agree with BeverlyReply: gone2june
I look to raglm to provide me and my family with local news and information. I DO NOT appreciate all of the continual name calling and degrading comments about our government. The current government is the one voted into office and whether I agree or disagree with them they are still our elected officals. There are lots of boards where this type of political discourse can be dicussed at great length. I, as well as others who wish to stay quite, would really LOVE IT if these boards were kept to LOCAL information and the political name calling and discussions were stopped. Thank You, Kerry
7/26/2013 8:00:42 AM
US ConstitutionReply: ComputerTech
I wonder if the Oathkeepers will demonstrate in Texas.


7/26/2013 7:56:54 AM
I Do Understand...Reply: Hugh
People have called me a lot of things in my lifetime, but a liberal or democrat - never. First, let me say this - I no longer trust ANYONE (no matter their political affiliation) in government - be they democrat, republican or whatever. I'm a die-hard conservative and not too long ago was proud to be a republican - I can't make that statement today. As I see it, the republican party is moving to the 'left' like an out-of-control-freight-train. It's dangerous and it's very scary.

I don't believe in the liberal point of view regarding government's role in society. And, I'm beginning to see the "republican right" losing what I feel is a better philosophy: Smaller government; More control for states; Stay out of my life; Strong military; Strict immigration laws; Presidents with brains that love American and believe, to the bottom of their heart in our Constitution. 
7/25/2013 7:24:01 PM
please be mindfulReply: Beverley
Could posters keep to facts and leave off inaccurate name calling?  Not all the community is on the same wave length as you.  We have many fine neighbors on the other team that should receive a little more respect.  Thanks in advance for reviewing your comments and limiting divisive language prior to hitting submit. 
7/25/2013 10:55:01 AM
Wake up!Reply: SteveS

This administration makes no apologies for its nearly non-existent veil, (in the name of discrimination) over its agenda to fundamentally change our country/way of life by enabling the masses of uneducated, misinformed and/or plain dimwitted to implement this administrations cancerous ideology by way of their illegal vote.

The truth is nothing to be afraid of.

7/25/2013 10:38:44 AM
Voting RightsReply: BillB
Maybe you just don't understand. The Democrats, especially in predominantly red states wouldn't get enough votes to be elected Dog Catcher if they couldn't vote graveyards and let illegal aliens vote. This was exactly what the voting rights act was intended to do -- elect Democrats. First they lowered the voting age to 18 so the freshly indoctrinated school kids could vote for the party of nonsense and perpetual experimentation. Then they blocked every effort to ensure that only valid, live, residents in a particular area could vote in that area. Now that the Supreme Court tried to level the playing field for all states, Obama's lap dog is going to ignore their ruling and do whatever he damn well pleases.

7/25/2013 9:30:30 AM
Attorney General Holder Playing God Again - Silly USPost: Nathan
Constitution does not matter again to this administration. AG Holder to make his own laws yet again whenever he is not happy with the Supreme court ruling.

Read The Article Here
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