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RAGLM Board > Announcements > Memorial Day, Thank You
5/31/2011 4:35:07 PM
I agree!Reply: Sandy
Thank you, Nathan, for reminding everyone what Memorial Day truly means!  My husband has two brothers that served in Viet Nam and he called them yesterday to tell them "Thank You"!
5/30/2011 8:14:38 AM
Memorial Day, Thank YouPost: Nathan
I just want to make sure that everyone is aware of what today really is. Not just that backyard BBQ but the fact that you are able to have that BBQ with your friends because of selfless people. These people trade their own holidays with their families and even sacrifice their own lives so we do not have to give up our own time and lives. I just want to say a special thank you to all of our armed forces, past and present. YOU are the reason we are able to enjoy this day and many others in this great country. True freedom is not gifted, it is earned and not only have our soilders more than earned their freedom, they have worked extra hard so you can be gifted yours.

Please remember today the special people who have given you your freedom and if you see someone that has served this great country, PLEASE make sure you thank them as your words may mean more than you know.


I salute you all.
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