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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Announcements > Support Lake Mathews Market
12/16/2011 9:54:23 AM
Best Store AroundReply: Nathan
I could not agree more. This is why our community is so wonderful, because of the people who are vested here. This store has done the same for me years ago when their hours changed and I did not make it in time. They were kind enough to let me in. The owners continue to donate to local families in need as well as donate to community gatherings. We the people need to stop complaining and take action. Forget saving $0.12 and support the people who support you or you will no longer have these things. Thank you to the General Store, you will always have my full support. Besides, if we lost you, I could not get my favorite sandwich which is 10 times better than Subway or Quiznos. Just wanted to give my two cents as I could not agree more.
12/15/2011 9:30:50 PM
Support Lake Mathews MarketPost: Sandy

Here is the reason why I love living here and fight to keep our area rural!

Recently a resident went to the Lake Mathews Market to make a last minute purchase.  The proprietor told her that the market had just closed.  She told him that she was new to the area and didn’t know their closing time.  He then asked her what she needed and when she said she wanted one thing, he opened up the store and allowed her to get it.  When she asked him how much she owed, he told her “don’t worry about it, catch me next time”!  She paid the amount the next day.  This scenario would not be unusual if we lived in the rural mid-west, but to happen here in California is almost unheard of!  This is just a reminder of why we need to keep out stores like AM PM or Circle K because they only care about their bottom line.  Lake Mathews Market on the other hand trusts even new residents.  They care about their customers and will go above and beyond to make sure they get what they need.  This is a perfect example of why we should all support Lake Mathews Market!

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