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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Announcements > Re surfacing the Roads
9/28/2013 12:46:07 PM
I Find It Necessary To Disagree With The RepavingReply: Hugh
Let me say this up front - my street was not repaved and does not  need to be. But if it had been I'm resasonably sure it would have been done using the 'chip seal' method - which is used most everywhere in the country (not just the county). 

It is my understanding that the roads in question were due for repaving by the County - using chip seal. We all know our county, like most others, are suffering from lack of funds (for whatever reason). It is my belief we should be glad the county is taking care of our roads as outlined as apposed to doing nothing. Which, doing nothing by the county, would bring on a storm of complaints by the very residents the county has helped in maintaining the roads.

9/28/2013 10:11:35 AM
Waste of time and moneyReply: BillB
Hugh is right; chip-seal is far less expensive than re-paving. It is also an effective way to lengthen the lifespan of a road surface -- when done right.
This was the worst chip-seal job I have ever seen. It is extremely uneven and looks like it was applied by the Three Stooges.
The County uses a formula called the Transportation Improvement Program that is created years in advance for all roads in the county. It looks to me like chip-seal was on the calendar for our road, and since the County is in financial straights, they did it the cheapest way possible. 
9/28/2013 8:51:21 AM
Paving of Roads FinishedReply: Nathan
Hugh is correct on this one. The job is finished. I wanted to clarify and just got word from the county that the job is complete and it is chip seal. That being said I was also informed that if you have excess chip rock on the roadway that needs extra sweeping, you may call the Highway Operations Office 951-955-6899 and they can schedule a sweeper to come back out.

I would guess however if it is just on your driveway or on the road right of way they probably will not come out to clean up, I think it will probably need to be some sort of danger to traffic but that is just my 2 cents.
9/27/2013 2:15:45 PM
Cost of Chipseal Vs. Paving And Is The Job Finished?Reply: Hugh
More than likely the job is completed - sorry. The cost of chipseal is a reasonable alternative to repaving - chipseal is about $0.80 or $0.90 per square yard where repaving is well upward of $7.00 to  $15.00 per square yard depending on the thickness of the asphalt applied and condition of existing road. A good chipseal should last between 5-8 years.

A liquid asphalt or tar base is applied over the existing paved road/street and then a layer of of chips or small stones is applied and embeded by a steam roller. The crews should have swept away the excess chips or stone. But it's not an exact science and experiencing 'loose' gravel is quite common until they have 'set' into the asphalt or tar.

The chipseal is pretty much standard procedure for resurfacing rual roads with limited traffic and in reasonable condition.
9/27/2013 12:53:59 PM
worst street work i've seenReply: rick
yes they did the same on our street. I happen to catch the guy picking up the signs and asked when they were going to finish and he said they were done. according to him this was their answer to resurfacing the streets to save money. it's a huge mess, we have gravel everywhere, clear up the driveway and into the garage every time we drive in and out. it's called chip seal, which I've seen done on dirt roads as a means of surfacing for a cheap way but not on black top. yes our street was much better off before the work was done.
9/27/2013 11:23:21 AM
Re surfacing the RoadsPost: ericam18
I know that there were some roads that were being resurfaced over the last month or so. My question is did they ever finsih? I live on a street where they started to resurface put down gravel and now they have stopped working on our street. They have picked up all their signs and I have not seen anyone out there in at least two weeks. I am not sure if they are coming back to finish the job. I am a little upset becuase our street was not bad in the first place and now it is awful. Is anyone else in the area experiencing this? Thanks for feedback
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