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9/8/2010 11:08:36 PM
Victoria Grove Produce Market/Location Site MapPost: Cindy Ferry
From the public records, sent to the board of RAGLM, as it falls within our community boundaries that we represent.
As I have stated to the residents of our community in the past, the current General Plan is under going it's first revision.  In the updated plan, the county is looking at adding "Rural Commercial."  For this reason, we, as a community must be forward thinking, while also looking outside the box presented and looking at what could be and what is probable.  Being this project site would sit in a location where I am unaware of any other "Commercial" or "Business" projects currently being, one should be looking at what doors this might open and how far such a trend would then spread.  Once you say "Yes" to one, how to you stop the next one and the next one adjacent to the first?
Personally, I don't have an issue with a "Produce Market."  I do have an issue with the location of this "Produce Market."  If the county is telling us it is properly addressing the habitat and setting aside "Conservation" areas and or "Open Space" areas, why are we then building on them or considering allowing building on Open Space/Conservation areas?  I'm sure Riverside County as a whole has enough space for business and shouldn't have to develop on land marked as "Open Space/Conservation."  Another question that comes to mind is when was this area zoned OP:C and when did these owners purchase this land?  Was it zone so prior to their purchasing the land?  If so, they were fully aware of it's zoning and should not be allowed to develop it now.  If it was not zoned so at the time of purchase by the current landowners, what was it zoned and how to we now compensate these landowners for lands the County has set aside as conservation land?  By law they have a "Right To Use," but the County has an obligation to set aside Open Space and to develop using proper buffers between different community types ... between city and rural areas.
Bringing this project in, on to a street that I don't think has any "Commercial" or "Business" on it currently would then open the door for more of the same and to what extent?   A produce market could be considered an agricultural business.  However, does agricultural fit within the land-uses allowed in Open Space/Conservation areas of the County General Plan and should it?  We also know that there is a planned mini mart on the corner of El Sobrante and La Sierra.  What will be the traffic impacts if these projects go in?  With and if there are entrances into the business locations off La Sierra, how will that effect traffic flow on La Sierra?  If there are entrances to these two projects off of Blackburn and El Sobrante, will it bottle-neck these two roadways?  Will they create traffic hazards on all three roadways?  Will the traffic fatality rate go up in this area?  What impacts will it add to our travel time to and from work?  It's downhill from the damn (Lake Mathews).  What risks are there with that? 
The board of RAGLM is looking for your input.  Please post to your community list site, web site or direct to a RAGLM board member or myself.  You can also contact the county staffer (Project Planner) overseeing this project: Jeff Horn, JHorn@rctlma.org, (951) 955-4641, Riverside County Planning Dept., P.O. Box 1409, Riverside, CA. 92502-1409.  I would request that if you send the county a response to the project, that you also send a copy of that response to the RAGLM board for their records in regard to the project proposal. 
As you know, I have stepped down from being a community spokesperson.  I will speak my views on this project to the county, but I will not be speaking on your behalf as well.  For this reason, you will need to speak for yourself on this issue.  This can be done by conveying your views directly to the county and or to members of the RAGLM board.  For the RAGLM board, you can reach them at Info@RAGLM.org, 3410 La Sierra Ave., # F41, Riverside, CA. 92503, (951) 286-4572
You should have your views to the Land Development Committee prior to Thus. Sept. 16, 2010.  From the LDC the project should move on to public hearings ... unless the county classifies this as a "Fast Tract" project.  If so, it bypasses the old system of public hearings before the Planning Commission and is hand walked through the system and on to the end stage, the public hearings before the Board of Supervisors.  I'm not sure where this project will fall, but I will keep up as updated as I can.  I don't think it meets the requirements for a "Fast Tract" designation.
Cindy Ferry
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