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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > General Discussion > Why Can I NOT post To This Site???????????????
2/9/2012 8:20:38 PM
Why Can I NOT post To This Site???????????????Post: Cindy Ferry
Board of RAGLM, why is it that ONLY .... Again I state ... ONLY on THIS site can I NOT get my posts to go through or even open a box to allow me to post??????????  It Forces me to post on the other community sites to get the word out. I want to reply to Sandy's post, yet the site will NOT allow me a box to even put any text/reply into.  Sandy, the issue is the doors this action, vote of the RAGLM board opens.  If you check the LakeMathewsTalks@Yahoogroups site, you may get more info. then I have been able to post here.  Our once promised COI was pulled by the county about a year after it was approved ... along with all the COI's before the county.  A LOT has changed since 2001.  Shouldn't the folks in the City of Perris and those in Mead Valley has a say ... regardless of where the Lake Mahtews boundary lines are?  Shouldn't the folks in Woodcrest and Perris have a say?  We could move the signs back and still speak to issues beyond the signs ... JUST LIKE the cities do now under the name of Spear of influence.  To place the signs there .... where lot sizes are a LOT smaller than ours, we open the door to allow the same smaller sized lots to go in all over Lake Mathews.  We do NOT get to look at JUST what we want, but at what it actually opens the doors to.  PLUS ... if RAGLM says, "Yes" to these signs and then the "Save the Platues folks come in with their eight or more signs we have now allowed 16 signs.  Then some corporate company says they want a sign for their business Riverside County has now allowed under the "Rural Commercial" title ... "Joe's burgers 2 miles ahead"  RAGLM has opened the door, given their approval.

This community needs to first see the signs and see EVERYTHING that the signs will hold.  Once these go in, all others invested in Riverside will have the SAME right to put in a sign.  Preserve the plateau first had their signs. This was first 2 signs. Then Corporate America stepped up and said they wanted on board, "We're green". Now they have like 8 signs and no one even knows who is on the board of this committee anymore. Now ... in these financial times ... the county wants to spend monies to put signs saying, "Welcome to Lake Mathews." Well, all I can say is ... If it smells like poo, looks like poo and tastes like poo ....
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