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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Road Issues > Request For Info./Gavilan Rd. Work Approved Funding
3/8/2011 1:01:03 PM
Request For Info./Gavilan Rd. Work Approved FundingPost: Cindy Ferry
Supervisor Buster, Debbie Walsh and Juan Perez, last week I requested the information of the roadwork plans for Gavilan Rd. This has become a topic of discussion on the Lake Mathews Talk site as well as the RAGLM.org site and Lake Mathews Neighborhood, which to have now seems to have closed due to the discussion on this subject, but I'm still checking into that for clarification. The community wants to know the plans and if the issues are being properly addressed. Some seem to want the pot holes as a deterrent to speeding drivers. As a safety issue, I think you know the county can't afford to take on that kind of risk and that there are better methods of dealing with speeders in this area, such as patrol by CHP and speed bumps at the end of the right of way, where it abuts to the private property area.
I have not heard back from anyone at the county and I am still waiting for info. to disseminate to the residents. Can someone please send the info. on this project to me.
Cindy Ferry
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