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RAGLM Board > Animals/Pet Care > CA Right To Farm Act or Animal Control-Who Has Say In Rural Area?
12/9/2011 9:55:00 AM
CA Right To Farm Act or Animal Control-Who Has Say In Rural Area?Post: Cindy Ferry
Cut and pasted:
CA: Animal Control rules that Farm cannot use LGDS - public nuisance
Thu Dec 8, 2011 9:30 am (PST)

A small farm in Riverside County is under attack by the local animal control because neighbors have complained about their livestock guardian dogs (LGDs) barking too much! These dogs are needed for
their goats and chickens because of the amount of loose dogs and coyotes, and should be covered by California's Right To Farm Act, but AC says it covers CROP FARMERS ONLY and has ruled that the LGDs are a PUBLIC NUISANCE!! The family is attempting to appeal the decision and need to hire an attorney to help them fight this. This a link to a Chip-In page which explains the situation and allows folks to make a
donation toward the $2500 needed to put the attorney on retainer.

This is about the local animal control department interpreting or ignoring law to suit themselves...please contribute to this Chip-In fund.


It also seems to me that the California Dept. of Agriculture needs to be brought in on this to set Riverside County straight.
I am one that cannot stand to hear dogs barking all the time, especially at night. I am also in FULL support of the Right To Farm Act and our rights under our agricultural rules in this county. I'd like to hear from this family that is complaining and see what their complant is and if there is a workable agreement that can be reached. I also want to hear from the farming family to hear what they have tried to do to appease their neighbors issues with the barking dogs. I understand the dogs serving as protection and when you have livestock, this is needed. BUT ... BUT ... if you had an alarm on your house and it went off night after night at 2 a.m. you would do something to stop that and to get a better protection system. So, if these dogs bark to warn, then the owners DO need to respond when their alarm system goes off. After that, then it would be up to the court to determine the full meaning of "Right To Farm" and if it includes a property owner to allow their dogs to bark all night or for long periods of time on a regular basis. The dogs are not what they are "farming", so they may be a different issue than the "Right To Farm" covers. I really don't know. But, their right to have and run a farm ... I back that FULLY. Now, the issue of what can you use to "protect" what it is your farming and what is reasonable. It isn't that the farm animals/livestock are making nose the neighbors dislike. If the neighbor purchased in a rural and agricultural area, then they must live with the nose that comes from farm/livestock/agricultural animals. The dogs as protection ... that's a gray area and I can see why Animal Control may feel they get to step in here, as they do have their own rules about barking dogs and the rule came into being because of the issue of too many barking dogs. I do think this one will take a court case to interpreted whom has more rights in this issue and if it is an issue protected under the Right To Farm laws. This will be an interesting case to watch the outcome of. I've never fully read through the Right To Farm law to see if this issue is addressed or not. Has anyone else?
Cindy Ferry
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