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RAGLM Board > Alerts > Crime/Mailbox Break-In, Rolling Meadows/ Sat. Sept. 25
9/27/2010 11:11:34 AM
Crime/Mailbox Break-In, Rolling Meadows/ Sat. Sept. 25Post: Cindy Ferry
When I went to collect our mail on Sat. I found that three of the mailbox fronts had been broken into.  The boxes were located at the corner of Rolling Meadows and Rocky Bluff Rd.  A tool was used to pry the front of the boxes open.   A report has been filed with both the Sheriff's Dept. and the Postal Service.
If you box was also broken into, you can let the Postal service know that my confirmation number to my report is CA103125437.  Deputy Keeney came out and took the report, I think the case number is PC102700004.  You may want to ask the cases be linked.  I also reported that there is a camera set up at the water company pump station directly across from the mailboxes.  I have asked that they check the camera to see if they caught the person/s braking into the boxes on these cameras.
I had last collected our mail on Wed. afternoon, so they got everything in our box from that date on.  I am assuming they were broken into on Sat. as it was after the mailman generally delivers the mail and the other boxes broken into would have also noticed their boxes broken into and would have also closed them again. 
We had a cell phone being delivered and they show the delivery date as Sat.  I also know that a package was stolen in the mobile home park the week before.  If you are expecting a package, you may want to ask your carrier to deliver it to your home.  In our case the key to the package box would have been left in our box, which the thieves would have gotten when they broke in.  Then they just open the package box and get the package as well as the mail in the boxes.
Oct. 15 is the final extension date for 2009 taxes and I think they may have been looking for tax return checks.  Or, they may have seen the mailman put the package in the pack box and place the key in one of the boxes on my side.  Then just broke in to the boxes on that side, until they found the key to the package boxes.  Holiday season is upon us, so this is generally the time the boxes get broken into.  Heads up folks, time to be more watchful and alert to things happening in our community.  Maybe we can help the Postal Service and the Sheriff's Dept. catch those breaking into the boxes.  They could very well be linked to other break-ins in our community.
Cindy Ferry
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