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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > Get ready to pay more for your Internet Net Neutrality Is now LAW
12/22/2010 6:52:43 PM
Availability NO, Neutrality yeah right.Reply: Nathan
Unfortunately, this is only going to restrict access even more. As it stands now, all citizens do have the same access to the internet, it is the speed in how you get there that is the difference right now.

Dial-up gives you 56Kbps for somewhere in the range of $9.00/month. Unlimited data access.

Broadband gives you anywhere form 1Mbps to 10+Mbps in the range of $50.00/month. Unlimited data access.

Depending on where you live, you may only be able to get certain speeds. What would happen to a company that spent tens of thousands of dollars for a handful of customers that only pay $9/month? This is supply and demand.

This is much like the traditional highway, we all have the same access yet we do not all get to drive a Ferrari unless we can afford it. If we live to far from the city, we do not get paved roads, this is our choice.

This law is not going to provide more infrastructure as some may hope to believe, it is simply going to regulate what you can view at what cost so that the service provider (Verizon, Time Warner etc.) can now only allow you to go to certain sites, because as I'm sure you are aware that some sites take more bandwidth to view.

If you now want to go to YouTube and watch your favorite videos or read a news article that may have a video clip or audio track you will simply be paying more for that. You see it will not increase your speed one bit but it will cost you more if you choose to watch a video or maybe download pictures from loved ones.It will cost more for more data, not the speed in which you download it.

This is simply because of the growing demand for the internet and the service providers desire not to create more infrastructure. Why would they want to supply this demand as the existing infrastructure currently supports us all reading text pages. This would mean they would need to put in more infrastructure and not charge more for it.

It is when we want to view more we will pay more. What is going to happen now is not only are you still going to get your dial-up or satellite, whichever you are using but you will now be restricted to what you can view. This is exactly like cableTV. You pay more for more channels. Those that can afford it will be the one's to use it fully and those that can not well... This is not making us more equal, it is dividing us more as well as making it more expensive for us to have "access to a technology that is so important now".

So you see we do want the same thing here, but unfortunately this is not what is going to happen.
12/22/2010 4:22:57 PM
Net neutrality or availability?Reply: Michael D
I don't care about neutrality. I feel  like a second-class citizen when my access to the Net is restricted to dial-up or sketchy satellite. I think that all citizens should have the same access to a technology that is so important now.  
12/22/2010 8:56:42 AM
Get ready to pay more for your Internet Net Neutrality Is now LAWPost: Nathan
Net Neutrality was adopted by the FCC yesterday. I hope you enjoyed your freedom while you had it.

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