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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > Western Municipal Water District Tier Rate System
7/12/2011 9:31:10 PM
letter to Western Municipal WaterReply: Laurie
Shared with permission: a letter from residents sent to Western 
Municipal Water representative Michelle McKinney about their recent
water allocation evaluation for the new tier system. Some other names
removed to protect privacy. Laurie

Hi Michele,

----- told me about your conversation with him this evening. He told
me that the new tier system is just too complicated and that I don't
understand how it works. What is there to understand?? I was in Tier 3
for three months!!!

As you told me "it would only cost you a few dollars more each month
that you are over your allocation with the new evaluation"! You may
think that a few dollars is no big deal, but it adds up over time. Our
water bill is already extremely high in the summer months. The point I
want to make here is "I would have never known that I was over my budget
until I got my water bill." I would be punished for something that I
had no real control over -- no way to monitor my usage! Tthe new tier
structure is not even in place yet and by past history I have already
exceeded my allocation. What does the future hold for me?

Yes, June 2011 allocation is much higher than our usage. But, you saw
what is happening to our lawn -- it is turning brown from lack of water
and our bushes along the road are almost dead!

I know ----- was very happy with his allocation and cannot understand
why I am so upset but he has no lawn and most of his acreage is natural
landscape. ----- (my comment inserted- the wife of the person named
above) told me that everyone in their house is only allowed to take
showers every other day. Is this what the future holds for all of us?
No more grass, no more flowers and only showering occasionally?

Sandra and Clay
7/11/2011 2:25:39 PM
Western Municipal Water District Tier Rate SystemPost: Laurie
Volunteers will be at the Lake Mathews General Store today from 3pm to about 6pm with information about the rate system and how it will affect you.

Please also make the time to attend the hearing on Wed evening at 6:30pm.

This proposed system WILL affect you.

If you have comments for the board of WMWD, you may drop them off with the volunteers today from 3pm to 6pm. and they will be given to WMWD at the hearing on Wednesday evening beginning at 6:30pm.

Keep an eye on this thread as well - there are likely to be volunteers out and about tomorrow also.   Check for times and location!
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