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RAGLM Board > Announcements > rattlesnake avoidance clinic
5/9/2013 4:34:05 PM
My Dog got Bit by a snake about a week ago.Reply: KepSter
My wife and daughter were supposed to take my 4-yearl old German sheppard to this clinic, but they didn't.  A week ago she got bit by a rattler close to my house.  Turns out there were at least two of them, both 3 1/2 foot long and healthy thick.  She got really swollen, cost me $1400 in vet bills but she is doing fine now. 

In 6 weeks she will get the vaccine, and I want to take her to one of these classes.  They can get bitten quite easily.  She was with me when it happened, and she never even flinched.  I didn't even know she had been tagged for about an hour, because we were busy "playing" with the snakes.  I ended up killing both of them and feeding their headless bodies to the Turkey Vultures.

4/12/2013 12:00:58 AM
rattlesnake avoidance clinicPost: Paula Vice
Feel free to pass this on :)
Looks pretty interesting!
Here is the flyer for the rattlesnake avoidance clinic. Anyone interested contact the # on the flyer for an appointment time Sun. April 14, 2013 

Time: 9 till whenever..

The class will be at  18245 Frantz Rd. in Gavilan Hills,

off Gold Valley rd.  Check out the web site for more information about the training.

Click here:snakeworx.com

Click to view attached file (.JPG)
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