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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Announcements > Gifts To Our RAGLM Family In Need - Wrapped And Ready To Go.
1/2/2012 12:48:59 PM
Family In Need 2011 Says Thank YouReply: Cindy Ferry
I received a message from the mother on Sun. Dec. 25, 2011 saying:
"Thank you very much. The gifts are very nice. (name withheld) & (name withheld) said thank you very much too! The babies loved everything. But they loved the turtles the best!
She also sent me a photo of the tree, with all the gifts under it. They had a very nice day ... thanks to all of you that helped to make that so.
Cindy Ferry
12/26/2011 8:16:27 AM
RAGLM's Needy FamilyReply: Sandy
I would like to thank Cindy Ferry for her help with this project.  She not only beautifully wrapped those many gifts but drove around to pick some up and coordinated everything for us. 
12/22/2011 8:17:12 AM
Gifts To Our RAGLM Family In Need - Wrapped And Ready To Go.Post: Cindy Ferry
The Family in need gifts that have been donated by members of our community have been wrapped and are ready for pick-up by RAGLM's Family In Need. All the "Seeds of Hope" donation envelopes and gift cards have been placed into a card from the community to the family. Once again the community has stepped up to do good in our community and to help others in our community. It's things like this that make the Greater Lake Mathews area of gem of Riverside County that it is. I wanted to give my own personal note of thanks to each and ever residents that helped with this effort. Have a wonderful holiday season.
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