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8/15/2012 3:12:10 PM
Passive SolarPost: Roy
Hi, I just wanted to share some info.  I have heard claims that clay tile roofs can provide energy savings.  Being a born skeptic, I took the opportunity today to see for myself.  The test roof was facing the sun today, no shade.  Ambient temp 105 F at 2:30 PM, agreed by two thermometers, one conventional alcohol, the other a Fluke IR spot reading thermometer. 

I proceeded to the underside of the home's roof deck which is well ventilated.  A portion of the roof was covered by clay tile that was deliberately thermally decoupled from the roof deck... meaning the tiles were set upon some 1 x 3 inch wooden runners.  The runners help the roofers with spacing and provide some support for nailing, while increasing the movement of air under the tiles and supporting them off the roof deck so they can not transmit heat directly from contact with the roof deck.  The other part of the same roof was only covered with standard roofing paper and asphalt roofing material, comparable to asphalt shingles, in a medium color tone. 

Results:  The area under the asphalt roofing measured 122 to 124 F.  The area under the clay tiles measured 106 to 107 F, barely above ambient temp!  I hope my friends and neighbors find this info useful.  It should make a home more comfortable, and reduce the amount of air conditioning bills during these long hot summers.  I am not particularly aligned with the Green propaganda, but I believe in making good choices when possible, and I am satisfied that an 18 F temperature difference on a roof deck will offset the extra cost of the clay tiles, eventually.  Your mileage may vary, good luck.
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