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RAGLM Board > National Politics > Putin and Assad Put Obama In His Place
9/16/2013 4:17:45 PM
The Definition of NothigReply: BillB
I apologize if I left you with the impression that I considered the people of Syria, or any other place, to be nothing. What I meant was that we, the people of the United States have absolutely NOTHING to gain by poking our noses there it is neither wanted or needed. For some absurd reason, our politicians and perhaps a large number of the populace here are arrogant enough to believe that any time another country has internal problems -- civil, political, hunger, or natural catastrophe -- we are somehow required to intervene, interfere, pay, or "Nation Build". These days it comes from the hubris of our "Imposter-in-Chief", but we have historically interfered with the internal affairs of many other countries just to have them hate us for it -- the list is long; Vietnam, Korea, Honduras, Nicagara, Panama, El Salvador, Hungary, Kosovo, Albania, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia, ....

Who appointed us the world's policeman and benefactor? Why must we continually risk lives and pay through the nose for countries that in the end raise banners saying "Yankee go Home"? Have we become a nation of Mother Teresas? Perhaps we should try "Nation Building" here at home first before exporting (or foisting) our "values" (and dollars) on people who neither understand them nor want them.
9/16/2013 10:41:50 AM
Obama's Place Is Out of Office, Out of The White HouseReply: Hugh
I agree with most of BillB's comments with one exception. I don't think Syria is a 'nothing' country. They have good citizens, not unlike ourselves, that want peace and the opportunity to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, between Assad and the Islamic/Jehad rebels, that Obama supports, they are in a very difficult position.

Obama and his administration constructed the Syrian problem by their enept foreign policy ignorance. Why would any American president want to support our proven enemy (the rebels)? Perhaps because is is one of them.
9/16/2013 9:46:09 AM
Obaba's place is on the streetReply: BillB
Obama, Kerry, Hagel et.al. are all running around in a Chinese fire drill. It's like an old Keystone Cops movie. But this is exactly what you get when you elect completely unqualified and inept people to government leadership positions. Now imagine what would happen if something really serious would happen -- like Iran bombing Isreal or Russia reclaiming the Baltic states. The Syria debacle is a nothing war in a nothing country, and our nation's leaders spend their time wringing their hands over what to do about a matter that is none of our business.
9/14/2013 9:53:51 AM
Putin and Assad Put Obama In His PlacePost: Hugh
Obama's weakness is exposed by both Russia and Syria - they whipped his butt big time. Hmm, maybe he's not so smart after all. Obama has made our once-great Country a laughing stock on a global scale and has proved to the world to be a complete failure in Foreign Affairs - and here at home as well. He is not the leader our Country deserves. Even Jimmy Carter did better - heaven forbid.

Will there be an awakening by the citizens (illegals not included) of our Country and remove this traitor from office? I would like to think so, but fear it will not happen. Removing Obama from office would be seen as the most racist act in our history by the racists themselves because he is portrayed as 'black.' The main-stream media would be in full "attack" mode. The Jesse Jackson's and Al Sharpton's of the racist movement would fill the television airways spewing their ignorant and vile racist commentary till dooms-day. 

I'm not a great fan of Sen. John McCain but he has most of it right, from my perspective, in this interview with Greta. 
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