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RAGLM Board > Road Issues > Gavilan Park 1 & 2 - Road Easements - Subdivision Owners
3/10/2011 12:52:45 PM
Gavilan Park 1 & 2 - Road Easements - Subdivision OwnersPost: Cindy Ferry
I talked with a Title Company today and they tell me that the roadways in the Gavilan Park 1 and Gavilan Park 2 were never accepted by the county, but also are not the property of the mobile home park property owners. They tell me that the roads are the responsibility and liability of the person/s that subdivided the project at its inception. Recorded documents on the lots got back to the CC&R's of 1911. The Title Company tells me it is those parties that created and subdivided the lots and their heirs that hold the responsibility to maintain the roadways within the mobile home park. Therefore the residents living within the mobile home park canNOT do anything to the roadways, for the VERY SAME reasons the county doesn't touch roads that are NOT accepted and part of the county maintained road system, because to do so would mean the person doing the work then assumes the liability. So, the question now becomes, who owned the land and subdivided it and sold off the lots?
The county should be getting this person/these people to fix the roads. If the roads are not fixed, it will only continue to spill the water run-off out onto Gavilan Rd., creating an on going, constant road hazard for the county. So, how do we find these people and get them to fix the roadways?
Cindy Ferry
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