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10/11/2011 3:00:22 PM
County Reply To New Market/Lake Mathews SquareReply: Cindy Ferry
Below is the reply from the county planning dept. in regard to the commercial gas station, market and fast food center approved to go in at the corner of Cajalco Rd. and Gustin (that empty lot to the left of Lake Mathews Market.
From: Walsh, Debbie [mailto:DWalsh@rcbos.org]
Sent: Tuesday, October 11, 2011 10:14 AM
To: Ross, Larry
Subject: Re: Cajalco/Gustin Project APN 285-210-003 (Gas Station, Fast Food & Market)


Here is Cindy's contact info.



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On Oct 11, 2011, at 9:36 AM, "Ross, Larry" <LROSS@rctlma.org> wrote:

> Cindy Ferry e-mailed planning, I tried to answer her questions, but the e-mail bounced back because these are Yahoo groups and Yahoo groups restrict their acceptance of e-mails based upon who belongs to the group. Do either of you have her phone number or other e-mail address so we can get her the information she requested?
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> From: Ross, Larry
> Sent: Tuesday, October 11, 2011 7:29 AM
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> Subject: RE: Cajalco/Gustin Project APN 285-210-003 (Gas Station, Fast Food & Market)
> Ms. Ferry,
> The project has building plans in and they are being reviewed, they have not been issued yet. Below are the case numbers, and you can track their progress at rctlma.org. If you have any questions about how to use the web page please call 951-955-3200 press #3, and a technician will go over it with you.
> Thank you,
> CASE: BGR110177
> CASE: BNR110058
> CASE: BNR110059
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> From: Rush, Adam
> Sent: Monday, October 10, 2011 12:59 PM
> To: Straite, Matt; Mares, David; Ross, Larry
> Subject: FW: Cajalco/Gustin Project APN 285-210-003 (Gas Station, Fast Food & Market)
> This is a public info question re Gavlin Hills SP (303).
> Adam B. Rush, Principal Planner
> Riverside County Planning Department
> Riverside CAC
> 4080 Lemon Street, 9th Floor
> Riverside, CA 92501
> Phone: (951) 955-6646
> Cell Phone: (951) 833-0878
> Fax: (951) 955-1811

This project offends me, because we have had "Lake Mathews Market" right there, serving all our needs for all these years. Something like 40 plus years! I never saw any complaints from residents that we needed a market. The market used to have a gas station. County codes, State codes, Federal codes and costs made that come out. You look what this county did to the ingress and egress of that market NOT LONG BEFORE this project went out for public viewing and planning before the Planning Commission and approval before the Board of Supervisors. This county has damaged OUR CUMMUNITY MARKET so badly and then approved this Corporate Power Play. They put in a signal light at the corner of the in planning market/gas station/fast food. A light was needed, but shouldn't they have planned a better way for residents of this community to be able to safely CONTINUE to use and buy from our local, resident owned, long time, long standing, long serving market? No, now they are going to make you come down, make a "U-turn" at Smith/Harley John (likes that's going to help things) and backtrack to OUR COMMUNITY MARKET.
You can't go to the hearings now and say you don't want it. It's a done deal. It's been approved ... over the communities outcry NOT TO PUT IT IN for three or four years, while it was before the public, at public hearings. All we can do now is try to keep it to a minimum.
PLUS ... This is the foot in the door for more commercial business along Cajalco Rd. The County now allows "Rural Commercial" along major roadways in the county. Well, ANY "county maintained roadway" would be considered a "Major Roadway" when it comes to the rural area ... Cajalco, Wood Rd., Gavilan Rd., Santa Rosa Mine Rd., Lake Mathews Dr., El Sobrante and even Harley John. And "YES" the developers are, have been and will continue to ask the county to allow them to rezone and change the density (lot size) of property along these roadways ... Especially Cajalco Rd. They WANT IN and they want business along Cajalco Rd. Now, you look at the plans to expand Cajalco Rd. to 4 and up to 6 lanes. Now, add all the needed stop lights and stop signs that will be needed. Can you add driveways in and out of all the businesses that will be going in? No, you can't. So, you know how they will deal with the traffic to and from these businesses? The residential side streets! Think I'm wrong? Think I'm kidding? Call County Planning, Call our County Planning Commissioner (John Roth - area resident) or call Supervisor Bob Buster's office and ask how they will do deal with that business traffic. Look at Van Buren Blvd. Once they saw that these businesses slowed down traffic and created deadly accidents, the cure was to take the traffic to the corners where the stop lights and stop signs were, have them turn there and come into the business lots from the residential streets. Look at the plans for this market itself. Where does the traffic go in at and come out at? Off Gustin, a residential, narrow roadway. There are NO, ZERO driveways into this commercial lot from Cajalco Rd.
Now, who owns and maintains and holds the liability for Gustin Rd.? I'm not sure. I THINK it's a private road, like most in the area. Owned by the properties that are along it. This would mean that those property owners hold ALL ... yes, I said ALL the maintenance and All the LIABILITY. The county can send/direct traffic ... of any amount ... down PRIVATE roads (as long as the county has a public easement right) down any private road they wish. The County holds NO/ZERO liability and NO/ZERO maintenance requirements. Now, do you live even close to one of the roads I listed above? Then don't say, "Well, this project isn't close to me. I'm not going to say anything." Because what happens here IS, mark my words, IS, going to happen by the other roadways I listed above! Cajalco is the foot in the door. The county itself will tell you that once they approve one, they can't NOT approve the others if it fits with the area. People, that is MY WORD for "BLIGHT."
It will divide the this rural community, just like Van Buren Blvd. did Woodcrest and then it all went "CITY." When I moved here over 20 years ago, Woodcrest was still covered in orange groves, horse property and a rural way of life. Get ready for the liquor stores, porn shops, RAVE night clubs and fast food three and four per corner, cause it's a commin!
If we don't get this county to set some strict rules on what kinds of businesses can come into a "RURAL" area, our rural way of life will be gone. I think last time I looked there were something like 38 different types of businesses that could go in, in rural areas of Riverside County. Anyone want me to dig up the General Plans list of approved "Rural Commercial Businesses" allowed?
Got questions? Post them here or send them to your RAGLM board members. Then stay on top of the issue and listen to what the RAGLM board members tell you the county is doing when it comes to "Rural Commercial" in our community, in our backyards.
Oh, and by the way, mark your calendars ... next Wed. night, Oct. 19, 7 p.m., RAGLM community meeting at the new meeting room, at the new fire station, on El Sobrante ... Juan Perez, head of the County Roads Department will be talking to the community residents and getting your input on the plans to expand Cajalco Rd and the roadwork planned for Gavilan Rd.
Cindy Ferry
Proud Member of RAGLM
Unity of Community, Supporting the Rural Way of Life

10/10/2011 3:26:28 PM
Thanks! Got The info. downReply: Cindy Ferry
Thanks for that contact info.  I have taken it down and will contact him.  I have not heard from Adam Rush, but the county building was closed for the holiday.  Did you get today off??????
10/10/2011 2:56:38 PM
Planner Listed on Jan 2010 HearingReply: jimb
Project Planner: Wendell Bugtai
Ph: (951) 955-2419 or E-mail wbugtai@rctlma.org
10/10/2011 8:52:07 AM
Cajalco/Gustin Project APN 285-210-003 (Gas Station, Fast Food & Market)Post: Cindy Ferry
Adam, I've had a couple of residents ask me in the last month where the development project at Cajalco and Gustin stands ... APN 285-210-003. I've told them the project was approved over a year, year and a half ago. Once it was approved I stopped keeping track of the project. I have been unable to give them any real answers. Can you give me some updated information on this project, so that I can relay it to the community?
Cindy Ferry
Proud Member of RAGLM
Unity of Community, Supporting the Rural Way of Life
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