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RAGLM Board > Alerts > Burlary of all household items, van and electrical from pole to house
2/6/2014 8:29:55 PM
Burlary of all household items, van and electrical from pole to houseReply: tom

They were definitely working on this house for a few weeks. Detectives are on their trail.

 Update on stolen van on finch. It has shown up at local auto salvage yard. date of sale 01/08/14.

1/31/2014 8:01:01 PM
Burglary of all household items, van and electrical from pole to house - tomReply: tom
Update as per police report:  PC-140250050..............They list "white chrysler cavalier", but, in photo has
chevrolet emblem on front end.

Secondly, "Blue-tan chevy mini-van confirmed.
1/31/2014 6:48:46 PM
Burglary of all household items, van and electrical from pole to house.Reply: tom

We are a small community in this area.  The posting of vehicles/and "persons of interest" shown within
those autos were to help all of us recognize "possible" leads to who may have burglarized the
property of the Reverand and his wife.
It has made us sick to actually walk the area and visually see the amount of time taken to cut the electrical
wires from the power pole and at every 25 feet cut gray plastic conduit then pull out main power feed wires to the house.   The time involved of digging at each 25 foot section in this hard dirt is unbelievable. As we hear on the news, this wire is sold for the value of the "copper" within.
The burglars actually changed the locks to the house, so they could, only secure access.  They took everything these kind neighbors had....but, left his pulpit and organ. Two cars were seen in area, blue/tan chevy mini-van, damage to right passenger side with man driving female passenger, white chevy 2-door coupe 2 women w/small dog. 
1/31/2014 3:01:37 PM
Think I saw the car yesterday afternoon.Reply: Jean
Yesterday afternoon (1/30) I was driving home on Multiview between Emelita and Sultana and saw a red car pulled off the side of the road.  A long haired female, possibly Hispanic, was walking around the car from the back getting into the drivers seat, head down, didn't look at me at all.  I noticed this because it was in front of the pepper trees, not an entrance to a house, thought it was odd for a car to be there.  Had I known of all the trouble, I would have gotten the license plate number or more detail.
1/31/2014 2:23:33 PM
I would think that posting a license plate number that was suspect in a crime, would not be construed as posting someone's personal information simply to start trouble or stalk someone.

License plates are publicly displayed for identification purposes, are they not?

Even a car parked and covered is supposed to have the plate number visible, from what I understand. 

I think the guidelines should reflect the intent/nature of posting of such information~ can a change be made for that?

Just my humble unsolicited opinion. 

1/31/2014 11:55:56 AM
Denied Post re burglaryReply: cinder465
Nathan..I am so sorry if you thought my comment was an attack! It merely was a statement of my thoughts after receiving a private email from a member. I surely do not want to post information that would not be in compliance with your regulations..and that is all I was saying. I assure you that you are deeply appreciated for all you do to maintain this site and keeping it highly professional...therefore I did not want to post anything without your permission. I respect your wishes not to post anything personal and private about others...thus no license number. However, if anyone does want the license number for your personal knowledge to keep a vigilant eye out for the culprits, feel free to send me a private message. 
1/31/2014 11:12:39 AM
Denied Posts?Reply: Nathan
First, RAGLM is all volunteers we do not get paid for this. All we ask in return is to be cordial and not attack each other.

I can assure you that no post gets denied unless it does not follow the posting guidelines. If you are not happy with the current posting guidelines, I urge you to donate your time and run for the RAGLM board so you can have more direct input on said guidelines.

The recent post by 'red' was not disapproved, it simply was not approved yet. Since it came in at 11:00 a.m. yesterday and we do have the option of approving it within 48 hours, please understand that we do not always get to them instantly. With a topic this hot there has been over 8 replies and 2 posts within 24 hours on separate threads. Sometimes this can be a lot to read through to make sure the guidelines are adhered to.

There are multiple monitors for this site so to say the administrator did not want it posted is simply not true as there is no one administrator. We do this so we can be more fair and balanced in our decisions.

As for the post that 'tom' made regarding the license plate number, yes, it was removed. Unfortunately according to our guidelines, we do not allow posting of others personal information.

Even though this is in my neck of the woods and I completely understand how they feel, we still must follow the posting guidelines. Again, there are multiple moderators and these decisions are made based on our current guidelines.

There is a feature on the site that allows you to click on a user and send them a private message and you can request any information you wish from them. This is between you and the person you send to. You may also post your email address if you wish and request the person to email you directly.

Again, please understand that we are all volunteers.

Nathan Westphal - RAGLM President
1/31/2014 11:05:46 AM
to "cinder465" Reply: Laurie
I couldn't reach you directly through the web site regarding the mail thefts, but I have some information and the administrators are kindly forwarding my information to you.
1/31/2014 10:02:38 AM
Thefts cont.Reply: cinder465
I don't think the administrator wants it posted as he already deleted a post of "Reds" that didn't really have detailed info. So, I will tell you that there is a Police Report and the Sheriff is being notified of the License number for a third time...this time under the case number. I have redelivered all mail I found and notified all I could that their mail may have been compromised. I am very sure the red car I saw was the same Red saw stealing his UPS pkg. I don't believe in co-oincidence. Please everyone, be diligent and keep your eyes peeled. And for all who have recommended I carry Pepper Spray, wasp spray etc....I assure you my Pea Shooter is much more effective! :)
1/30/2014 4:55:45 PM
I highly doubt that posting the lic. no. is breaking any law.  It is not as if the general public can trace someone with that information.  Not since actress Rebecca Schaeffer was murdered by an obsessed fan who tracked her that was (DMV has since changed that ~thankfully) 

This info would be for the law enforcement to follow up on, when there is another sighting, and something tells me there will be ! 

1/30/2014 3:42:17 PM
THEFTS CONTINUEDReply: cinder465
I just had my husband drive me up to where I saw the car parked this morning and there was a pile of junk mail as well as a few bills that belonged to people on Ranchito and Emelita. It is obvious to me that this young couple stole this mail. It was all opened and discarded. The Sheriff did call me this morning and said he was going to drive up to the spot I described but I KNOW he couldn't have found it without me. I called and had them run the plate number and all they could tell me is that the vehicle was NOT reported stolen...so, that means they owned the car and they may still be around. Don't know the legalities of posting the license number on here but I will if I am allowed?
1/30/2014 3:14:20 PM
wasp sprayReply: percheronpattie
YES, wasp spray is great.  I have heard this too.  The cans are bigger than your pepper spray cans but will work too.

1/30/2014 3:02:37 PM
BurglaryReply: JB
Just thought I would tell you a tip (since pepper spray was mentioned) I have found that Hornet and Wasp spray (I don't remember which brand) but it shoots a 25' stream (very accurate!) is very effective...readily available at local stores, and legal to carry (as far as I know) I don't know the legalities of pepper spray,but at least you don't have to be as close to your assailant to stop them in their tracks! 
*and no...I do not own stock in any wasp and hornet spray manufacturer ! lol  
1/30/2014 11:31:05 AM
Burglary at Finch/Rolling MeadowsReply: Maven
Hi Tom, could you please provide a description of the two vehicles involved in the burglary (Sorry if you already did, I must have missed it)  Also, which one has the damage and where?
1/30/2014 11:19:29 AM
Recent theftsReply: Maven
Wow Cindy, that is crazy.  Could you please elaborate on where you saw them parked?  I hope you don't go unarmed.  At least carry some pepper spray.  It's alot more helpful than a stick or staff, but a stick might discourage someone in the first place.  Heck, carry 'em both.  There's a lady in our neighborhood that walks with a Samurai sword in a sheath strapped to her back.  -No joke, and it even has a pink handle.  She has never swung it at me, so I'm ok with it. Two immortal quotes from Phil Robertson, like him or not, here they are: 1) "Out here, I am 911!" and, after being asked by Mrs. Kay if he was ready: 2) "I stay ready."  Channel your inner Phil, my friends.

Also, does Gavilan Springs have its own forum, or is it just an email list?  I assume they would also be getting updates from RAGLM.
1/30/2014 10:57:21 AM
Followup to UPS theft.Reply: red
Our community response has been fantastic! Yes, the red Mazda was a SUV type of vehicle! It was a hatchback [car] with California plates. The shoes are Teva sandals size 9.5. The male has blondish hair, was about 35, weighs about 185, perhaps 5' 10" tall and has colorful tattoos on both forearms. If this info matches what you have, please contact Deputy Rosado #3899 @ 951.210.1000... in reference to case # PC140290014. I can be reached at 951.233.7787. Once again... Thank you and lets get these crooks out of our area!   
1/30/2014 10:26:02 AM
Red Vehicle Thieve CONTReply: cinder465
Forgot to mention that there was junk mail strewn around this red vehicle when I saw it. I walk this trail daily and know this mail was not there yesterday. I DID notify the sheriff and even stayed in my vehicle at the entrance to the road for about half an hour to see if they would drive out. Didn't see them again. The male was bald, maybe caucasian wearing a plaid long sleeved shirt. (so I couldn't see if he had tattoos). The female was face down sleeping in his lap so could not see her face but she had longer thick dark hair and I got the "impression" she may have been hispanic. 
1/30/2014 10:10:47 AM
Hi ..
I happened to be walking the hills today..like I always do and ran across a red smaller SUV type of vehicle parked in the hills ( dirt road WAY up there) There were two occupants inside the vehicle asleep at approximately 8:45-9am.  I was alone (female) with my dogs so did not want to confront them but DID get a license plate number and have a description of the male. 
1/30/2014 10:02:56 AM
ShoesReply: dp
Interesting that the UPS theft was shoes. There was an email that went out yesterday to Gavilan Springs residents that a pair of new shoes were found, still in the box on Piedras. If you want to see if these were the stolen ones, let me know & I will connect you with the person that found them.
1/30/2014 10:02:52 AM
Burglary of all household items, van and electrical from pole to house - TomReply: tom
When owner confronted the two vehicles travelling down Finch Dr....one of the autos took off and hit the front end of her auto.  Her husband and child were in that car!!!!!!!!! Also, approximately 1,000 feet of electrical wire was trenched and taken for copper.  We have seen many cars on Rolling Meadows that are not familar.  The video taken shows both cars and each license plates......
1/30/2014 9:55:45 AM
Red Mazda Reply: JB
Also, did it have CA. plates?
1/30/2014 9:11:05 AM
red mazdaReply: rick
I saw the post about the red mazda but it didn't state whether it's a truck or car?
1/30/2014 8:16:33 AM
Thank you for the identifying information.  I am probably thought of as the "Mrs. Kravitz" of my street (for those of you who are too young to remember, she was the nosy neighbor peeking out her window on "Bewitched")  Well , I really do not care what other people think of me.... I DO look to see what car is going up my street or who is walking through the neighborhood.  If I am outside at the time...I do not hide the fact that I am 'checking them out'.  I don't take kindly to thieves...nobody should take something from someone else, unless it is offered in generosity and good will.   Stay safe and alert neighbors! 
1/29/2014 9:15:56 PM
UPS theft continuedReply: red
No... it was not a cell phone.... My wife ordered some sandals via Amazon. Amazon was very nice about our sad experience and said they would overnight a replacement pair of sandals. The officer who took our report said he is assigned to this area, said reports of thefts are rather rare in this area and has not heard of RAGLM! I am kicking myself for not taking my camera to photograph the culprits. I was quite surprised to find them boldly driving up and down all of our local streets looking for more booty. They obviously gave up their illegal activities in this area after they realized they had been spotted.... please keep your eyes peeled for a red mazda driving around our area! If you take some photos, please let us know, because we got a very good look at them....
1/29/2014 5:22:05 PM
Recent theftsReply: Maven
Hello everyone, I am saddened to hear of the latest crime reports in our area. So, a quick thanks to all of you who are so vigilant. If you don't mind my asking, Red, was it a cell phone that was being delivered? I ask because in relaying the details of your story to a neighbor, she mentioned that she had seen a piece on the news about thefts of packages here in Riverside County. An overwhelming number of the items taken were cell phones delivered to homes, suggesting that perhaps it is an inside job of sorts. In keeping with the advice of Sun-tzu, the best way to defeat an enemy is to deny him an opportunity. One of the many ways we go about this is to use the mailbox place down by Staters. Ps, this afternoon (Weds) at 4:30 there were 3 deputies parked up in the mobile home park. Anyone know why? Thanks, take care.
1/29/2014 1:02:07 PM
Be safeReply: percheronpattie

Not sure who your neighbor is, but if she saw them, they may have seen her too  She should be very careful now  Who knows what those people might do to her to stop her from pointing the finger at them to the authorities  Be safe


1/29/2014 12:16:41 PM
Burlary of all household items, van and electrical from pole to housePost: tom
My neighbors house must have been gone through for days. I saw no unusual traffic at night so we assume they were blatant and did their dirty deed during the day when all were at work. They were confronted leaving the property Saturday evening around 5pm by the owner. She made a video and took pictures of car, van and occupants of vehicles. I will post them when I can or give to Nathan.  This occurred at Rolling Meadows and Finch Dr.  White Trash! 
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