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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > Water Bill
9/14/2014 8:24:36 AM
H2O Conservation in the Yard & Garden ~Reply: Willow
Mulching the soil around the base of plants will help keep the climate of the soil more temperate and will hold the moisture in to keep the roots more humid.

Mulching, to be effective needs to be 8 to 12 inches deep.  And it is imperative to keep the mulch three feet out and away from the stalk or trunk of the plant.  If the mulch is too near the plant, the stalk or bark will be weakened and insects, bacteria, and fungus will be allowed access and damage or kill the plant.

One of the best materials for this thick and health providing mulch is lawn clippings which provide nitrogen for the soil as they decompose.  Leaves, straw, and all biodegradable materials work as well.  Household kitchen waste products can be scattered about the base of the plant as well, and may be covered with leaves, lawn clippings or straw for appearance and visual effect, but they decompose and add nutrients  to the soil as they bread down and decompose.
9/13/2014 11:15:21 AM
Water leak?Reply: Pat

Turn off all your water valves on your property and go look at your meter and see if it moves at all.  Give it an hour and if it goes up then you have a leak.  I just found an old sprinkler that was hidden under some bushes that's been leaking for what looks like years.  I capped it off because we can't afford the to water that section of grass because of the water extortion fee's placed on us all by WMWD and the band of thieves

We've turned off most all our drip lines that kept our perimeter eucalyptus trees alive and also have lost our lawn

9/12/2014 3:59:20 PM
Outrageous water billReply: Glo
Thank you all for your input.
This is only a 2 acre property, with about 10 citrus trees, maybe 20 other MATURE trees (eucalyptus, pine, one red oak,  6 full grown palm trees)and ground covers. A small swimming pool and two tiny fish ponds. 
The landscape/irrigation company is currently assessing the situation and I am eagerly anticipating some kind of positive feedback.
I know... good luck to me.

9/12/2014 3:32:27 PM
water billsReply: Beverley
I moved from an area of much much higher water bills although it was at the origin of the water.  We were told it was due to all the rocks and difficulty maintaining the water (which those living "down stream" payed only a portion  of what we paid).  It made it so that there was only an occasional flower seen in that nice mountain community.  
Here in Gavilan Hills I pay much less.  I have a vineyard of 1200 vines yet pay less than half what I see quoted by neighbors although I have 5 acres.   I think it is very important to plant xeroscape when planning landscape.  It may be that you have too many plants on automatic irrigation? Good Luck and research what grows here with less water need.  Or consider you may have a leak somewhere? I also have 4 horses so something does not seem right with $500.00 for 20 days??
9/12/2014 12:29:01 PM
Outrageous Water BillsReply: Nathan
      I agree completely that our water bills are outrageous. As for the amount, I am not sure of your property size, usage etc. I can tell you that there are many ridiculous charges that generally make up about 70% of my bill. My bill is usually about $150 / month. I have 5 acres and no landscaping at all. My bill goes up in the summer when I grow corn and my garden etc. but yes our bills are out of control. We need to stay on top of the water district.

You will see an automatic increase coming in January as they do every year since 2010. They voted then to automatically pass through charges with no hearings etc. annually. Also, they are currently in the process of creating a new ordinance to further restrict our water in times of drought etc., this however will conveniently not be voted on until after the election in November.

Please stay involved in the water process. I am currently in contact with the Environmental Health Dept. regarding non-potable water for our area. Currently they only allow the non-potable for properties of 5 acres or more fully landscaped. However they are developing new tract homes which use this that are smaller than 1/4 acre. Very frustrating and I intend to get answers as well as try to fight to get movement on using this water. It is less expensive as well as the fact that it is not treated the same way and generally reclaimed. Why they do not allow large lots to use it is a mystery to me at this point. Hopefully we can change this in the future.
9/12/2014 11:47:40 AM
Water BillPost: Glo
I purchased this lake Matthews house on August 1, 2014. Has Not completely moved in, and saw my water bill for '20 days'  for almost $500.00. Is this somewhat outrageous? I need help figuring this one out.

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