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RAGLM Board > Alerts > IRS scammers
5/3/2015 5:17:45 PM
ScamsReply: BillB
I have had all the scams, including this one hit me too. The funniest one, though, was an e-mail I received from my neighbor's account saying they were stuck in London and needed money to get home. I could look out my window and see them in their yard! I knew the IRS call was a scam and was disappointed that it was merely a voice mail. I wanted to tell the caller to ... well, you get the idea. 
5/3/2015 10:20:16 AM
IRS scammersPost: Michelle Randall
My 86 year old husband picket up the phone yesterday and heard a very professional recorded message that said, "We have been unable to reach you.  This message is to inform you that you are being sued by the IRS. This is your last chance to avoid this lawsuit. To avoid this lawsuit, you are to immediately call (206)-866-0123 to arrange payment of the amount you owe" He was very concerned and wanted me to call  HA!  Not a chance! Do not be taken in by these scammers, folks.  We have also been contacted in the past by a person looking for money to pay a lawyer who claimed to be our grandson in jail in Los Vegas.(Scammers should be spelled, "Scummers") Take care.  Michelle Randall 
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