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RAGLM Board > Computer Corner > Apple Macintosh Computer Repair Needed ~
9/8/2015 12:57:30 PM
Good ExplanationReply: Nick G
Nathan, good points and a good explanation. I would add that shared memory isn't the issue it used to be, with RAM being plentiful and (relatively) cheap. You can pick up 16Gb of RAM for less than $75. I am a semi-heavy 3D CAD and Photoshop user, and I rarely use more than 50% of the 12Gb of RAM in my machine (DDR3, tri-channel). 

I guess it all comes down to personal preference.
9/8/2015 11:55:00 AM
MAC Advantage Over PC for Intensive ProgramsReply: Nathan
While I also echo what Nick mentioned as I have used Premier for years and the ability to integrate with Photoshop is priceless and frankly Final Cut is like Pro Tools, over rated for almost any user unless you are a serious professional you will never notice or need something so advanced.

As for the MAC, the main reason for people using MAC over PC is not the chip. I personally did not like the Motorola chip or the AMD chips in PC's. Most do not understand how they work so I will try to explain it from a programmers stand point.

Most if not all Unix based systems use native Intel instruction sets. That being said, MAC and Linux now use Intel Instruction sets as well (x86) was the old native. Any other chip such as AMD or Motorola had to create it's own level of instructions to transpose those sent by the native OS. With that many would notice slower instructions or latency when doing very intense instructions as well as slower boot times. MAC did move to a Unix based OS with OSX I believe years ago so they are now a native Intel instruction set.

This is still not the reason many prefer MAC's. Two biggest reasons below.

1. MAC uses secure memory. Windows uses shared memory.
2. Not as many out there so not as many writing viruses.

Shared memory is a major issue for anyone editing video or rendering 3D etc. I will try to explain it simply.

In Windows, if you run MSWord and it needs, let's say 200MB of memory to run comfortably on a say 100 page document etc. Windows only allocates the memory as needed by the program. So if MSWord only needs 20MB at the moment then the other 180MB are free for anyone else to use. Now if you use another program and it uses a lot of memory and you start running low etc. these programs will run over each other in the allocation table at random. Almost not noticeable to any average user today with the advance in chips and memory as stated by Nick above. This can cause the famous 'Blue Screen of Death' as the PC will crash because it can not handle the memory properly. Very dirty but mostly efficient as no one using a Windows box generally does enough high end rendering to notice it or have issues.

The MAC will actually allocate the needed memory (secured) for the program even if it is not using it at the moment. This too comes at a cost if you are a super multi-tasker and have a lot of memory intensive programs open at once but again so advanced today not so much an issue anymore. So when rendering a large video file or a 3D model the MAC will secure the memory allowing for a much more stable OS for this purpose and no blue screens of death.

Viruses, since there are almost 50 times the amount of PC's vs MAC's out there, ask yourself if you are a criminal trying to make the most impact which would you choose.

I could go on all day with things like plug and pray support and proprietary hardware etc. but the memory thing has almost always been the biggest issue for people so you really need to know what you are doing before making a purchase that fits you especially at a few thousand dollars sometimes.

Sorry for the long explanation hope this helps.

P.S. I was over the war a long time ago as I have both for different reasons. They both have their place for now.
9/8/2015 10:50:55 AM
Switch to PC?Reply: Nick G
Ever think of switching to a PC? Macs used to have a performance advantage over PCs when it came to video/photo editing, but when they changed the chip architecture over (Macs now run Intel CPUs), that advantage was lost. When it comes to performance, you can get a PC with much better hardware for less money. You can't run Final Cut on a PC, but from what I've seen and heard, Premiere can do everything Final Cut can.

Not trying to start a Mac vs PC war here, just wondering if there was a specific reason for going with Mac, and sticking with it given the trouble you've had.
9/6/2015 10:38:33 AM
AHA! ....YEA! My post posted ;D ~Reply: Willow
Turns out it was just delayed.

Too bad there is no way (that I have found) to delete posts that are no longer useful.
9/5/2015 8:57:05 AM
Reply to computer post ~Reply: Willow
Once again my reply post just disappeared.  No notification that it was rejected, just has never appeared here. 

9/3/2015 9:56:04 AM
Thank you, Nathan ~Reply: Willow
I will post any questions I have here in the future.

My huge big iMac desktop is seriously malfunctioning and needs excellent attention as I have had it numerous times to the Apple Sanctioned repair person here in Woodcrest/Riverside, as well as down to Temecula and up to Rancho C., all with problems continuing. 

By now my paid insurance has run out and they will not let me renew again due to the age.  So I am seriously looking for someone who will truly find out and fix the issue.  There are at least 5,000 incorrect permissions and when I do the "fix permissions", it says they are all repaired but  one.  Then when I "verify permissions" again they are ALL still unrepaired. 

I think this is significant to the malfunctioning of the computer, but every professional person is unconcerned and treats me as tho I know nothing; and yet, their repairs are not successful.  So I am stymied and have no use, and just wasted thousands of $$$ on what should be a highly productive computer.

When I first sent the initial one I bought off to Apple, they sent me back a new iMac with an upgraded OS which did not support the $7,000 worth of the Adobe Suite and Final Cut software which I had added, and Adobe had no upgrade either.  Apple would not stand behind what they did at all so I totally lost my whole investment in starting up my own video production company, *Morningsky Productions*.  There was nothing I could do to correct any of it.  And the new iMac has never functioned smoothly either.

......end of Rant.....
PS  Here on this site "Characters Remaining" still is saying "500"!!!

9/3/2015 9:05:34 AM
Working on ComputersReply: Nathan
        To answer your question in short, no. I simply do not do tech support anymore as there is just not enough money in it. However, I have spent many years in the past doing tech support and I have been Microsoft Certified since 2000. I also develop for MAC and iOS so I am very fluent in the OS structure. If you want to post a question and I can help you I will as it is something I enjoy but as for money, no I do not do it anymore.

Please just post your questions here. If I can not or do not answer it, I know there are other computer people in our community that would probably be more than willing to answer you.
9/1/2015 12:26:57 PM
Apple Macintosh Computer Repair Needed ~Post: Willow
Nathan, do you work on Macintosh computers?   If not, anyone else???
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