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RAGLM Board > Alerts > Local Ebola Readiness
10/11/2014 3:15:21 PM
Ebola Readiness?Reply: KepSter
Nice try by the County, but I doubt the same agency that can't put enough patrol cars in our area can handle an Ebola outbreak.  They would be quickly overwhelmed.

The federal government shouldn't allow flights into the U.S. from the affected areas.  Those U.S. Citizens who wish to return from helping out in Africa can be allowed to return under specially arranged circumstances (medical check-ups, maybe a quarantine period, GPS Tracking device and mandatory check-in for testing).  I am sure they could come up with a fair re-integration protocol.  What we have now is Russian roulette.  Once the disease get's going, its an exponential problem that won't be stopped before many people die.

10/11/2014 6:36:51 AM
Ebola TransmissionReply: Hugh
Like most emerging human viruses, Ebola is of animal origin: In this case, fruit bats. The method of human to human spread of the virus is clear; it's via contaminated bodily fluids - blood, vomit, saliva, sweat, feces or urine. The viral load in these fluids is enormous.  -  By Dominic Dwyer who is the director of the Centre for Infectious Diseases at the University of Sydney.

My Note: By not controlling flights into the USA from known Ebola infected countries and not addressing the Southern borders mass illegal crossings is a death threat. Temperature scanning of airline passengers is a joke, a false premise. It's merely a political stance to make us believe everything is 'Hunky Dory' 
10/9/2014 9:02:27 PM
Michael D ~Reply: Willow
Humor is an excellent and healthy way to manage stress successfully.  I appreciated your comedy.  Being scared and fearful just draws to us that which we fear.  Even the Bible says, "He who fears is not perfected in Love."   Fear is far better augmented with lightheartedness!!!

10/9/2014 2:47:35 PM
Ebola, "the situation is fluid"Reply: Michael D
I'm sorry, the use of this phrase just struck me as funny. Not to diminish the seriousness of course.
10/9/2014 11:09:20 AM
Local Ebola ReadinessPost: Nathan
FYI from the County.



As your public health officer, I want to address an important issue.


The dramatic images from West Africa and the recent news of the first Ebola case diagnosed in the United States, as well as his subsequent death, are understandably shocking and concerning.  Even though the Ebola virus cannot spread from person to person by air, only by body fluids, the illness it can cause in those who contract it is severe. The level of concern we all have given these recent events is absolutely understandable.


But I want to let you know we are prepared.


We are ready because our planning for a potential Ebola case started months ago, long before the events in Texas.  The key to preparedness is communication and planning, and we have been working for weeks with our partners at local hospitals, medical facilities and first-responders to confirm the procedures in case of a potential Ebola case.  Recently, the Riverside County Department of Public Health led multiple conference calls involving all our partners to reinforce the plans in place.  Constructive changes were suggested and adopted, and each of our partners were asked to review their own plans and make necessary adjustments.


Yesterday we took part in a conference call with regional, state and federal officials, including President Obama and Dr. Thomas Frieden, the director of the CDC, to discuss our national preparedness and make sure all our bases are covered.


In the unlikely event a case is confirmed in Riverside County, we are confident with the systems in place that we can contain the illness.  I want to assure you personally that we will do what is necessary to keep every Riverside County resident and employee safe.


The situation is fluid and new information is continually coming to light.  We will continue to communicate with the public, our partners and you to ensure that you, our employee community, are kept informed.


For more information about Ebola, please review some frequently asked questions at  http://www.rivcoph.org/Portals/0/FAQ_Ebola_English_October_2014%20(AB).pdf

Cameron Kaiser, MD

Public Health Officer

County of Riverside

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