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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > Citrus Tree Inspections and Your Rights
2/24/2013 9:50:25 AM
Organic citrusReply: Laurie
Thank you for the feedback Nathan.

You may wish to compare notes also with the Maldanado family (large certified organic groves on Harley John).  If anyone is an expert on this subject, they would be.
2/24/2013 7:25:27 AM
Citrus Growers Industry--importance to CaliforniaReply: Michael D
The new insect pest of Citrus, combined with a fatal disease of Citrus that the insect carries; has already been found in at least one place in Southern California. I believe that the state used some sort of emergency declaration to enter peoples' properties and remove and destroy the infected trees. I don't think the objection of any land owner would have prevented this action of the state.
If I were an organic Citrus grower; I would have mixed feelings about this issue: In favor of treatment and eradication to prevent the spread of this disease to my grove, but unwilling to treat my own grove, not to mention the whole property rights issue.....
2/22/2013 12:44:57 PM
Citrus Tree Inspections and Your RightsPost: Nathan
I am not sure of anyone's position on this and I am not necessarily here to give you mine. I just wanted to give you a heads up and your rights regarding this. I received a letter on my gate the other day from the CDFA California Department of Food and Agriculture. The note stated how they wanted to inspect my citrus trees for the 'Asian Citrus Psyllid'. They left me a note telling me to call them and schedule a time when I can put my dogs away and leave my gates unlocked for them. I decided to call my lawyer and see what my rights were as I know some of us are not fans of Government intrusion on our personal property.

My lawyer told me I can ignore this notice as they do not site any authority to be able to do this. I then asked him what if they come on my property without my consent and he told me I can call the police. So I just wanted to pass this on to those of you who may enjoy your organic fruits and do not wish to have them sprayed with pesticides. Until they site some type of authority, at this point they have no right to enter my property for inspection.

NOTE: My property is fully fenced and locked, your situation may be different and they may do it without your knowledge. FYI.

I hope this helps anyone who may not want their trees sprayed with poison. If you receive a notice and it does site some type of code or authority, please pass it on so others can be educated about this. If I receive something further, I will have my lawyer look into it and let you all know.
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